Facebook Online Ads Versus Facebook Flyers

By: Dirk Wagner

In this article, I am going to go over the different between Facebook Ads and its predecessor Facebook Flyers. They are both great services that have really changed how people are advertising on the Internet. Let’s look in depth the changes since flyers.

Facebook Ads, formally Facebook Fliers are getting a lot of attention around the Internet. Since Facebook started offering advertising solutions, it seems their way of providing value to the marketer has improved with every update. At first, they had a program called Facebook Fliers. The basic concept of Facebook Fliers was you paid for per thousand impressions. While this was a good concept, it didn’t work as well as it way supposed to. The current program being used is called Facebook Ads, which has the option of paying per click or per impression. The targeting, pricing, and setup seemed to improve with Facebooks newest creation. The general consensus found with everyone I have spoke to is they are experiencing much better results using CPC versus CPM. If you think about it, if your visitor actually takes the time to read your ad, and then click it, they have to be interested.

Let’s look at the difference between Flyers and Ads:

With Facebook Flyers, this is what the user would view, with no impressions. Facebook first offered these as a way for students to get the word out about clubs, jobs, and other campus activities. After Facebook opened up Fliers to any marketer they realized they were going to have to switch it over to “Facebook Ads.” Notice on our 2nd image the ad says “Sponsored” at the bottom; this signifies that Facebook is being paid per click through the promoter.

Let’s think, what is really better, Ads or Flyers? Would you as a marketer and promoter rather pay per thousand impressions or pay per qualified click you receive? Well, lets look at the pros and cons of paying per click vs per thousand impressions.

First, an impression is just that, an impression. What are the chances that someone looking at their messages, groups, and comments is going to glance over and look at your advertisement? Probably not that good, out of 1000 impressions you could probably expect a 0.5%-1% click-through-rate or about 7.5 clicks. Now, let’s look at the other side of things. With Ads, you are only charged per click every time someone actually wants to visit your webpage. This means the user is qualified as being a real and prime lead for your offer.

In my opinion, being charged per click versus per thousand impressions is definitely the way to go. I would feel much more comfortable in paying for advertising knowing that I was only charged when a user actually wanted to see my ad. Sure, you are going to have the users that click the ad because they are bored or really just want to play around, but that is with any advertising.

Facebook Ads is great and really changing the way people advertise today on the Internet.