How to Protect Yourself From Laptop Larceny

By Jennifer Thayer 

Laptops are more than just a gadget to most users. More often than not laptops will contain passwords, addresses, banking and credit card numbers and personal information. If a laptop is stolen, it won't take a smart thief long to break into the account and gain access to personal and important information.

According to LoJack, two million laptops are stolen each year and as computing devices get smaller that number will get bigger. While you may not always get your computer back, there are some steps you can take to decrease the damage done.

Be Proactive

It sounds simple, but always be mindful of your computer. Don't leave it on the table while you refill your coffee and don't leave it unattended in your car or office. Most thieves commit crimes of opportunity, so don't give them one.

Also, consider installing a theft protection feature. Lenovo offers ConstantSecure Remote Disable for their new ThinkPad tablet pc models. If your laptop is stolen you can send a text message to the laptop disabling it. The unit will power down completely and will not restart until a re-activation key is entered. While this won't protect your hardware investment, it will protect your information from thieves interested in more than wiping the hard drive and selling your laptop.

You can also invest in recovery software. Companies like ComputraceComplete and PCPhoneHome can be purchased for $30 to 50 a year and offer you a chance at getting your laptop back. These companies connect your laptop periodically to a main server. When this happens the agency can tell you exactly where your laptop is and notify the police to recover it.

Damage Control

Once you realize your laptop is missing contact the police and file a report noting the model and serial number. Go through all your accounts and change passwords. Create new high protection passwords (containing numbers, letters and symbols) quickly, before the thief beats you to it and locks you out of your accounts.

Keep an eye on your bank accounts and let your bank and credit card companies know that your information may have been stolen so they can issue a fraud alert and monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.

Losing a laptop is hard but fighting identity theft is harder. Take the proper steps to protect yourself and your information. If the worse happens, stay calm and take the time to perform damage control. It may not give you back your laptop but it may give you a little piece of mind.

How To Scan and Fix Registry with Registry Cleaner?

by: Austin Porter

Whenever you use your PC, it either reads or inserts entry onto a particular spot in its system. Overtime, this process can accumulate and cause some problems which are hard to ignore. It's because of this why you regularly have to scan and fix registry of your PC using related cleaner software. Continue reading to learn more about this. I will also be discussing a top quality registry cleaner software that speed up my PC quickly.

The computer has to remember a lot of things - hardware attached, selected system options, applications around, etc. Each time you use it, it has to go through all of these entries. However, there may also be invalid, missing or double entries. Such can be caused by anything from removing a hardware previously attached, to deleting a file or program.

When such happens, you will notice that the PC will begin to work a lot slower than before. Although it goes through all these entries in a very fast manner, still it may take some time if there's too much to read. Eventually, you will also notice certain programs will refuse to run, and system crashes will surface more frequently.

Of course you can always take your computer to an expert to have all unnecessary entries removed. However, it may come with a steep price tag. What's more, it's supposed to be done periodically to keep your computer in tip-top shape. Doing it on your own is definitely not recommendable, as you can even cause some irreversible damages.

What you can do is to install and run registry cleaner software. This will automatically examine each of the entries made from day one. It removes safely and effectively those which are already invalid, missing or were recorded twice. This is a much safer way for you to do so, instead of attempting to manually remove entries which can cause the PC problems.

You may scan and fix registry using free software you may find online. In downloading them, carefully read the system requirements so you're installing something that will work best for your computer. Also, see to it you get one from a reputable website. There are also those which you may purchase, often with other useful tools. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality registry cleaner software. 

Cheap printer ink cartridges: helps in cost cutting

by: Jean Colestock 

With the increase in the usage of printers in businesses and office, demand for printer ink cartridges has gone up as well. At the same time, quality of the pages and the ink cartridges has become the essential factors in printing the pages. Many a times, people lookout for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges whenever their printers fall short of ink. Why throw money down the drain, when you can buy cheap printer ink cartridges. When you go for the OEM ink cartridges, you are likely to spend huge amount of money on the printing needs. They will end up increasing your overall stationery costs.

With the entry of the third party vendors producing cheap printer ink cartridges, the monopolistic market of the branded and genuine ink cartridges is almost shut. These cartridges are cheaper than the original ones. The ink cartridges are non bio-degradable. Every year, people from across the globe add into millions of tons of garbage in landfills. Used printer ink cartridges are dumped without thinking of re-filling. The cartridges are formed of high grade plastic and take up thousands of years before they break down. It is advisable to practice secure ink cartridges recycling to assist and save the environment from damage caused by the unsuitable disposal of the printer ink cartridges. Online world is one of the great places to purchase cheap printer ink cartridges.

There are several online suppliers who provide cheap printer ink cartridges. All you need to do is to woof on the one that provides you with the great services and best prices. The web world is a wonderful tool and it can help you put the cash back in your pocket. Saving money on cheap printer ink has never been easier, however, with the online advancements; you can be assured about the costs. Online traders have their websites with product information. Therefore, inspect some of the known online suppliers and also browse through the prices they are providing.

If you are looking out for cost cutting in your office stationeries, then it is advisable to go for cheap printer ink cartridges. Although, the digital era has taken over in offices across the globe, yet there are many such companies that rely on the documents. Printing is important in carrying out both business and office tasks. Whether you are looking to print mere documents like minutes of a meeting or other essential documents like financial reports or any other project progress report, you just cannot avoid printing. For all such tasks, you can bank on cheap printer ink cartridges.

These days, printer ink is a sore spot for consumers. The consumers are searching for ways to save money in buying ink. Hence, one can save a lot of money by buying cheap printer ink cartridges. Now start saving immediately just by ordering cheap printer ink from the online source.