Review on Brother HL-2700CN Laser Printers and TN04 Cartridges

by: Robert Hearns

With their purchase prices dropping, many business operations are switching to color laser printers. A few years back, a color laser printer would have cost ten times more than its current price. This holds true for the Brother HL-2700CN printer and the TN-04 cartridges.

The Brother HL-2700CN is a 600 dpi printer, though Brother claims it can produce “2400 dpi quality prints” using CAPT technology. It is quite bulky, considering that its maximum print size is A4, with a paper feed tray (LT-27LG) that holds 250 sheets. It is a bottom-feeding printer that works best with paper of up to 210 gsm. On its left front side are the control buttons, along with a 2 line by 16 character LCD display that also serves as level indicator for each of the four toner cartridges.

A separately-sold optional DX 2700 duplexing unit can be attached to the back of the printer to activate two-sided printing. For those with larger requirements, an additional paper tray that can hold 530 sheets (LT-27CL ) easily fits underneath.

To connect to the computer, you can choose from its three ports, namely, USB 2.0, parallel, and wired Ethernet, which can be used individually or simultaneously, making the HL-2700CN a good choice for workgroup printing.

Should the unit require maintenance, the front, top, and side panels all fold out to provide easy access to the internal mechanism. A two-inch long plastic tab on the right side of the printer opens the front cover. Inside is the vertically-mounted OPC (organic photo conductor) belt and fusing unit, and a set of four (CMYK -- cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) toner cartridges, so arranged to make the replacement of the OPC belt and toner cartridges a very easy procedure. The cartridges slide in and out without trouble.

The HL-2700CN comes pre-installed with starter cartridges. The black TN04 starter cartridge will produce approximately 5,000 pages, while the three starter color toner cartridges (cyan, magenta, and yellow) will print up to 3,000 pages each; this information may vary though, depending on use. A replacement black cartridge can cost $169.99 and with a yield of up to 10,000 pages at 5 percent coverage. The TN-04 color replacement cartridges are estimated to produce 6,600 pages apiece at 5 percent coverage. Replacement toner cartridges are easily available in most computer stores, office supplies stores, and online resellers.

As the OEM cartridges may be on the pricey side, compatible Brother TN04 toner cartridges that sell for a fraction of the OEM costs provide a budget-friendly option. Compatible toner cartridges are designed and built according to OEM standards, producing an identical copy, with the same high-quality printing results. They are different from “remanufactured” cartridges as compatible cartridges are built from scratch, and not merely cleaned and refilled. They are less expensive than their OEM counterparts, making them the ideal choice for business operators on a tight budget. They are also conveniently available from online stores. Reliable sites provide online catalogues that make toner shopping a breeze, with deliveries accomplished within 48 hours.

The Brother HL-2700CN's management tools are available from all web browsers and any PC networked to the computer. Those new to networking will appreciate its very user-friendly network interface, Web-BrAdmin, and BrAdmin Professional, which runs under Microsoft Internet Information Server. For Apple users, the printer also supports Rendezvous.

The HL-2700CN's software is compatible with Windows (95 through XP), Mac (OS 8.6 through 10.3 or greater), and Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, and Debian). Drivers for the HL-27000CN include PCL6 and Brother's own version of PostScript 3 language emulation. The printer driver includes such options as Manual duplex, n-up (multiple images on one page), Poster, and Watermark print modes. The Brother HL-2700CN includes many useful small-office features. It comes with a 300MHz processor and just one 144-pin DIMM slot with 64MB of memory, expandable to 576MB, which is more than adequate for most small businesses. The HL-2700CN is also built to work with a Compact Flash (CF) card, can be used to store and reprint large documents, as well as special fonts and frequently used forms and templates. For more information on Laser Toners and TN04 replacement cartridges, visit

Remote Desktop Control Software Like A Crisis Panacea

by: Yura Goncharuk

Despite the fact that all human society was suspected about economic wreck, everyone was concerned that the whole Earth is not heading to a global breakdown . It was taken as a nonsense . People hasn't noticed how words such as scare, crisis and others have been on our lips recently. The world economic situation has brought us many questions that simply cannot be answered.

In the hard times the only way to save money is to find an effective solution to stop unconcerned spending. Those people, who do for living providing IT support states, that nothing saves money so well as a remote desktop control solution, which allows to cover the long distances with a mouse click and not to expend an expensive fuel in order just to reach a remote desktop of the customer . The most popular remote control software: VNC vista (, PC Anywhere (, Anyplace Control (, etc.

Anyplace Control, an easy to use, powerful and secure remote computer software seemed to be a way-out for all people who has PC at home and from time to time need more or less qualified support. Despite the necessity to pay money for IT specialist call to fix computer bug , the nearest and dearest son , brother, friend or lover, who knows PC better may perform a remote assistance and to fix the issue in a split second. Thus , saved money for IT support service could be used in a more noble purposes.

Anyplace Control usage helps not only individual users. Small companies and large corporations could even gain a profit from remote control computer maintenance using remote control software. There is no need to hold the whole staff of Network Administrators and IT Specialists to trig all network things in order. One person can easily perform the same from the working place without leaving the office. In other words, the time used to cover the miles of corridors to fix the bug before now is used twice effectively after connection to remote PC.

Anyplace Control - the remote computer software, displays the remote desktop on the screen of your local PC and allows you to control a remote PC using your own mouse and keyboard. It may be performed either in LAN or over the Internet. File Transfer feature is an easy and secure way to transfer files between the local and remote PCs. The interface of the software is designed to reach a maximum convenience, and be user-friendly. This remote computer software allows the user to shutdown and restart remote computer , disable a remote keyboard/mouse, turn off remote monitors in one click or log off the remote Windows users.

Anyplace Control Software (, the vendor of mentioned solution, well known for their individual approach to each user has performed several changes in their Sales Policy to compromise with the clients and the global economic situation. They have drawback the price to buy the software for individual users and extended the license subscription for "companies" editions . Such broadminded motion has already won the sympathy of new and already registered users. Nowadays it is rather hard to find the vendor, who cares not only about the gain, but also stays humane inside.

Is there any need to make a conclusion. Wise people save money where they can. Are you among them?

Twitter Tools: The Definitive List of the Best Twitter Tools Ever

by: Ezequiel Camussion

A few months ago, people were starting to talk about Twitter. Now, Twitter is no secret; it’s THE marketing tool everyone is talking about. If you are not using Twitter to promote your business, you are out of your mind.

If there’s something that gets me more excited than Twitter is the ability to increase Twitter’s potential by using tools. But let me give you a word of caution: once you try these Twitter tools, there’s no way back. You’ll become a Twitter genius and get more exposure for your business than you’ve ever thought possible. If you are OK with that, read on.


This tool allows you to search Twitter users and sorts the results by user rank. This is a great way to find tweets about a specific topic.

As you probably know, tweets can be as long as 140 characters. This URL-shortening service is perfect to keep the URLs short and have more space to write your tweets.


They call themselves “The Twitter Yellow Pages”. Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Friend or Follow

This is a great tool to find out who you are following that is not following you back and who is following you that you are not following.


This tool allows you to see in a graphic how your Twitter followers increase or decrease over time. TweetStats is another cool tool that performs the same task.

Twitter for WordPress

Twitter for WordPress displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.

Twitter Widget for WordPress

This widget is placed in the sidebar of your WordPress blog and shows your latest Twitter updates.


TwitBin is a Firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar.

Just Tweet It

Another amazing Twitter directory. Find other Twitter users and list yourself so others can find you.


This service allows you to tweet by email. Really cool.


This one sends you regular emails with the latest updates of the people you are following on Twitter.

Who Should I Follow?

Very interesting tool that suggests Twitter users for you to follow, based on the profiles that you are currently following.

Twitter Search Feature

It used to be called Summize but now Twitter bought it. As its name reveals it, Twitter Search Feature allows you to search through the last tweets to find users that are posting a given keyword. TwitterMent is another great Twitter search engine.

Although not a specific Twitter tool, is one of the coolest applications out there. It allows you to update your status in more than 40 social networking sites at once. You have to check this one out.


Qwitter is a tool that sends you an email when people stop following you. But what makes this tool amazing is the fact that they also tell you what of your tweets made them stop following you.


If you are like me, you want to keep your followers updated but you’d rather tweet several messages at once and choose when they should be posted. This is exactly what this tool is for.

If you enjoyed this article, visit my blog at for more great tips on entrepreneurship and online marketing.

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Should You Care For Your Windows Registry Health?

by: Ted Peterson

What are Windows registry? Why are they so important for your operating system? What can you do to keep them reliable?

According to Microsoft site, registry are "a central hierarchical database used in Microsoft Windows ... to store information necessary to configure the system for one or more users, applications and hardware devices." You can add to that data regarding file types like what application is used to open them, what icons should be display for them and so on.

I will try to explain what's happening on 2 of the most common scenarios that take place on your computer:

1. You get a new program (software or game). You want to give it a try, so you install it. At that point, new data is written in your windows registry. That data include program folder, associated files, various settings that are used by the program, whether it will run on startup (HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Run/ ) or only at the first startup (HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/RunOnce/ ). No problem so far. But what's happening if you decide to uninstall it? That's that point where things get tricky.

Even if you receive a "successfully uninstall" message, pieces of data remain in your registry. Of course, this is not happening on all cases, but sadly it does in many of them. In a worst case scenario, if for instance files "*.abc" are registered to an application that you just removed and the whole registration process wasn't properly removed from registry, you will get an error when you try to run that sort of files. Those invalid registry entries won't bother you visibly all the time, but they will cause your computer to slow down or even crash in some cases.

2. You install some new hardware, like another network card or something. When you plug it in, Windows will detect it and install the best drivers for it. Of course, a significant quantity of data is written into registry. Again no problem so far. When you shutdown you computer and remove the just installed device, registry entries are not deleted. They just remain there. If you try, after a period of time, to install a similar device, conflicts may appear, because you computer might confuse them. This is happening because of the old and possibly corrupt registry entries.

A solution to avoid those kind of problems is to create regular backups of your entire Windows registry. That way you can easily restore them the moment you feel something is not working right. But be careful, because an old backup might cause your newest programs or hardware devices to malfunction. Another way to solve the problems is to use a registry tool that would parse your registry and fix all invalid, missing or corrupt entries that it could find.

You can visit CoreDownload, a software archive with more than 23.000 programs where you will find a variety of registry tools that can fix all your problems.

How I Obtained A Free Computer System

by: Joe Gillis

About four years ago I quit my job in order to start my own business. I was committed to starting and operating my business while incurring as little debt as possible. I decided that one area that I could easily save a significant amount of money was with computer systems. In case you haven't heard of it before; Linux is a completely free operating system that can run hundreds of free applications. It was during this time in my life when I was freeing myself from my corporate job in favor of owning my own business, that I also decided to free myself from Windows in favor of Linux. I simply couldn't justify not only paying for basic software, but also all of the third-party anti-virus and spy-ware applications that are required to keep Windows running efficiently.

The first thing you should know about Linux is that it comes in many different “flavors” or “Distributions.” You see, Linux itself is just the core skeleton of the operating system. This is the part that user never really sees, but is the engine behind the scenes that gets everything done. A Distribution, is simply all of the different packages and applications that are bundled on top of that core system that make it more usable for the average user.

I will tell you right now that while I was committed to using Linux full-time, I still had some reservations about Linux's ability to fulfill all of my computing needs. Therefore, I chose to set up my computer as a dual-boot machine. This means that I installed Linux on a section of the hard-drive next to Windows. Then every time I started the computer it gave me the option of booting into Windows or booting into Linux. Over time, as I became more and more comfortable with Linux, I used Windows less and less.

I first started tinkering with Linux about ten years ago. During that time I have tested many different Distributions and have come to the conclusion that Ubuntu is the best Distribution for me and the average Windows user. You see, Ubuntu has a very simple installation process, many different completely free applications that are easily installed and very good hardware driver support. Ubuntu also adheres to a strict six-month update schedule which provides completely free upgrades every April and October.

So how did I get the free computer mentioned in the title of this article? I simply let it be known to friends, co-workers, acquaintances that I was willing to dispose of any “dysfunctional” Windows PCs that they may have. Almost all of the time there was nothing really wrong with the hard-ware of these machines. Windows had simply become unusable for one reason or another. By installing Ubuntu, I was able to resurrect the machines while spending zero dollars. Now I have an office with six Ubuntu machines and the kicker is that people also throw away perfectly good printers, so I have four of those as well.

If you are unsure whether or not you can live without Windows but would like to give it a try, you can visit and get a 19 page illustrated step-by-step guide to setting up your PC as a dual boot machine. If you are already a Ubuntu user you can utilize this script ( ) to fully enable new Ubuntu installations.

You too can achieve complete computing freedom and a completely free PC with Ubuntu.

What's The Point For Computer Optimization?

by: Ted Peterson

I am sure you've heard a lot of things about computer optimization. Everywhere you look you see ads that invite you to "boost your performance" or "improve your computer". So, what's the idea? Is anything true about it? Does your computer really need optimization?

Unfortunately, it does. There are many weak zones in Windows operating system. Here are a few of them:

- registry

- hardware management

- internet connection

Registries are Windows's internal database. All sort of information are stored there, from hardware and drivers info to applications' settings. After each removal of any device, like a printer or video card, pieces of information remain there. The biggest problem is when you uninstall a program. Unfortunately, many applications fail to erase all their data on removal. A solution for this is to run "regedit" and manually search for all references to the program and erase them.

By hardware management I mean memory and hard-disk management. As you know, each program uses some of your computer's memory. Memory allocation is determined by how much the program needs and, of course, if the resource is available. When the application stops, the used blocks of memory should be freed. But this is not happening all the time. So, when a new programs requests memory to run, your computer will slow down because it will compete with other applications for the remaining resources.

The same situation appears when you remove files from your computer. They are not really erased. They remain on your hard-disk and affect other files that you want to read or write. It's the same principle as described above regarding memory usage. To avoid problems you should use at least once a month a hard-disk defragmenter, in order to clean remaining pieces of information.

Because so many people use the Internet today, internet speed has become very important. I am talking about download speed and browsing speed. Actually it's the same concept. When you browse a webpage, you computer creates by default a channel with the page's server and starts downloading it. Download speed is of course given first of all by your internet subscription, but there is something that affects it too. The connection channel can be single threaded or multi threaded. As I said that channel is by default single threaded. What your computer should do is to break the downloaded file (image, text, archive, etc) into several smaller parts, and create a download channel for each of them. After they are all downloaded it should, of course, rebuild the source. That is what all download accelerators do.

Those are only a few ideas why your computer needs optimization. Registry tweaking, memory flushing, hard-disk defragmenters and an accelerated Internet connection would speedup your activity because you won't have to loose so much time waiting...

You can find several software releases that would do the job on CoreDownload, a software archive with over 23.000 titles to choose from.

Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

by: John Fowler

Many people have said to me that they can't afford to employ a SEO company, but they would still like to get better search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN searches. Are there any basic rules that they can follow to improve their ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs)? In response to this question, here are some basic things that people who have coded their own web sites can do to make the web pages more spiderbot friendly and so more attractive for search engines to crawl.

Let's start with the actual information on the home page of the web site. What is the first thing that a spiderbot will see when it crawls your web site - complex graphics, tables of information that do not directly relate to your products or company, or does it see some well-written, grammatically correct text? We have found that the first 100 words on a web site are of particular interest to spiderbots, and a lot of emphasis is now placed by them on what is found there. This is the place to put your key words, what search words and phrases do you want to be found under.

But what about key words in the Meta tag statement? This was a great idea, but unfortunately became abused by people doing key word stuffing. Look at you own site, what keywords do you have there. We would suggest that you consider putting up to 10 key words in the Meta tag, and these words should re-enforce the key words that you use in your actual text. I saw a site for buying property that repeated the words house sales a hundred times; do you think that fooled Google? Search engines are now trying to ensure that the content and key words the actual web surfer sees, relates directly to how the page is ranked.

On a similar theme, have you ever been to a web site that is very difficult to navigate and you end up giving up because it's just too difficult to find the information you require. Well, think how the spiderbot feels when it hits such a site. Do you think it will spend time and effort trying to build a complex navigation map, or will it out the site it the too difficult pile and move on. Make your site easy to navigate; on a small site being able to access any page from any page is a useful concept.

This brings us nicely on to the whole question of Inbound Links (IBLs). Some sites have very few external IBLs, but still do well because of the structure and linkage of their own pages. Unfortunately, this can mean a fairly major redesign and re-write of a site but if you can do this, you will improve your visibility. Other ways of getting IBLs are link farms, reciprocal links and one-way links.

We believe that link farms are a dangerous way forward. Search engines do not like this idea as it cuts across the major concept of searches that they should reflect the true popularity of sites. Either now or in the future, sites using link farms will be penalised and maybe sandboxed, a bit like being sent to the sin bin for 6 months and not recommended.

Reciprocal links can again be seen as a false way of increasing the popularity of sites. Many high ranking sites use this idea and to date have not suffered. However Google and other search engines are starting to take the relevance of the linking site into account. So if you are a property company and you link to a frozen food supplier and vice versa, yes I've seen this one, then the search engines will ignore it as an IBL. We are aware that more sophisticated companies are using a 3-way reciprocal link procedure that is far more difficult to track. So 3 property companies work together, company A links to company B that links to company C that links to company A. So at the moment, the search engines probably cannot see the 3-way reciprocal links, although this may change in the future.

Update on Reciprocal links. The latest Google Dance (update) is taking place (end of October 2005) and many sites with lots of reciprocal links are saying that their Google search rating has disappeared. This leads us to believe that such links are definitely not a good idea.

By far the best way of getting links is by having a quality site that other people want to link to. So again, we are back to content. If you provide quality information, over time, more and more sites will link to you, and if they are in the same business sector as you, so much the better.

Finally, we would like to stress the need to write the cleanest and most error-free html code that you can. Again, it is fairly obvious if you think about it, spiderbots want to be able to crawl a web site quickly and efficiently. If you have bad html, links that are broken or tables that don't have the correct number of entries, then spiderbots will struggle to classify your site. We have invested in a very sensitive html validator that picks up lots of errors and potential errors. To date we have not found any web sites that validate 100% error free using this validator, except our own. When I mentioned the validator in a previous article I was inundated with requests for information on the product, so if any one wants to try it, I have put up a 14-day free trial copy at Don't be surprised if it throws up lots of errors, I have seen 200+ of many web site home pages, often with the same error replicated many times.

In summary, good clean readable text backed up by clean html programming and some good solid inbound links will give you a far better chance of good search engine rankings. So, if you do all of this, will you need a SEO company? If you can achieve all of the actions above, we believe you will have done about 40% of the work we would expect to do for a client. Maybe that will be enough for you, if not feel free to have a look around our website.

And now a poem

Written by my partner, reflecting Search Engine Optimization for Dummies.

Dummies are everywhere,
They are dotted all about,
Sometimes they are within,
Sometimes they are without,
Sometimes in shop windows,
Looking sleek and tall,
Sometimes in the living room,
Sometimes in the hall,
But most of our dummies,
That we deal with every day,
Are very much like you and me,
But just stranger in a way,
For they are now on the net,
Their 15 hours of fame,
They lose their sensible marbles,
And are all soon fair game,
For unscrupulous and devious,
Those twins of guile and charm,
Who in the blinking of an led,
Soon strip off leg and arm,
Thus a dummy is so created,
Whence can they become whole?
Already minus arm and a leg,
To those who own their soul,
And flailing blindly in a net,
More binding by the hour,
With money leaking from cards,
All too sadly in their power,
Yet just as the worst seems likely,
When hope seems yeste rdays dream,
Yes, Seogurus Superbeing appears,
Almost serenely on the scene,
"What seems to be the problem2,
His booming voice proclaims,
"I will rid you of your demons,
Cast them out in your name,
And take you to a better land,
Where everything works well,
And where your website flourishes",
You see, he tells a few as well,
Yet he's not such a bad guy,
Though he needs spell-check advice,
In fact compared to some,
He's actually very nice,
We may be slightly biased,
We may just overemphasise,
But he really is a good guy,
And he really truly tries,
To put you on the right path,
Primarily to help yourselves,
He doesn't use a witchdoctor,
Or consult with toads or elves,
He just uses simple tools,
And a common sense approach,
He knows you can do most of it,
And just acts as your coach,
And advises now and then,
Of tools or websites to try,
And he isn't ever dodgy,
And he isn't ever sly,
He just tries to help you,
In an age where others abuse,
So why not trust the Superbeing,
What have you got to lose?
He's related to the Ferrits,
And cousin to the Stiffsteiffs Bears,
And reportedly the Frankfrogs,
Though mad as March hares,
But though they seem a rum bunch,
Above all this motley crew,
Are beavering away on your side,
trying hard to help you through,
And this month a free trial,
You can use to help yourself,
Has been offered for a while,
Just download it from its shelf,
And for zero pennies outlay,

You can begin to see just why,
The Seogurus Superbeing came,
So gloriously from the sky,
And should you ever need him,
Should your efforts be not enough,
Fear not for he will be with you,
Once emailed hell strut his stuff,
And though he's a bit cocky,
And a bit "I've been here before",
There are others out there lurking,
Who would hurt you for evermore,
And make you pay for nothing,
Over and again quite dearly,
For getting you "quite close",
For endless results of "nearly",
So on balance a flawed superbeing,
With aging but true good intent,
Is infinitely preferable to those,
That would help you spend your rent,
Though our cape flaps annoyingly,
And our colours are almost luminous,
We are honest to goodness superbeings,
And you can trust in us.

Choose Your Web Site Hosting Service Online

by: Rick Swanson

Have you ever visited a website that promised to show you something fantastic or who claimed they had the best offer on a product that you have been dying to purchase only to get there and not be able to find what you were looking for amidst all of the other garbage that was on the site? Or worse yet, you get on the site but the page you are interested in won't load? The owner of the website in question is a victim of poor website management, which often falls under the purview of the web site hosting service.

Most people do not have the capability of hosting their own website. This is something that requires a server that can support a large amount of information and handle a lot of traffic as well. Most people with websites depend on their web site hosting service to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that people can find and purchase their products, and that the system doesn't crash if the site suddenly sees a lot of traffic. There are a lot of web site hosting services that provide everything that a website owner needs, it is simply a matter of finding the right one.

Choosing a web site hosting service should be a process. Choosing the first web hosting service that you find is not good business. There are literally thousands of web hosting services available to you, and it will do you and your business a lot of good to check out as many as you can stand.

Naturally you are not going to be able to check every single web site hosting service available. You are going to have to narrow your search by determining what exactly you need. Some sites need the ability to stream video, but don't need to have a checkout option, while others will have hundreds of pictures of products that people can purchase. Perhaps you fall in one of these categories, or maybe you don't, regardless, you probably have something specific that you are going to need from your web hosting service.

There are sites online that are dedicated to reviewing websites. Utilize these websites to narrow down your choices for your web site hosting service, otherwise you will be stuck in transition for a long time. The goal is to get your online business up and running, although you need to be careful, you also need to move quickly as well.

The Power of Web Directories

by: S. Housley

Web directories are an important component to search engine positioning. Directories come in all shapes and sizes, some are generic, while others are highly specialized. Directories, are defined as categorized topics or collections of information organized into a tree like structure where categories are used to define each groups association.

Large directories like Yahoo tend to have general themes and may charge for listings. While smaller niche directories like offer free listings and profit from advertising revenue or pay per click models like Google AdSense.

Being listed in a directory not only brings in targeted traffic, it provides a one-way link from a website with similar content. Directories are generally highly ranked in search engines, and are considered well respected resources, two traits that are desirable in link partners.

While smaller directories that focus on a specific niche might generate less traffic, the quality of the traffic from a niche site is usually highly targeted and will be superior to that generated from general search engines.

If you are selling fire alarms, traffic from yahoo will be less qualified than traffic from Alarm Tools, . Most visitors to Alarm Tools will have a genuine interest in alarms and alerting systems. The nature of highly specialized directories result in visitors who have a serious interest in the directories theme, or a at the very least an interest in a theme related to the directory.

As a result, web publishers need to make a conscience effort not to ignore the value of directory listings. Regardless of their size, a related niche directory listing can be extremely valuable.

Many directories offer sponsorship opportunities. Vendors can optionally purchase sponsorship to increased their exposure with a bold listing or top category listings.

Determining a Directories Value

It is difficult to assess the value of directory listing, as there is an obvious advantage to a listing of a closely related theme directory that is difficult to measure and quantify. In general, webmasters can use common web guidelines to determine the popularity of a directory and assess the directory link's value.

To assess the value of a web directory, consider the PageRank of the webpage where the link placement of your site will occur. The PageRank is indicative of how important Google may find a specific page. Another reliable third party measuring tool is Alexa. The Alexa ranking provides insight into how popular a website is. In general, a link from a web page containing a PageRank of 5 or higher is considered very good. A link from a site in Alexa's top 100,000 is also generally very desirable.

Compare the following two directories' Monitoring Tools and RSS Specifications Monitoring Tools' main page has a PageRank of 5 but most internal pages that contain links have low page ranks and the overall Alexa ranking of the site is over 650,000. While RSS Specification's claims a main Google PageRank of 6 and subpages all contain a minimum of a 5 for PageRank, the overall site is ranked 32,000. Clearly if you are in the syndication business, RSS Specification's would be a very desirable link partner, while you would have to weigh the cost benefit and position of a link from Monitoring Tools.

To determine a sites PageRank without downloading the Google Toolbar, use the following online tool from RustyBrick . A website's Alexa ranking can be found by entering the URL into Alexa

It is recommended that PageRank and Alexa ranking be only used as a guide when determining a directories reputation. It is important not to get too caught up in either Google PageRank or Alexa Ranking as webmasters can use "tricks" to artificially inflate their numbers.

The bottom line, links from directories that are small but niche, can provide quality web traffic.

5 Google Search Engine Tips To Help You Find Information Faster

by: Jason Lewis

The most common way most people use Google to search for information; is to just type in a few words and click on the search button. However, as I'm sure you know, you are normally confronted with many thousands of pages to wade through, sometimes millions, so it can often be very hard to find exactly what you're looking for.

Here are 5 useful tips to help you find stuff faster, when you are using the Google search engine:

1. Use The 'Exact Phrase' Search Option

When you do a basic search, Google returns results for all web pages that contain the words you typed in.

For example, you may want find information about a car you want to buy. You might type in: used Mercedes

Google will return web pages containing both the keywords 'used' and 'Mercedes', somewhere on the page. You might find a web page containing a story, where the word 'used' is near the top of the page, and the word 'Mercedes' is at the bottom of the story. There might not be any mention of the exact phrase 'used Mercedes' anywhere on the page.

So, to narrow things down, put the phrase inside quotation marks like this:

"used Mercedes"

Google will now only display results for web pages containing the exact phrase of "used Mercedes"

2. Be More Specific With Your Searches

To narrow down your search even further, you should try expanding on your initial keywords, by adding more specific words and phrases. If you are looking for a particular car model, try adding that to your search like this:

"used Mercedes C280"

This will weed out a lot of pages that contain information on used Mercedes cars, but not necessarily the C280 model you want.

3. Remove Words From The Search Results

When you perform a search for "used Mercedes C280", you might get a lot of web pages in the search results for sites selling Mercedes car parts. You could end up trawling through dozens of cart part sites, just to find the ones with cars for sale.

Here's what you can do…

For any search you perform, you can remove pages from the search results if they contain certain keywords you specify. To do this, all you have to do is add the word to the search box, and place a 'minus' symbol directly before it.

"used Mercedes C280" -parts

Make sure that there is 'no space' between the minus symbol and the word you want removed from the search results. If you put a space in between it won't work.

4. Use the 'OR' Command To Expand Your Search

Sometimes web pages will contain the information you want, but it might not contain the exact phrase you type in. Using our Mercedes example, some people might just refer to it as just 'C280' without using the word Mercedes.

By using Google's 'OR' command you can find web pages containing at least one of the words you choose.

Mercedes OR C280

The above search would return any web page that contains either just the word 'Mercedes' or the word 'c280', or both of them on the same page. To make this work, you must type 'OR' in capital letters. This tells Google that you want to use their advanced search option. If it's in lower case, Google will just treat it like any other word.

5. Try Using The Synonym Search Option

For many phrases there are often alternative words that can be used to explain the same thing. Sometimes it's hard to know which particular word to use to get the best results. Other times you either may not be aware of the alternative word, or just can't think of it at the time.

For example, instead of using the term 'used', you may have typed in 'secondhand'. A trick you can use is to tell Google to look for synonyms of the words you specify, in addition to the main keyword. To do this, enter a tilde '~' just before a word like this:


In this case, Google returned results containing the words: 'secondhand' and 'used'. This can be a useful trick to use if you can't think of the right words to type in. You can perform a synonym search on multiple words at he same time. Just add a tilde '~' directly before each word like this:

~secondhand ~car

As well as 'used', secondhand' and 'car'; this search will now also return pages containing 'automobile' and 'motor', because they are synonyms for the word 'car'.

I hope you found this useful, happy searching!

Security Measures For Your PC

by: Paul Wilson

Data on a PC needs vigilance. With Internet access, data is at considerable risk from spy ware and other browsers. Eliminate risks by securing your PC. Anonymity of the net is not enough protection. Many can gain access and steal data, implant data, or dangerous viruses as well as Trojan horses.

Simple steps ensure good system protection and peace of mind.

• Set effective passwords for all users. It should be of minimum seven characters and contain upper case, lower case, as well as be alpha-numeric. Uncrackable passwords are the key: uppercase in the middle not just at the beginning as well as interspaced numbers. Change user passwords by logging in using administrator privileges. Disable or remove XP’s file encryption before changing passwords, otherwise you will loose files. Major accounts that need protection are: administrator and any others created during installation of Windows.

• Prevent break in or use of security scanners by installing a firewall. This is just a software or hardware device that is configured to detect and prevent unauthorized or remote access to the computer. A firewall notes the address from which an access request is received and then permits or denies access. Generally all home Internet sharing systems have an inbuilt firewall as also Windows XP alternately, software firewalls are available like Zone alarm.

• Install antivirus software like Symantec or Macfee which will scan the system automatically once a week and check any e-mails that seem suspicious. Be sure to periodically update the program, computer viruses proliferate each day. Many antivirus programs update themselves automatically.

• Be vigilant about spyware and adware. These programs collect data and advertise products. They are installed without permission and collect data from computer for use in marketing. To curtail such practices use a reputable spyware finding tool. Many spyware finding tools are available free such as Ad-Aware.

• Block all security lapses or holes in Windows as this is used by malicious users to infect computer systems shutting them down and spreading to other associated systems. Use tools like security patches provided by the manufacturer of your operating system to remove dangers.

• Change the user name of the administrative account. This has full control to the files and system settings and becomes a target to hackers. Renaming the account strengthens security measures and protects your system.

• Disable ‘hidden shares” if present in your operating system. This is present in Windows 2000 as well as XP. This permits others with the username and password with remote access to all your files and data. Data can be deleted, copies, changed or added. Disabling this option will reduce dangers greatly.

• Change Security settings. Often ActiveX code can be used to infect your computer. Avoid trouble by raising the default security level to high. Function effectively by placing oft used web sites in the ‘trusted sites’ Internet zone. Doing this will allow unrestricted viewing of most used sites.

• Secure shared files by securing and configuring the guest user account. Password protect or disable the option.

• Stop using popular browsers like Internet Explorer or Outlook Express. Use a new web browser and email client, Mozilla, Opera, and Eudora are reliable options.

Be safe: back up your data regularly, be well informed of developments in the field of security.

Ten Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

by: Howard Goff

You've probably heard about identity theft on television or read about it in the newspaper, and you may already be aware of the damage these crimes can cause victims and their families. What you may not know is how to protect yourself from these attacks. Below you'll find ten steps that can help you minimize your chances of becoming another identity theft statistic.

1. Invest in a shredder – Never throw anything away without shredding it first. Identity thieves will dig through dumpsters and trash bags looking for credit card receipts, voided checks, paid bills, credit card offers, and other items which provide them with your personal information.

2. Mail everything from the post office – Leaving your outgoing mail in or on your mailbox is an invitation to have it stolen by an identity thief. Not only can they get all of your personal information from the check, but they can even alter the check and cash it themselves. Instead, drop it by the post office or another mailbox.

3. Use a post office box – Incoming mail is also a target for identity thieves. Your bills, checks, even junk mail can be used by these thieves to steal your personal information. If you have a post office box, then your mail will be delivered safely to that box.

4. Have a non-published phone number – Some identity thieves will also use the telephone in an attempt to get your personal information. For example, one scam involved a caller telling a person he or she had won a government grant that was going to be directly deposited into their checking account. Of course, the caller needed the person's checking account number to deposit the money. If your phone number isn't available, then you won't be harassed by these calls.

5. Check your accounts weekly – If you don't already, you need to get in the habit of checking the balances of all your financial accounts on a weekly basis. Waiting for monthly statements isn't good enough because by then your account could have been completely drained.

6. Check your credit report yearly – Every year, you should request free copies of your credit report and check them for any errors, such as credit cards or loans you never took out. If you find out now that someone is using your identity, you can start correcting the problem before you need to use your own credit.

7. Memorize PIN numbers and passwords – Never write down your PIN numbers or passwords. No place is a safe place to keep these important pieces of information. Keep them in your memory so no one can steal them. Also, make them more complicated than an ordinary word or your birthday. It shouldn't be easy for anyone to guess.

8. Keep only basic information on checks – Your checks should only include basic information about you, such as your name and address. Your social security number should never be printed on your checks. If it is, then you're basically handing over the keys to your identity to any thief who comes in contact with your check.

9. Eliminate unwanted credit card offers – Those credit card offers you throw away can be used by identity thieves. They simply have to complete the application and change the address to have a card sent to them in your name. You should shred them, but you can also call 1-888-567-8688 or visit to opt-out of the credit card offer mailing list so you'll stop receiving them.

10. Carry only necessities – Never carry anything in your purse or wallet that isn't necessary, such as extra deposit slips, social security cards, birth certificates, etc. The more personal information your purse or wallet contains the more valuable it will be to an identity thief if it is lost or stolen.

Although we only promised ten steps, we're throwing in an extra one to help you protect yourself even further.

11. Go electronic – Bank statements, most bills, and many other documents can all be viewed electronically so you never have to worry about them being stolen out of your mailbox or your trash. Contact your financial institution, credit card companies, and utility providers about the availability of this option. As an extra bonus, many of these businesses offer incentives to individuals who sign up for these electronic programs.

These steps are only some of the ways you can protect yourself from identity thieves. For even more suggestions on reducing your risk or details on what to do if you've been an identity theft victim, you need to read Identity Theft: A Resource Guide from The ebook is available at

Record Voice Using a Microphone Connected to PC with FlexiMusic Wave Editor

by: Ponnuchamy Varatharaj

Record voice using a Microphone connected to PC with FlexiMusic Wave Editor

A. Installing the Program

FlexiMusic Wave Editor is an audio editor for Microsoft Windows. It serves as a wave editor, audio editor, sound editor, player, recorder and converter.

First, get FlexiMusic Wave Editor, if you don't already have it.

Go to: and click on the download link of FlexiMusic Wave Editor for Windows.

Next, run the downloaded file "FlexiMusic_WaveEditor_Setup.exe" to install the program. FlexiMusic Wave Editor shortcut will appear under your Programs menu.

B. Record Audio

Step 01: Run the FlexiMusic Wave Editor by clicking on the Start button > All Programs > FlexiMusic > FlexiMusic Wave Editor

Step 02: Click File > New or New tool button to create a new file. Choose the format as 44100Hz, 16 bits, Stereo.

Step 03: Click on the screen once to select the position where you would insert the recorded wave sound.

Step 04: Prepare your own script in a plain paper and keep it ready for reading.

Step 05: Click on the Record tool button. This will open the FlexiMusic Wave Editor Record Audio window.

Step 06: Before Recording your voice, Make sure that Microphone is selected.

A. Click "Recording Source" button to open the Recording Control dialog box.

B. Choose Microphone using Select option. Adjust the recording volume for the highest possible performance. Make sure the volume is not too low.

Step 07: As soon as you wish to start recording click "Start" button in Record Audio window of FlexiMusic Wave Editor.

Step 08: Speak loudly and clearly into the microphone.

Step 09: You can pause the process of recording by clicking the "Pause" button at any time you want and then resume it by clicking the "Continue" button.

Step 10: Click on the "Stop" button.

Step 11: Click "Done" button to insert the recording into the file at the position you previously selected.

Step 12: Click on the "Save" button (or File > Save as) from the tool button. Name your file "abc" and save in .wav format and save it to hard disk in any known folder (e.g., C:\FlexiMusic\Work\abc.wav).

B. Play Audio

Step 13: Play Recording. Click "Play" button.

Step 14: You find a flat line with little or no sound at all, while the higher waveforms represents sound. Remove the silence at the beginning and ending of recording.

Step 15: Select the silence part accurately by zooming 1:1. Click on the View menu from the FlexiMusic Wave Editor Toolbar. Select View 1:1.

Adjust the select position by dragging the selection bar left and right.

Step 16: Choose Delete from Edit Menu or click on the "Delete" button.

Step 17: Selecting Part of a Sound

The Selected part, or selection is the highlighted part of the sound graph between two vertical select bars. The vertical selection bars are yellow lines located at left side and right side of the graph. You can use "click-and-drag" selection method, which forces you to change both start and end points.

Step 18: You can also adjust the volume of your voice recording or add some effects to the voice. When adjusting the volume, it's important that you don't let the wave graphic go beyond the window top or bottom. This will exceed the limits of the wave envelope, and result in clipping, which is basically distorted sound.

Step 19: Play the changes by choosing "Play" on the tool button.

Step 20: Click on the "Save" button or ( File > Save As from the toolbar ). Type the filename and save the file.

Common Errors Presenters Make When Choosing Slide Backgrounds

by: Brandy Chaw

Ever give much thought to the template you’re using for your PowerPoint presentations? You probably did when you created it, but haven’t thought much about it since. You should, says Mr. Serge Starenko, CEO of PowerpoinTemplates ( After all, your slides’ background communicates almost as much about you and your company as the information on the slides. Choosing a background “that does not reflect the mood of the company could easily compromise the audience’s opinion of the presenter,” cautions Starenko. Here are the most common errors Starenko sees presenters make when choosing slide backgrounds, and what he suggests can be done to correct them.

1. Designing a background that doesn’t fit your message.

In other words, don’t select a background with classic cars when you sell financial services. Don’t laugh, says Starenko – it happens all the time. “It is quite common for sales reps to select the design they think is the coolest without taking into account the audience and the purpose of the presentation,” he explains. It is critical that presenters select a design that communicates the overall mood of the company and the products or services they sell. The rep selling financial services, for example, would communicate the message more effectively with a template that uses a graphical portrayal of money. So how do you choose from the hundreds of custom slides out there with that kind of image? Again, it comes back to your message and your audience, says Starenko. What’s the message you’re trying to get across? Are you presenting to a group of high-level executives from a Fortune 500 company or to individual couples nearing retirement? Approaching your search with your audience and presentation goals in mind will help you quickly narrow your template search.

2. Selecting a design that does not match your company’s existing collateral materials.

If your company has branded its logo, brochures and Website in navy blue and red, your template, if possible, should reflect that color scheme, says Starenko. So if you’ve found several possible backgrounds that reflect the mood of your presentation and you can’t decide among them, pick the one that best matches your company’s colors. This kind of cohesiveness will tie everything together for your audience.

3. Using more than one template in the same presentation.

Often, a sales rep will take slides from several previously-designed presentations and merge them into one new presentation. While the text may be spot-on, the look often comes across as a mishmash of slides lacking cohesion, which ultimately undermines the message. It’s fine to slightly modify the background to make room for a large, important chart, for example, by using a small strip of the main graphic along the side. Ultimately, however, the background should have a consistent look and feel throughout the presentation.

4. Sticking with standard PowerPoint backgrounds.

Granted, there is nothing really wrong with using one of the templates included in the PowerPoint program, but you might unconsciously be undermining the message by doing so. “While using something basic such as a standard template might be okay,” says Starenko, “usually salespersons’ goal is to convey that they are better than okay, that they are fabulous. Reps should use every tool available to appropriately communicate that message.” With so many striking backgrounds available for a minimal price – sometimes just $10 or so – Starenko points out that “it’s just not worth taking the chance that audience members will leave thinking been there, done that – all for the sake of saving a few bucks.”

Understanding How Spammers Work Can Save You Time And Reduce The Spam You Get

by: Balraj Dhaliwal

Nobody likes receiving spam and having to spend time dealing with it. Even with sophisticated filtering and avoidance mechanisms discussed in my previous articles entitled "Use A Spam Filtering Tool To Manage Spam And Save Hours Everyday" and "7 Steps To Effectively Take Control Of Your Inbox And Reduce Spam", these unwanted spam messages keep on appearing. By understanding how the system works, we can effectively take steps to significantly reduce the amount of spam that we receive daily.

What we have to understand is that email marketing is by far the most effective way to promote products and services on the internet today. The basis of this system it to collect as many email addresses as you can and repeatedly send email messages out to them. There is a legitimate way to do this and then there is the way spammers do it.

The legitimate way is to collect email addresses only from people who volunteer it to you on a website in return for some information that you offer. In addition to this every email sent out must include a link or instructions on how to unsubscribe. I would take it one step further and say that unsubscription must be instantaneous. Having to wait for a few days is unacceptable with the software tools available today. Following this method, you will only receive email messages that you have opted-in for and as soon as you are not getting any value out of it, you unsubscribe.

The spammers mode of operation is to collect email addresses by any and all means available. This could be by building software spiders to crawl websites 24 hours day looking for email addresses on any page. Usually they search for the HTML tag "mailto:" but as users have stopped hyperlinking in response, the spiders are getting more sophisticated and are putting together text like "john dot smith at domain dot com" into the proper valid email address "". Some websites list all their employees contact emails on one page and is a prime target for spam. Harvesting guestbooks where emails are displayed is also a very common practice.

Other methods are more malicious and involve virus-like or worm software being installed on your computer and feeding the names in the address book back to a spam server that collects them.

Spammers trade email addresses for money. This is why the system is out of hand - it is an income producing activity. Every email address has a value to it and no matter how little the value, putting together a list of 100,000 can provide a neat income for a spammer. Most spammers have spam lists many times larger than this.

Spammers also include the unsubscribe link at the bottom of spam emails. These links when clicked and actioned, tells the spammers that this email address actually got through to a live person and that email address is now moved onto a much higher value list and is traded for more money. Those of us who have actioned these links have found the flood of spam coming in to vastly increase within only days.

So now to the question of how to use this knowledge to reduce the spam you get?

First, understand that everytime you give out your email address to a website, that it can potentally be sold and traded. Therefore, if you are unsure about it, use an email address that is not your primary one. Webmail services like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail are perfect for this. You only get the messages when you want them and log into those services. I've used a Yahoo Mail address for this for years now. Everytime I log in there are more than a thousand messages but the one that I want to look at is at the top. I never have to delete these messages, Yahoo takes care of it automatically. The only requirement is that I log in to the service within a set period usually 90 or 120 days to keep the account active.

Once you are comfortable that the site concerned is legitimate, you can then change your email address to your primary one. On the other hand, if you start getting spammed, then you do nothing, let the spam emails build up and get deleted automatically by the system.

In my article entitled "7 Steps To Effectively Take Control Of Your Inbox And Reduce Spam" I discuss an elegant way to safely give out email addresses and shut them down in case they get spammed. This is by far the most effective method that I have used.

Other things to watch out for?

Spammers are facing tougher times and they are finding it harder to get new email addresses. While this is a good sign that means the general public are getting more educated, it does mean that we have to be careful of where our email addresses are shown or advertised. For example, magazines and newspapers often are great places for a spammer to collect email addresses. This is a much slower method but if we think about it, these email addresses are of much higher value because somebody has paid money to advertise and so it is bound to be a real address. This means that we have to think laterally in order to stay ahead of the spam game.

Last but not least, we can surely help significantly reduce the problem by not responding to any spam email message whether it is by clicking on a link, replying to the email or unsubscribing using a supplied link. If you really must look at the site, just type in the domain name part of it into your browser and leave out everything after the domain name. This will take you to the site without the spammers tracking identification code.

Together we can surely put a dent in this system by understanding it and staying one or a few steps ahead of spammers.

The 10 Easiest Steps You'll Ever Find To Boost Online Security

by: James Chao

Online security isn’t just about installing anti-virus, spyware and malware programs anymore. Sure, they help greatly in preventing viruses and other forms of malware from infecting your computer but here are 10 simple steps to further reduce the chances of infection.

1. Manage your passwords

Having trouble remembering all the different passwords you used to register on various websites? No worries. A password manager such as Roboform or Keepass enables you to securely manage your passwords. The benefit? You only need to remember one master password to use the program so these programs give you absolutely no excuses to have the same password for every website you register. What makes a good master password? A password which doesn’t resemble an actual word, contains upper case, lower case letters, numbers, symbols and is longer than 8 letters.

2. Check the authenticity of websites before you visit

Search engines such as Google does a great job in blocking sites which are known to be fraudalent. For further protection, install the web of trust plugin (Internet Explorer or Firefox) which will give you a better idea on whether a site is safe or unsafe.

3. Never run a file directly.

When you download a file, it’ll give you options to either run it directly or save in your harddrive space. Always go for the latter! You don’t possibly know what could be in the file so it is much safer to run a virus scan on the file rather than opening it directly.

4. Switch website browsers

If you are still using old Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 then change it immediately! The latest Internet Explorer (IE8) and Firefox 3 gives you much better protection and security.Once installed, change the privacy and security settings to medium or higher.

5. Don’t click links in mail

Avoid this as much as possible. Only click links if you are 100% sure that it is legitimate and comes from a legitimate organization or person. Always look for signs of fraudent sites such as typos.

6. Switch to plain html mail

Switch to HTML mode can easily hide most of the phishing attempts made by fraudsters. All email services should haev a settings page which allows you to change it.

7. Do not use p2p software

Downloading and sharing files through P2P networks is extremely risky. P2P networks are one of the common ways in which virus spreads from computer to computer so avoid that risk!

8. Create a virtual sandbox

A virtual sandbox enables you to run any program in an isolated and protected space on your hard drive. Any actions or changes you make are discarded once the sandbox is closed. An example of a virtual sandbox would be Sandboxie.

9. Monitor your emails

Most anti-spam monitors only process emails that have already been downloaded from the mail server. Use PopTray to check and preview emails while it’s still on the mail server.

10. Use more than one anti-virus tool

There is not one anti-virus tool out there which is able to detect all the viruses in the universe. Read reviews of different antivirus software programs and have more than one installed so that you have a better chance of catching any form of virus. Note that some programs clash with one another so make sure to read carefully before you buy any security products.

Address the Low Price, Standard Ink Cartridges

by: Jessica Thomson

Evolution is happening at a constant pace and technology is witnessing advancements and up gradation every single moment. That is the reason for the convenience boost and the performance elevation which is being witnessed in all aspects governed by the most common application of "innovation" across the globe.

Computer technology and related accessories have their own role to play in this regards as they have altogether become the pioneers of the fast pace of progress and development.

As creativity is exploring the new streams of finer quality printers and their performance has elevated to new heights of phenomenal standards, the hardware market and the online purchase platforms offer a huge range of immense varieties to meet all kinds of specifications of work at the professional front.

One of the very proficient services that cater to all sorts of cartridge requirements for printers is that of which takes care of all sorts of needs and demands pertaining to printers and their functional areas.

The skilled expertise of their performance has not only upgraded the quality parameters to higher platforms but also met a significant proportion of huge demands and requirements of printers in the most versatile and comprehensive fashion.

Since they manufacture cartridges under expert guidance in their own factory outlets therefore great care is taken to meet all the quality norms as efficiently and effectively possible.

To furnish the convenience and comfort they now render their services in aver direct manner helping people to establish an effective purchase directly through their website and online services.

Te intact and excellent services have now escalated to new heights of enhanced performance that is boosting the immense popularity and generating great satisfaction which is transforming slowly and gradually into full fledged customer delight.

At the online portal not only you can make a suitable selection from the vast array of innumerable options that are available such as ink jet cartridges, printer ink, toner cartridges etc. but also at the same time the complete assistance and help provide by guidance and concern of "Support Center" is a great help in helping you purchase what you desire to buy with utmost convenience thought the entire process.

The spectrum of printer cartridges offered by them features cartridges for the printers of recognized brand names such as those of Epson , HP , Dell, Cannon, Samsung, Inkjet etc. In the category of laser toner cartridges both colour as well as the mono types are present to meet the specific requirements as adequately as possible. Along with this there is also availability of Mailroom supplies and other equipments such as franking machines etc. Beyond the spectrum of printer products, services with respect to Photo paper, PC requirements, Fax machines and Mobiles is an added advantage. So check out this outstanding service to serve your needs in the best furnished and quality based style.

Benefits Of Norton Antivirus 2009 and Panda OEM

by: Melissa Smith

The internet plays a major role in the spreading of computer viruses, spyware and malware. ‘Malware’ stands for ‘malicious software’ which includes viruses, worms, adware, spyware and of course, the notorious Trojan horses. Spyware functions as a changer of the internet browser settings. Spyware misleads the internet browser to fraudulent sites, wherein huge number of frauds are accommodated and encouraged, which is called ‘phishing’. As a result, the computer starts functioning poorly and slowly.

Viruses damage the computer by deleting files, corrupting programs and applications, or sometimes reformatting the hard drive. Some viruses are self-copied to other drives or accessible disks, affecting the entire system and leading to a crash.

Panda Antivirus is designed to evict any kind of malicious item. It is easy to install, easy to operate and the biggest benefit is that it provides daily web updates. With Panda Antivirus installed in your computer, you can be sure of the fact that the shield is always on. Panda antivirus runs on both ‘windows XP’ and ‘windows Vista’. Added to this, the different virus attempts that hide from the operating system are also got rid of by the Panda OEM.

Even the most sophisticated virus attempts, better known as ‘rootkits’ cannot dodge the Panda OEM. It has a high-end protection system called ‘Mega detection’ which prevents even the slightest hint of any suspicious activity coming from E-mail attachments, or any incoming file.

Norton Internet security 2009 is one of the best antivirus programs of the world. It automatically detects and removes viruses, worms and Trojans from your system.

Norton Antivirus 2009 detects and eradicates malicious softwares of all kinds. It protects your system from unscrupulous files and threats. Unlike other versions of Norton Antivirus.

Norton Antivirus 2009 does not slow down your computer.

Norton Internet security 2009 is a full-proof protection system. It offers a protection suite for your computer that even the most dangerous viruses, malware, spyware, or adware cannot damage.

There’s one thing you should know about antiviruses that all of them are not capable of removing malicious items from your computer. When it comes to antiviruses, all of them don’t work in the same way to ward-off threats. Some of them even increase the risk of getting threats in your computer. So you need to be very careful when choosing an antivirus for your computer. There are quite a number of factors that you need to take into account before buying an anti-virus software.

The number one factor is that the anti-virus system should have a feature to scan the computer every time you turn it on.

Secondly, think about the usage of your computer. How you use the computer and internet is a major important thing to consider because the antivirus should be bought depending on the usage.

Third, do a survey. Go through the reviews of different antivirus programs, especially newly launched ones.

Speed Up Software Development with Stock Application Icons

by: Victor Ivlichev

Attractive user interface is an important part of any software product. Creating numerous buttons, icons, toolbars and other icons used in wizards and dialogs is an extremely time and money-consuming task. The endeavor, however, can be easily avoided if you are prepared to make small sacrifices in order to obtain a large gain by using ready-made application icons.

What sacrifices? If you are about to use ready-made application icons, you sacrifice the unique looks your product mightрve otherwise had. Everything else you gain: the faster design, the wide variety, and the price. With ready-made application icons, you can choose between hundreds of offerings. By paying a very affordable price, you are getting usually dozens, if not hundreds, of application or toolbar icons. You can download a ready-made icon library the very moment after placing your order. And of course, you can fully preview the entire icon library before committing to buy!

Application Toolbar Icons by are a collection of ready-made toolbar icons. The icon collection includes over 50 unique icons commonly found in software applications. The collection contains GIF, PNG, and BMP icons for easy integration with online projects, and Windows ICO icons for embedding the icon collection into Windows applications.

There are several different styles of icons, including normal, highlighted and disabled. The entire icon collection is available in 256 colors and True Color, with the exception of GIF icons that are 8-bit only. Resolutions include 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels.

Aside from the technical specifications, Application Toolbar Icons contain everything you need to create a nice-looking application. The icon collection includes over a hundred icons, and contains images for actions, objects and symbols such as Open, Create, Save and Save All, Print Preview,Cut, Copy and Paste, Preview, Edit, Close Document, About, Import and Export, Support, Mail, Find and Search, Options, Help, Warning and Hint, Alarm, Undo and Redo, Left and Right, Up and Down, Run, Back, and many, many more. Priced under $100, Application Toolbar Icons are effectively less than 50 cents per image, making the icon collection a real bargain.

Preview Application Toolbar Icons, order and download application icons at

Convert All Common Video & Audio Formats

by: Tan Bee

Tanbee Video Converter for Mac is an excellent Mac video converter software which can convert video formats from one to another with perfect output quality and high conversion speed for Mac OS X users. It supports all popular video formats including FLV, MKV, MOD, WMV, ASF, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, AVI, TOD, TS/TP (for HD Video), MP3, AMR and AC3.

The output videos and audios can be put on PSP, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Blackberry, Zune, Creative Zen, iRiver, mobile phone or other popular digital devices for your enjoyment. Furthermore, you can merge/clip/split/crop videos, apply artistic effect, etc. to perfect output files. Just get video converted in your way with Tanbee Video Converter for Mac.

This Mac video converter software lets you set video brightness, contrast, saturation, crop video, trim video/audio and even merge multiple files into one file. Batch conversion is also supported by this powerful Mac video converter. Convert videos on Mac OS X with Tanbee Video Converter for Mac and enjoy your colorful digital life!

Key Features

* Support all common video&audio formats
* Support Batch Conversion
Convert multiple video files at one time, making your conversion much easier.
* Powerful Video editing function
This Video Converter has powerful video editing function, supporting movie trimming, cropping and effect adjustment. You can set brightness, contrast, saturation and choose the suitable resolution for your players.
* Customize video converting
Various video and audio settings for you tweak together.
* Support various video aspect ratios such as 16:9, 4:3 and full screen.
* Support video capture and save your favorite movie pictures on your computer as jpeg, png or bmp files.
* Intuitive guide user-interface.
* Fast conversion process with no loss quality.
* Free e-mail technical support, provide the best service for you.