The Many Advantages of Using a Firewall

by : Anthony Daniel

It is owing to these benefits of using Internet that has made the medium so popular. But every opportunity presents benefits as well as challenges and exchanging information over the Internet is no exception to this rule of thumb. There is no dearth of anti-social elements that are always on the lookout of opportunities to gain access to an organization's critical data. Such information, if leaked can hurt the interests of the organization as well as the stakeholders, putting the survival of the company at stake. In order to counter this problem service providers advise their clients to get a network firewall installed.  

Firewall defined

Firewall is a network security system which controls and regulates the incoming and outgoing network traffic.  It creates a barrier between the Intranet and the external network, generally the Internet which is not considered to be a secure connection. Firewalls use a set of pre-defined rules. Data which enters the system has to fulfil these rules to move further. Firewalls have evolved over the years owing to the detailed research and development that organizations have been conducting. Getting these new and improved systems installed has therefore enabled businesses in meeting the various threats posed by exposure to external elements.

The many ways in which firewalls perform these important functions are:

•    Traffic monitoring: Firewalls evaluate the traffic entering the network's systems by checking the packets which carry information. This ensures that malicious data does not gain access to your system. A two-way firewall even keeps a check on the traffic exiting the system, thus lowering the chances of malwares being transferred through your system.

•    Trojans blocking: Trojans are a type of computer virus. These malwares attach themselves to the computer files and travel to the destinations where these files are being transferred thus causing widespread damage. Trojans are classified as some of the most potent viruses and can uncover organization specific data to the web server, thus compromising the confidentiality of such critical information. Moreover, the fact that these viruses work silently makes them more lethal. Firewalls block these viruses from the onset, thus protect the system against potential damage.

•    Prevents Preventing hackers from gaining access to the system: Getting a firewall installed helps in securing the system against attacks from hackers. In the absence of such security measures, a hacker would easily gain access to the system and can make it a part of a botnet, which is the term used to define a large group of computers which is used to conduct illegal activities like spreading viruses.  This can mean serious legal ramifications for the owner.

•    Thwarts key logging attempts: Getting a potent firewall installed wards off key loggers, which are spywares that hackers put on the system in order to copy the various keystrokes. This enables the hacker in duplicating whatever is being typed. This is a dangerous situation and can make it possible for hackers to gain access to online accounts.

•    Provides statistics on network use: A firewall can scan all the accesses, in case they pass through the firewall. Most firewalls are also equipped with alarms which go-off in event of a suspicious activity. Moreover, such firewalls are capable enough of picking up signs of external attack and subsequently warning the owner. Data collected on network usage that is by scanning the accesses helps in evaluating the potency of the firewall. This also gives a clear picture regarding the shortcomings that the firewall is suffering from. Owners can study this data in order to tweak the system and equip it with extra features, if necessary. They, for example can introduce more controls in case the current ones are inadequate.

•    Enforcement of rules: A firewall as mentioned above follows set of pre-defined rules. In the absence of a firewall the system will be devoid of such rules and access policies will depend entirely on the cooperation of users who can tweak them to their advantage.

These are some of the many benefits of using a firewall system. Every business should get one installed owing to its bundle of advantages. This would help the business in safeguarding its interests and also protect the system against unwarranted external attacks.

Why is Norton Technical Support so popular?

by : Hardvine Mark

Norton Technical Support is important

Norton antivirus happens to be among the most believed antivirus software and is made use of by millions throughout the world. Thus there has been a rise in popularity of Norton technical with passing years. There happen to be numerous people having the delusion that technical assistance for Norton is simply wastage of money. They just do not consider that any person could ever have need of any form of assistance while making use of Norton software. However that is not the fact. There are more than a few problems which user could face while using this software.  

As an instance, while setting up the Norton antivirus an user could face difficulties like failure to set up the software, PC getting hanged right on installation, additional programs going wrong following installation, PC booting & rebooting automatically and more. Such problems usually occur from configuration difficulties, compatibility matters and erroneous installation. Through such times users not having an excellent about the functioning of PC and its different software will be unsuccessful in sorting out the problem. Thus for all such people who are not well-versed with the interior mechanisms of a PC, the Norton tech support comes as a benefit.

How to get Norton Support

Such services are provided by quite a few companies in USA and UK. The procedure of how to contact Norton support is to give them a call and notify them on the problems you are having with the software. Norton technical support specialists are able to be contacted at toll free numbers which are given on the certified websites of companies. You can get such companies by making an online search by using keywords like Norton technical support, How to install Norton antivirus, How to install Norton 360, antivirus technological support and more. Likewise those who want to know how to activate McAfee antivirus/ How to install McAfee retail card can contact McAfee Support.

The callers nevertheless necessitate a stable internet/web connection along with a telephone line for facilitating the resolution of any problem. Though the services are chargeable the sum charged is pretty cost effective if weighed against the rate of calling up a technician for personally reaching the site and looking up the problem. In addition the technician will take much more time in reaching the site and proceeding with the fixes and these causes must wastage of time. How To Activate Norton? LinkenTech provides best online tech support and help for antivirus, Norton antivirus contact number. We Install and Activate Norton 360 Antivirus! LinkenTech Support Services LLC delivers online technology support services to home PC users and Business across USA, UK, CA and AU. 

AVG Antivirus Offers Highest Security against Virtual Threats

by : Techcillin

Rootkit malware are one of the most dangerous kinds in the internet. The basic purpose of the rootkit application is to infect and get control of the user's computer so an un-authorized person can get administrative access to it. This allows an un-authorized person to get access to the confidential and vital data and information. The rootkit malware hides itself as a normal looking application between the programs and processes of the computer. Due to this, it appears as one of the safe to use normal program, process or Code etc.  

The rootkit malware acts in stealth way and slowly becomes the part of the system it infects. Because of its sophisticated nature, the rootkit becomes difficult to detect and uproot the same. In addition, the rootkit file can also make changes in the existing applications and software's that are installed to detect and remove the rootkits. To understand this better just imagine someone else in control of the sensitive and personal information without you knowing anything about it.

The rootkit mostly collects the private and confidential information and data and sends it via user's internet connection to its distributor or creator. If such crucial information gets in wrong hands, the victim can come under fire of various types of abuse and misuse. Many People worldwide face common crisis about loss or theft of their identity, loss of business information, financial information etc. to deal with such crisis effective and solid antivirus security software is crucial. There are many antivirus security products in the market yet very few manage to deliver comprehensive protection to the users against different types of threats. 

AVG Antivirus  is one of the most trusted names in the cyber security industry, the company offers various products based on the need of security by the user. There are several products offered by the company such as mobile security, internet security, antivirus, mobile back up, anti-phishing tools, android security, parental control and identity protection etc.

The company has its offices in different locations such as Europe, North America, Canada and Australia. AVG Antivirus has many competitors it has left behind; these competitors have well-known antivirus programs such as Avira, Avast, Panda Security, Sophos, Kaspersky, McAfee, F-Secure and Symantec etc. The AVG Antivirus Software is famous for its reliable, non-stop, robust performance in protecting the user's computer systems, crucial information and data.

The antivirus software is user-friendly and easy to install also it has an effective performance delivery. The antivirus security software made by the company is effective and performs well against threats like worm, malware, Trojan horse, virus,adware, rootkits, spam, spyware, phishing and other internet based threats. Regular updates received by the antivirus software keeps it effective, robust against advanced new, and existing threats and helps the users get optimal performance from their computer. AVG antivirus a known brand name in information security continues to give strong, robust and effective protection its licensed users. The company has carefully designed its new antivirus software with integration of new state of the art technology providing competent and robust protection against many internet-based threats including malware.

If you are facing any situation with normal working of the antivirus software then contact Techcillin at AVG Tech Support.

Techcillin provides specialized and technical support to its clients at competitive rate, the technical support services for AVG antivirus are available 24/7 via internet and on phone. Those facing technical problems benefit from the latest and reliable AVG Tech Support.