Beware of Instant Reverse Email Searches and Other Instant Data Base Searches

by: Ed Opperman

There are many web sites on the Internet that offer instant information searches. Most commonly are the reverse phone number search, reverse email search, locates and criminal records searches. Many times these services will initially present themselves as being free instant searches but after the first few steps they will charge a fee.

Have you ever asked yourself how these services can return such miraculous results instantly while it may take the police or a private investigator hours or even days and week to locate accurate information?

The answer is as simple as it is obvious. They simply can't. They can only access data bases to return previously recorded data and that information is usually old, stale and inaccurate.

It has been widely reported that the information available in the police criminal records data bases are up to 25% inaccurate. This is due to many reasons. Data entry mistakes, inverted dates, ages, misspelled names, incorrectly reported names and addresses. This list could go on an on. This is common knowledge in law enforcement and private investigation circles but you will not find it advertised on these "free" instant data base search sites.

It's a great business model to buy a data abase and sell searches for a few bucks a search. All you really need isds a database a web site and a computer and it's all set to practically run itself. But it's far more difficult to deliver accurate results. You have develop and cultivate reliable sources and do on site court records searches.

You need a real live investigator that can take a look aat the raw data and use good old fashioned common sense to interpret that raw data and use it to find an actual physical location of a person. Even then that person can take off and skip to the next location but at least now you have a hot trail. You're not relying on some stale of data base information that could be years old.

If you need reliable accurate information you can't rely on deceptive web sites that initially promise free searches only to ask for a fee and then only return data base information. Beware of instant information that will only cost you more time and money in the long run.
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