Putting Torch On The Process To Import Old Outlook Files And Recover PST In Case Of Corruption

by: SysTools Utility

Need to Open an Old PST? Being an Outlook user for a prolonged period of time brings you into this situation sometimes that you have the requirement to view an old PST or an old archive PST for viewing any of your old mail messages or to import old Outlook contacts. You will be glad to know that it is possible for you to open an old PST file in your Outlook profile.

Try Avoiding This Method: There is a method to open old PST which, however, is not an advisable method; so it would be better for you if you try avoiding it especially if it's an archive PST as you might end up with duplicates and thereafter, you will not be able to remove those duplicates using Auto archive. This is because archive PST actually uses the modified date and the importing changes of the modified date. Nevertheless, we are still mentioning the method for your knowledge. It is as follows:

* First, go to File

* Then, go to Import and Export menu

Try Using This Method: Here is a recommended method to open old PST (http://www.pstrecover.org ) and them to import old Outlook data files contents. You can just open it in Outlook. In MS Outlook 2003 version, you can open it while Outlook is running by performing the following steps:

* Open the File

* Open

* Outlook Data File menu

* Browse to find the PST you want to open

In older versions of Microsoft Outlook email application, perform the following steps:

* Browse to File

* Open

* Personal Folders File

How to Import Old PST Files ( http://www.microsoftpstfilerepair.com/ ) and Recover PST in Case of Corruption? Obviously, the one thing that you can never negate and can never rule out is corruption. If it happens, then you are unable to import old Outlook files as they become inaccessible to you due to corruption. Still there is a solution available for you even if your PST gets corrupted, which is to use a third-party tool like SysTools Outlook Recovery software for importing old Outlook files and to recover and extract the data from them. So, this software will answer the big question - how to import old Outlook PST and recover its contents.