Yahoo Mail Login Using Facebook And Google Account

by: Victor Stanescu

Now you can log in to Yahoo mail using your Facebook and wait for it.. Google account!!!

Yes this is not a joke now you can log in to Yahoo mail using Google!

I can try to understand about Facebook, Yahoo wants part of that audience and traffic to remember the emails created probably just so they can use Facebook..

What Yahoo dosn’t really get is that most of those people have no use for e-mail. Today’s youth, a lot of illiterate inbred, Tokio Hotel morons don’t write e-mails, the longest sentences they use sound like: how r u?, how was r day?, u r gr8, I ? you, dudeee, lol, wtf and plm(Romanian audience only).

And as they’re spending their pointless time growing crops on Facebook (Hell if I get that game… but we’ll talk about virtual rednecks in a future post) why would they ever need e-mail?!

But what about Google? After almost 7 years of being dominated by Gmail, Yahoo finally decided to surrender and cut their losses. It’s not that bad of a plan actually, instead of having their users go and make their own google accounts and leave entirely, they can now use google docs and maps and other apps (not wave) and still enjoy the comfort of their slow paced yahoo mail. But still.. allowing your users to log in with one of your biggest competitor, must be one of the mind blowing ideas of their own bullshit idiot.

Google on the other hands are keeping their sure and steady path to global domination. Apparently soon they will offer this service to other e-mail providers (like windows live :D) And pretty fast you will log into most web sites using dear old Google. Easy for you, GREAT for them!

So enjoy your Google log in Yahoo mail, and your virtual.. crops ;)