Now You Can Clear Your Name If You're Accused of Cyber Stalking

by: Ed Opperman

Many people already understand that emails can be traced right back to the computer they were sent from. But did you know that if you have been wrongfully accused of sending an email you may be able to clear your name and

prove your innocence? The very same procedure used to trace an email to a sender and record and document evidence to get a cyber stalker arrested and convicted can be used to clear an innocent person accused of cyber stalking.

A trained investigator can examine an incoming email address and header and document the identifying information about the sender of that email. The investigator can take it even further and find out a great deal of identifying information about the sender and the senders computer.

Then the investigator can examine past emails and headers of emails that belong to the person being accused. This information can be compared and it can be determined conclusively that the person accused of cyber stalking must be excluded as a possible suspect.

If the incoming email headers reveal that the sender used a PC based email program like outlook express to send the email a forensic examination of the accused hard drive can also be provided as additional evidence of the defendants innocence. The outgoing emails would still be recoverable even if the sender deleted them. So if a forensic examinations determines these emails are absent this is further corroboration of the accused persons innocence.

But this does not necessarily have to be a criminal trial or civil litigation. A person could just me accused or suspected of ending a malicious email on a social or work place situation. Still even in this typeof situation a private investigator can be retained to provide a report that can clear you of these false accusations.

If you find yourself accused of something you did not do be sure to find a qualified investigator that is recognized as an expert in this type of computer investigation. Whether it's a criminal case or just a personal accusation it's always important to restore your good name and reputation and you do not have to be a victim of false accusations when there are skilled professionals available to help.

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