Discover Ways To Extend Your Computer's Capabilities

By: Colon Bolden

Once your computer knowledge and confidence grows, you will be eager to expand your personal computer's capabilities. A wide range of devices is available that will make working with your computer even more interesting and enjoyable. Here are some extras that can be collected over time:

- Modems. One very important aspect of modems is never try to buy a used one. Because, how are you going to know if its actually going to work, and it could be also missing alot of instructions for installation and might not have the driver software CD that comes with it. A new modem will be more money, but the money you save getting a used modem is not worth the trouble when trying to install right or may wear out much sooner than a new one. Basically, there are two main types of modems. Internal modems are installed inside the system unit in one of the spare slots at the back. External modems sit outside your computer, on your desk, and plug into one of the serial ports at the back of the system unit. Once you have a model, you can connect to the internet, send emails, and send and receive faxes, using your computer as a fax machine.

- Scanners. The basic operation of the scanner is to read the image of the object placed on the scanner pane of optical reading feature which converts the analog code into digitized code. A scanner will transform your paper images and photo prints into graphic files that you can then edit and use on your PC. Flatbed scanners, in which you lay your images face down and a light-sensitive device passes undernealth, are the most versatile and affordable type of scanner. Buy a scanner with a resolution capability of atleast 300dpi.

- Digital Cameras. Digital cameras look similar to ordinary cameras, but take photographs without using any film. The picture is stored as a graphic file that you can transfer directly to your computer through a connection cord. Good quality cameras are quite expensive, but it's worth remembering that you won't need to buy film and get it developed, and you don't need a scanner. Care should be taken while transferring the files from your camera to your computers. Improper transferring may lead to short circuiting of your digital camera. Never try to disconnect your device while transferring files from your digital cameras to the computers.

- Joysticks. If you're a fan of computer games, a joystick is essential. Many home PCs come with their own joystick, but you can also buy joystick with extra feature buttons and better grips. They plug into a port in your system unit. The best joysticks are those that also provide feedback. It's also possible to buy steering wheels and pedals for driving games. If you have the opportunity, you should try to use the joystick in-store before purchasing it. If the joystick is uncomfortable or you are having to use too much force when maneuvering it in different directions, you should probably pass on that model of joystick because it may cause unnecessary wrist strain and leave you unable to have the fast reaction time that new computer age games require.

- Video Cameras. If you mount a small video camera on the top of your computer, you can conduct video conferences. These small cameras are also used for the WebCam sites on the internet. Bear in mind that video conferencing require a powerful PC, and without special high-speed phone lines, the picture can be jerky and the sound can stutter. Looking for the best video cameras often is successfully done with a few simple steps. Know your options in the marketplace and know what features will be important to you. Make sure you have a set price range. Take a look at the reviews as well as talking to people who have purchased and understand how to use a video camera.

- Microphones. They are available for common computer usage like recording a narration. Many computers come with a microphone in the accessories that come with it. Your accessory microphone may be alright to begin with but it probably will not be professional quality but should be ok because it all depends on what your needs are. But it is now possible to use a microphone in conjunction with speech-recognition software. This means that you don't have to type in anything you just have to say it. Unless you spend a long time teaching it to recognize your voice, it may give poor results.

Your added devices can also be bought to make the most of existing on-screen entertainments. The new generation of joysticks for instance, really take game playing to a new dimension. Like I mentioned earlier, you can have all these over time but you don't need to buy everything on the same shopping trip.

Computer Programs That Will Improve Your Computer Skills

By: Colon Bolden

The operating system which helps the elements of your personal computer interact, but it can't perform practical tasks such as letter writing and calculating your bills. For these jobs you need to use additional software called applications or programs which is designed to carry out specific tasks. Here are a few computer programs that will improve your skills:

- Microsoft Word. A powerful word processor that's able to produce written documents of all kinds, including letters, memos, newsletters and posters. You can create documents from scratch yourself or, for many types of document, you can use one of the program's Wizards or templates. The Wizards let you choose the content and how the document looks, while the templates have a preset layout.

- Excel. A spreadsheet program used for organizing and calculating numerical data. It is ideal for keeping track of all types of budgets and accounts. Like all spreadsheets, it takes the form of a grid containing cells into which you input figures and formulas to calculate the figures. Excel allows you to have several spreadsheets or worksheets within the same document, and to enter calculations using figures from each of the worksheets. This is particularly useful when organizing a major event that includes mini-projects.

- Outlook. A desktop information management program that contains an address book into which you can enter contact details for friends, family and business associates. Also has a diary and calendar that will help you to keep track of your current schedule and appointments. Outlook can also be used to send and receive email through the internet or through an internal company network.

- Powerpoint. This is most often used in business. It enables you to create presentations for conferences, company meetings and marketing projects. It helps your business to structure information efficiently and do graphics within your text. It even offers animation effects to maximize the impact of your presentations. You can also use powerpoint at home to make a computerized slide show for your friends and family.

It's always a good ideal to learn different computer programs because knowing what each program, especially in your bundled software package can do will help you decide which will be the most appropriate for the tasks you want to perform.

Fortunately, many people these days have discovered that the best way to learn new skills fast, is through the use of Video Lessons (whenever possible). By using new and improved Video Lessons, you will be able to Master Basic Computer Skills fast. You'll be able to see every step necessary to perform every task you need on your computer. You will drastically improve your learning ability by a hundred folds, if you use video tutorials to learn new skills, compared to someone who still insist on learning new skills from books only (the old fashion way). So many people who have already try learning new skills or learning Basic Computer Skills fast from books only, always end up not acquiring basic Computer Knowledge fast. This is because, the more you read, the more confused you'll become, as you try to understand so many things and terms at the same time. So many things or terms that you probably never heard of before.

Renting Computers and the Benefits

By: Adriana Noton

Renting computers is something that a lot of people have a lot of doubts about. Most of the time, people do not truly think about renting a computer as the computer being theirs and they do not realize any of the benefits of it. Well, that is what this article is going to explore, some of the benefits that surround renting computers and certainly how it can be used for your business or even for your home. We will also talk about how you can find a computer to rent and where you can find it.

Firstly, you need to get into your head that when you rent a computer, it is your computer for the allotted time frame that you have it. You can truly do anything you want to the computer while you have it, besides destroying it of course. You can save things to is and also use all of its features and different benefits. All of the computers that come back after being rented are reformatted, so there is no information on them.

However, if you do have a lot of information that you are saving to the computer that is sensitive and that you do not want anyone to see, you might want to use a thumb drive. This is just a quick way to transport the information from the rented computer to your own computer if you wanted.

Another benefit of renting over buying is that you do not have to worry about upgrading the computer or any of the hardware that might go inside the computer to expand the memory or the RAM. When renting, you are constantly getting the very best computer that you can get and use. That means you will never, ever have an outdated computer again, you will have the latest and greatest technology possible.

Laptops are also computers that can be rented and they are actually one of the most popular rented computers. The reason is because laptops are expensive and if you constantly have to replace your laptop, it can get costly. This is especially true if you do not use your laptop all that often, so renting is a better option a lot of the time.

Right about now, you are probably asking where you can rent yourself a computer or a laptop and that is not all that difficult to find. To be honest, many companies nowadays are offering up computer rentals because it is becoming so popular. There are also stores that are geared specifically toward the rental customer and there are many benefits of these kinds of stores.

For one, you can actually pay your computer off little by little and when you are renting computers that is an awesome benefit. A lot of rental places where you can pick up a computer allow you to pay week by week as well, so you do not have to save up a huge chunk of money at one time, which is certainly a benefit in this day and age.

The cost of computers is constantly growing and increasing, so when you are renting computers, you can pay over time, which is certainly a great benefit!

How to Find the Right Chipset Drivers

By: Charles Carvist

In brief, the chipset drivers are small software programs that help the main board of a computer to work properly. All the chipsets need exactly the driver designed for them so they can interact with the operating system. In a more usual language, the driver is translating the flows of directions between the operating system and the chipset. If the translator is missing or is not working, then the operating system cannot understand what the chipset is saying.

The importance of a chipset driver is very high, if it has problems functioning, then everything else that is connected to it will have problems. An essential thing that everyone has to acknowledge is the diversity of existing drivers. Practically, every piece of hardware has a specific driver, which in turn can be divided into different versions. As there are different operating systems, each has its own set of drivers.

A useful thing that you need to know is that new versions of the existing drivers appear all the time and it is a good idea to update regularly so you will not encounter any problems. New versions are needed either to fix new problems or to add specific new things. So you should always keep searching for new versions.

Next, you can discover some easy steps on how you can find a driver for your new chipset or to update the one you already have. If you ever had troubles finding the right driver or you are new to this field, follow on:

- The first step in finding the best driver for your chipset is to know what you are searching for. The way to do this is by reading the information provided by the supplier of the hardware. It is written on the manual, on the packaging, or even on the chipset itself. If the information is not present, the solution would be to get a program that automatically identifies what you need.

- The second step in finding your driver is to start searching the web by using the data you acquired, and for this you should use your favorite search website. From the results, choose the one that has the best answer. If the company that produces the software is listed, you should try there first. If not, there usually are websites dedicated especially for driver download.

- If you cannot find a solution in the previous steps, you should try to connect with those who made the hardware. If you can provide a proof or a license for your product, most of the times they will provide you with a driver or they will direct you to where you can find one.

If you take the time to go through these recommendations, you should be able to come up with the perfect driver for you. The installation or update of the chipset drivers is usually pretty easy, as there are instructions on how to do that. If the process is completed, you will rest assure that your computer will continue to work.

My Computer Starts Slowly - The DIY Approach to Better Performance

By: Larry Donaldson

Most of us these days love the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to building, making, fixing, altering anything. There is something very empowering about the DIY approach to life. It offers us a certain sense of empowerment - giving us the feeling that we can do or fix almost anything in our daily lives that we may need or want.

And, there are plenty of companies these days willing to help each of us make that a reality. There are stores for helping you make your own home repairs and improvements. You can change your own automobile oil. You can assemble your own furniture and toys. You can even do maintenance on your own personal computer.

DIY Tune-Ups on Your Personal Computer

When it comes to computers, even the non-technical among us can perform simple DIY-style maintenance and repair work. For example, we can use canned air to spray-clean dust and other particles out of our keyboards or computer case. We can run some built-in utilities like disk defragmenter and disk cleanup in order to improve hard drive efficiency. We can empty our "recycle bin" full of unused files, thereby freeing up room on the hard drive. The slightly better-trained among us may even new memory or replace our processor when it becomes outdated.

My Computer Starts Slowly - What to Do

One commonly-experienced computer problem that does not seem to always have an easy DIY fix is that of a super-slow startup. If you are saying to yourself almost every day, "My computer starts slow," it means that the problem is serious enough to warrant a fix. If your computer is taking more than 2-3 minutes to start up, it is starting too slowly.

The reason why slow computer startups are so frustrating is that when you want to use your computer, you want to use it NOW. Nobody wants to have to wait for the computer to get going just to be able to use it.

What Happens at Computer Startup

To understand why computers sometimes take too long to start up, it is important to get a handle on what happens during startup. The basic process that occurs during startup is:

a. the system is supplied with power

b. the operating system is loaded into the computer's RAM (memory)

c. hardware is connected and made operational

d. any applications that are set to "run at startup" are launched

Why Some Computers Start Up Slowly

Your computer is starting up slowly for one or both of the following reasons. The first reason is that you have too many applications set to run at startup. Over time, most of us install more and more applications onto our computer. Many of them, unbeknownst to us, are set to launch at computer startup. Your computer may be currently launched 10, 20, 30 or more computers at startup. If this is the case with your computer, disable all of the unneeded programs that launch at startup.

The second reason has to do with something called your computer registry. This is a database that acts as a control mechanism for your computer. The registry operates at a level just below that of your operating system (OS) and hardware. It records all of the personal settings and other control features for your OS. The trouble is, over time, every computer registry starts to accumulate a lot of invalid "registry keys" (the files that make up your registry). Having too many invalid or incorrect registry keys can slow the performance of your computer during and even after startup.

How to Fix Your Computer Registry

You can run a reputable registry scan software application that will identify how many registry errors your computer currently has. If more than 20 registry errors are found, you should run the registry fix utility built into the software. This will remove or "clean" the invalid registry keys, helping restore your computer to its previous, faster startup times.

Try these DIY approaches to shortening your computer's startup time.

How to Find the Right Driver Download

By: Charles Carvist

Drivers are essentially a set of instructions that your computer needs to operate hardware, another description is a piece of software that determines how your computer will communicate with a device. If you are not familiar with drivers or a driver download then the following information will help you.

Most hardware devices require a driver in order to operate properly. If you buy a computer brand new, it will already have all the required hardware drivers installed, also your computer should come with a disc containing the drivers.

When you purchase a new piece of hardware, for example a sound card or a printer, it will come with a CD containing the drivers for the device. These drivers are specific to the make and model of your hardware.

Some devices do not come supplied with a driver disc, this could be because the drivers may be an intrinsic property of the device, this means any drivers required are on the hardware. An example is a mobile broadband USB stick. Once the stick is inserted into a USB port, its drivers will auto run and automatically install. It only takes a couple of clicks to confirm where you want the drivers installed, and your new device is ready for use.

Hardware like CD drives and hard drives are simple plug and play, no additional drivers are required. Some gadgets like mp3 players and cell phones come supplied with a driver disc, in many cases your mp3 player or cell phone can be used on your computer without installing any drivers. You may be limited to what functions you can perform. You will be able to perform basic operations like moving music files and pictures etc. But for more in depth activities such as synchronising your device you will need to install the drivers supplied.

There will no doubt come a time when you will need to download a driver. If you take your time to look around the internet you will probably find the driver you need for free. There are hundreds of sites that will let you download drivers for free.

But many sites out there will charge you for downloading drivers. Before paying for drivers always visit the manufacturer web site. Very often they will have drivers for all of their products available for free. When using a search engine to locate the file you want, remember to be specific in your search term. With so many drivers available and probably several different models of your device, it is very easy to download the wrong

If you have exhausted every option and still cannot get your driver for free and your only option is to pay for it, then be sure it is the exact driver you need. Remember drivers are specific to the hardware, if you download the wrong one you will not get a refund, so be careful.

Some manufactures provide updated drivers for your device, these updates can come available some time after you purchased the equipment. So it is always worth checking on their web site for any driver download updates available.

Antivirus, Firewall Software – New Ways to Purchase Anti Virus.

By: Andrew McG

Antivirus, firewall software – new ways to purchase anti virus.

Antivirus software has become a necessity for windows based operating system users. Due to the way windows is built and how it works makes it easy to write malicious software which gets into your personal computer without you knowing about it.

There are quite a few varieties of viruses, some make a backdoor channel into your computer and use its resources (Trojans), some only collect information about you (spyware), and some make certain advertisements popup onto your screen now and then (adware).

In order to keep your private information safe, you need a reliable, proven and effective antivirus program. Antivirus and firewall are a bit similar in purpose. A firewall is a specific program which only monitors the incoming traffic onto your computer and filters malicious data which could potentially harm your computer and yourself.

Most of the antivirus software available in the market today comes with a firewall of its own. It is automatically installed on your computer when you install the antivirus itself. Some of the corporate grade, or high end antivirus software does not come with a firewall in the default package, rather you either have to purchase the firewall separately or purchase a complete antivirus suite. Such suites can cost you as much as up to 40 to 60 USD (25 33 pounds).

While deciding about buying an antivirus you have to take a few factors in consideration. First and foremost, you don’t need to just go and buy the best looking software because some of the biggest names in the industry have been overshadowed by formerly less known vendors. Why? Due to the lack of support from the old and established antivirus companies and their failure to keep the users updated about upcoming threats.

Moreover, these companies usually charge you quite a bit of sum and you don’t need to spend your money on something which is all names and no real output. You also need to watch out for the opposite type of vendors, these vendors do not have any real piece of software to offer you, rather ironically the adware kind of viruses actually make you buy useless software and substandard antivirus and firewalls are also a part of this malicious software program.

You need to buy an antivirus or a firewall from a vendor who has recently gained ground in the industry; this can be a new company which has been making antivirus and firewalls for no more than three years.

Some people have even suggested that viruses we created only to give the antivirus companies a boost and are being created for the same purpose to date. It is logical not to rule out this idea because it has been the practice of the corporate world as long as humanity remembers to create a void for a product, prepare it before hand and release it at the very sweet moment. In short that is how marketing works.

Remember, you have to take the right decision and strike a balance between names a performance.

How to Hook a USB Up to an Old Head Unit

By: Jack Wylde

The most common way of transferring data or music files from a mobile or a mp3 to a personal computer is by using a USB cable. The cable is used to pass the data from one device to another; the data can be music files also. One of the ways is to connect using the radio's auxiliary port and the other way is by connecting the mp3 player to a cigar lighter. But in a old car which uses only CD player can be given with such option. So it is very necessary that everyone to know how to hook a USB up to an older car stereo.

Though USB is very common in the personal computer but it not very common in the radio present in the car. There are only a few radios which have these USB facilities. But it is possible to connect a mp3 player to such radios using adapter cables. The cable allows us to connect the mp3 player in either of two ports

There are a few tools needed to complete this task. The usage of these tools reduces the time consumed for the job. These include a CD player of car and USB cable. These tools can be purchased individually. The USB cable is a very important component as only with it, one can transfer data or music from mp3 to the stereo of the car.

The first thing to be done before doing this process is to turn on the power of the car so that one can play the radio in the car. CD player installation is a must. As this adapter can be fixed to a CD player only and not to an ordinary tape record.

The adapter is inserted inside CD changer. The adapter has a resemblance to a CD which has in its middle a running cable through it. A feet distance is covered by this cable after CD player before getting connected to the display which is generally digital. This digital display is considered to be an integrated one in the adapter and the wires are just for manipulation and for moving the location.

Now the MP3 player is connected to the USB port or any other kind of device. Then the MP 3 player is powered on. And then the adapter screen displays the tracked information on it. It will give the relevant data for the next step to be done.

The play option in the car CD player is switched on. Stereo systems have got controls for various options in it. But these controls won’t function in the same way as it would work with an player with a CD inserted in it. These kinds of attachment can ensure good music in your car. Though it is old you can make such modifications in it and enjoy good music for your ears. It does not cost you much also.

Thus if one must know how to hook a USB up to an older car stereo.

Using Windows Scripts to Backup Files to External Hard Disk

By: John Andersen

One of the more routine processes that can be performed with a Windows script is backing up files and folders. Often times you just want to copy files onto a backup USB type jump drive or other external hard drive that can be removed and stored safely in case of emergency and can also be easily moved from system to system.

The first step in building this script is you need to assess what exactly needs to be backed up. Is it just a hand full of files or are there complete directory structures and folders that need to be saved in case of a disaster. If you are just copying files straight across to a backup drive you can use the copy command and some wild cards in place of file names along the lines of "copy *.*" which will copy all files from a source to a destination regardless of name or file extension.

There are additional switches you want to be aware of for use with the copy command. The V switch will verify all of the files copied with the original and can come in handy if you are copying files to a floppy disk using a questionable or flaky disk drive. If you want to create a script that can run in the background without user intervention then you will make use of the Y switch. The Y switch suppresses prompting when the copy command overwrites files in to the destination. For example if every day you backed up the same set of files to a backup drive you would want the copy to overwrite the files instead of prompting you to confirm each one.

Now if you want to keep a directory structure along with folders and sub-folders intact or copy them over verbatim, you will need to use the xcopy command. Xcopy is like the copy command only on steroids with many more features including the ability to copy whole folders and sub folders containing files. Executing this command would look like "xcopy source destination" with the E switch which will copy all files and folders. Just like copy the xcopy command supports the Y switch to suppress overwrite prompts.

When it comes to the xcopy command I could cover many more features which can be quite powerful when building Windows backup scripts for your workstations and servers. With this cool command you have the ability to copy over ownership and security information, file system attributes, and so much more. With either the xcopy or copy commands you also have the ability to pipe the detailed job log information into an output file using the > character followed by the file name. You can then go back and review the detailed log files to make sure all of the backups are running smoothly.

Once you have a backup script created you can take it a bit further by looking at ways we can schedule it to run automatically and then freeing up your time to do more important things. Automating a script like this can be easily accomplished using the task scheduler that comes pre-installed with Windows. You simply specify what days and time you want the script to run and your off to the races.

A Quick Guide on it Security

By: Lorabella

We have all used the excuse of a PC crash and virus attack, perhaps even more than its fair share to avoid working, giving in projects on time and missing deadlines. Many a times it is really just an excuse, but for many, it has posed actual problems causing loss of important and often irreplaceable data. How many times have you wanted to kick yourself for not bothering to get a good anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall because thanks to it you ended up re-doing presentations. And doesn’t the loss of all your favourite videos, the pictures of your last holiday, and your best songs stored on your PC, make you wish that you had been more careful, and at least made back-ups? And if all this sounds familiar to you, and brings back unpleasant memories of computer crashes or irritating pop-ups or worse, your email and Facebook accounts being hacked, then it is time to sit up and pay attention.

The world of IT security has many dedicated professionals who work on developing new and safer anti-virus, anti-spyware, pop-up blockers and other software to protect your PC from hacking, virus attacks and in the worst case scenario - crashes. The importance of IT security has been acknowledged by one and all today. If you believe that only government or top-secret websites, or those who use net-banking and online purchase facilities need good IT security software, then it is time for a reality check. Don’t we all get spam mail all the time, and often, even if advertently end up clicking on some random link, or visiting potentially damaging sites and put our PCs to risk? It is not only people who give out personal information like credit card numbers, or bank account numbers online who need IT security, but anybody and everybody who has access to a PC with Internet. Spyware, malware and viruses are all risks that plague every PC, and often without even us knowing about them.

Many of us avoid buying original and authentic anti-virus and spyware programs, and try and make do with the free, easy to download versions online. However, what we forget is that these are generally trial versions that offer to scan your PC and alert you about potential threats but do not in any way get rid of them. Though buying an anti-virus CD will make you shell out a few bucks, but it is definitely worth the effort. The surety that you will not face computer crashes that are almost a matter of life and death for many, and have your personal emails hacked is worth each and every penny. With so many anti-virus and anti-spywares available today, there is really no excuse if you still end up having IT security issues.

Investing in a good and safe anti-virus would be the first step if you want to make your PC safe and secure against potential IT security issues. Anti-Spyware and malware lodge themselves in your PC and monitor your online activities and give away important personal information to hackers. In fact, not bothering about IT security is tantamount to throwing the field open for hackers to hack your emails and accounts. Pop-ups, are again something we all agree are irritating beyond a shred of doubt, but more than just that they are links to potentially damaging sites and spyware and an open invitation to security problems. A good pop-up blocker, available online (most of them are free of cost) would also be a wise decision.

The world of IT security offers solutions to all your PC safety and security problems, and to think that you could be least bothered by it is the worst thing you could do to your PC and your online activities.

Acer Laptops and Series

By: Derya Faraza

Acer is out to conquer the world of computing. These aren’t the most solidly built machines available on the market, but consumers are snapping them up quick: Acer sold a lot more units in 2009 than any other pc producer apart from Dell. That’s quite a feat, and they’re aggressively pursuing the top spot in 2010. They have been proactive within the netbook wave as well since the effort to create transportable computers more power effective. The Aspire One netbook is among the best, with an anticipated Ten hours of battery power life. Acer’s Timeline pc series can also be impressive, promising as much as 8 hours of battery power life, the most effective of any well known notebook. They’ve also announced tentative plans to leap into the emerging tablet category sometime in summer 2010. Even if their computers aren’t our preferred, we like their motives.
Travelmate Series: For All Those Truly On The Move

For those who travels consider them to locations over and above the neighborhood coffee shop, the Acer Travelmate series is a wise option for a number of causes. This machine have been developed specifically for the traveling businessperson with great on-the-go functions for example fingerprint recognition security, long lasting components and 7-hour-plus battery power existence Models using the Timeline tag (see above) have an 8-hour battery power existence. Travelmates are also fairly light for their size; the TravelMate 8571 Timeline, for instance, functions a 15-inch screen and weighs just Five.One pounds. If you need freedom and mobility and your computer may have to take a handful of knocks, this device ıs really a wise expense. At just over $1000, that TravelMate 8571 Timeline design offers a 1.4GHz Intel Dual Core Processor, 320 MB hard generate, Four GB RAM, built-in 5-in-1 card reader, built-in Superdrive, WiFi, Bluetooth, plus a webcam.

Aspire Timeline Collection: Keeps Heading And Heading

Acer statements that the Aspire Timeline collection has the longest battery life of any well known pc available on the market. For users who need to work for an extended time period away from an outlet, these energy-efficient machines can final up to 8 several hours over a single charge — that is sufficient to last for an entire trans-Atlantic flight and a few hours at the hotel whilst you struggle to discover the correct voltage adapter. Acer has chosen components that consume 40 percent less energy than traditional laptops, such as ultra-low-voltage processors and LED-backlit LCD panels (which also occur to become super-thin). Even without considering the long-lasting battery power, this really is a excellent select for someone who wants something just a bit lighter (although significantly less powerful) than related well known versions. Travelers and mobile-office users, consider note. Attempt the Acer Aspire 4810, weighing in at just Four.2 pounds, with an 8-hour battery power life, Intel Pentium ULV Mobile One.Three GHz processor, Three GB RAM, 14-inch Led-backlit screen, and 320 GB tough generate for $599.

Aspire Collection: All Of Your Home Computing Requirements

The Acer Aspire collection may be the broad catch-all tag for any of their ındividual use (as opposed to business-use) laptops. As you’ll see below, this line contains netbooks, well known notebooks, and desktop replacement equipment. Some of our favorite Aspire versions recently are already the 15.6-inch Aspire AS5740 and also the 17.3-inch Aspire AS7740, two i3/i5 processor powered machines beginning at under $800. They are excellent for users who require to accomplish everyday tasks (Microsoft Office, web browsing, downloading music and viewing movies too) as well as duties that need additional energy, like gentle gaming or photo editing.

Aspire One Netbooks: Sleek, Light and Effective

Like any netbooks, Acer’s netbook series is great for on-the-go consumers who need a little, light, ultra-portable computer and can settle for less computing energy and a significantly smaller screen than a mainstream laptop offers. Netbooks are nearly exactly the same from producer to producer aside ın the designs and perhaps one or two standout features. The Aspire One’s marquis feature is its beefy 10-hour battery power life. The rest of the Acer Aspire netbook lineup runs the gamut from underpowered but super-portable sub-$300 equipment with 9-inch screens to larger, quicker models with screens as large as 11.4 inches (right on the edge of the netbook/notebook divide, if you consult us). Our preferred in the series may be the Ten.1-inch Aspire One 532h, which functions the new-ish One.6GHz Intel Atom Pine Trail N450 processor for netbooks, built-in WiFi, plus a high-definition screen. The 10-hour battery power existence we mentioned ıs really a good touch for certain, and also the whopping 250GB tough drive is considerably larger than most netbooks within the Aspire One’s cost range. As with any netbook, no built-in disk-drive right here, but at $299, this value is hard to beat.

Explain What Slows Down a Computer - 4 Causes

By: Jed Jones

Things aren't what they used to be! When you first bought your Windows-based computer (PC), it was the latest generation of its computer lineage - the newest, the best, the fastest. Remember how fast it was? Your computer booted up within 1-2 minutes. You could find and open files with agility and grace. And the darn thing never froze up.

Nowadays, you are lucky to see it boot up in 4 or 5 minutes - that is, if it doesn't completely freeze up in the process. Sometimes, it can get so bad that if you type too fast, there is an actual delay before the words show up on the screen. And Internet access - what a joke! Web sites seem to take forever and a day to open. Very frustrating.

What's going on here? Did your computer's manufacturer secretly install a "planned obsolescence chip" that started slowing things down once the computer got to a certain age? Or, maybe gremlins really do exist and have taken over your machine, intent upon seeing to it that it meets an demise? Unlikely!

More likely, you face a problem with your computer that almost all other computer owners face sooner later: getting a bit senile with age.

Of course, computer's don't really have brains and therefore cannot actually get senile. However, there are a number of factors that lead to diminished computer performance.

Listen carefully as I explain what slows down a computer:

Problem 1 - Your hard drive has gotten disorganized: Over time, your hard drive has been responsible for saving, opening, closing and moving thousands of files. As this happens, the hard drive becomes cluttered and disorganized. There are two ways this can happen: the accumulation of unneeded files and the inefficient use of space.

Unneeded files: Over time, your hard drive has collected temp files and other files that your computer no longer needs but that are taking up space.

Inefficient use of space: Just like a poorly-organized book shelf, your hard drive does not store files close together in an efficient manner. Rather, there are big gaps and holes between the files. This not only renders much of the space unusable, it also results in your hard drive taking longer to retrieve files it needs.

Solution: Run these two handy (and free) utilities, which you can find in your Windows control panel: Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup.

Problem 2 - Your system is running spyware: Spyware is a type of virus which sits on your computer and sends information about your activities to other computers on the Internet. Not only is this an invasion of your privacy, it also slows down your computer by using the processor for its own devious needs.

Solution: Install and launch a good anti-spyware software program. There are both free and fee-based versions available online.

Problem 3 - Your memory and processor have not kept up with your software: As memory and fast processors have gotten cheaper, software developers have continued to make heavier and heavier applications requiring higher-capacity hardware.

Solution: If you have not upgraded your memory or processor since you purchased your computer, doing so will almost surely give you a big boost in performance.

Problem 4 - Your Windows registry is full of errors: Your computer operates on many levels at once. One important operational level works just below the level of your operating system: the Windows registry. The registry is like the control center for your computer's software applications, hardware and user settings. Over time, errors in registry "keys" (bits of information or files) crop up and accumulate. Most aging computers have thousands of these registry errors.

Solution: Run a free registry scan to find out how many registry errors you have. Run the registry fix if the scan unearths a large number of errors.

If you follow most or all of these solutions for your older PC, you will undoubtedly end up with much faster computer performance. This will restore things back to the way they were in the good-old-days, but without having to buy an expensive new computer.

Online Backup Service

By: Jason Kay

Online users these days can relish the advantage of a remote or managed backup service to backup and store data files on the internet. This service is known as online backup service. And those who provide this kind of service are known as online backup providers.

A special kind of software program runs the online backup systems by following a certain routine which is usually done on a daily basis. The programs functions include collection, compression, encryption and transferring of data to the online backup servers.

These days with computers becoming an integral part of our lives we need a certain method which can help us save more and more information in such a way that it never gets lost. Our reliance on the internet for most of our work has been on the rise continuously. And so, online backup services are the most convenient option for us today.

There are some conventional backup options for us like saving documents in external hard drives or portable memory sticks, but the problem with these methods is that they are not accessible everywhere. On the other hand, on the internet you can access any file or website anywhere and that too at a very fast rate.

Now, let’s talk about some important features of online backup services. Opened file backups are such services where you can backup files like outlook files or SQL database files which are left open all the time. This simplifies the jobs for IT administrators to do their backup work at any time. This service is very useful to enterprises as their backup products support this service natively.

Next up are the multi-platform backup services which can run backups on many platforms at a time. This means that backup can be performed on Windows, Macs or Linux or even UNIX systems simultaneously. Backup services for networks are known as Network backups. They can perform backups between all computer systems located on a LAN from one computer or device.

Some backup services have the feature of backing up the data from different locations pretty easily and at the same time. These services are known as multi-site backup services. The last of the features is the Continuous backup or the CDP. This service can backup data continuously or at a specified time.

These features prove that online backup services are the ultimate choice for internet users today. Not only are these online services efficient, but also very economical. There is no need for any external equipment and there is no fear of any damage or theft either. Your USB or hard drive can be broken or stolen but nothing can happen to data that is safely stored on the internet.

Moreover, your data when stored on the internet can be retrieved at almost any moment. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Computers after all are machines and anything can go wrong with machines. So we must take necessary measures in advance to protect our vital information from being lost forever. And with online backup services are sure to make file sharing and storing 100% safe and secure.

Windows 7 Upgrade Tricks and Traps

By: John Dow

I was bracing for the worst based on past rollouts from Microsoft. After experiencing the pain of Vista, I was quite apprehensive about the release of Windows 7. Even though there was good press (which I don't put a lot of faith in anyway) I knew there would be some serious bumps in the road to transition.

My first 4 or 5 installs went off without a hitch. Many of my customers were upgrading old Windows XP machines that were 6 years old. The new computers with Windows 7 had fast processors, more ram, and dedicated video cards, which helped a lot. The boot and shut down times were greatly reduced and the most popular software seemed to work right out of the box.

I didn't recommend upgrades to current equipment and most people went with the advice. Life was good and customers were happy. Since all of the installs were new computers and not Vista upgrades, none of the upgrade problems were an issue. There were quite a few problems found on the Vista upgrades, especially those who downloaded the Windows 7 install. The files wouldn't unpack properly, refused the new product keys, and had some rebooting problems. Then there were the unspecified errors and directory permissions problems. But all were confined to the upgrading Vista process, many due to reformatting the hard drive before the new install.

If you are upgrading a Vista machine, don't bother to reformat the hard drive before you upgrade. It appears that this is a problem. You should do a clean install and let Windows 7 format the hard drive in the process. That method appears to have few of the issues that the clean hard drive upgrades have and you still get a new clean system.

Then it happened, I found a nasty little problem on the new computers with Windows 7. Bringing in a new Windows 7 computer into an existing network worked fine as long as you stuck with the workgroup name of workgroup. But if you had a different name (which many clients do for multiple reasons), the Windows 7 computer was seen by the others in the workgroup but couldn't connect or see any of them.

I did a little research and talked to some other techs and they were experiencing the same problem. Not good, most clients didn't want to change their workgroup name. There was a work around by making every computer also a workgroup member and the original name. But it wasn't a great solution and might come back to haunt the client and me some day.
Another big issue with Windows 7 was the way it stored files. They went to a library system, which is a common method on the Macs and Linux machines. Once you get it, it's probably a better method of organizing files. But when you introduce it to the user and a bunch of older Windows XP systems it can get confusing. When you change something as basic as how you view and store files, and you have a lot of shared files, users don't always adapt quickly.

Automated backup systems have to be changed around and tracking changed files gets a little more exciting but with a little training and automation you can over come the differences. Most users are over worked these days and some aren't all that willing to change. So it's both an operational and an attitude you get to deal with when bringing Windows 7 computers into an existing environment.

And, don't believe what you read about the Windows XP Mode. Many older computers aren't compatible with the virtual machine methods used. About one in three of the computers I've tried to set up XP mode couldn't do it for one reason or another. New machines often have all the necessary bios settings, chip sets, and other requirements but older computer may not. When it works, it's great. But don't depend on it until you have tested it on the computer you want to run it.

Most of the other issues are basic configuration changes that default on a new Windows 7 install. For example the taskbar looks and acts different and many users are complaining they can't see what's open at a glance. There is a way to change the toolbar back to what it used to be by right clicking the toolbar and selecting properties. And make any changes in appearance you want.

All in all the Windows 7 transition and open issues are no where near what the Vista debacle was and most are easy to overcome. And if you don't like a particular feature or display method, most times you can change it back to what you want it to do or look like. The speed and faster boot times are more than worth the hassle of reconstructing your desktop like you want it.

IP Changer for the Yong Adults to Protect Their Identity and Privacy on the Internet

By: Virender Labroo

IP Changer software is a neat software application that enables rapid change of your IP address by use of multiple private proxy servers at multiple locations around the country and the globe. This will be significant for almost any one who is on the net for virtually any length of time. Teenagers and young adults who’re in their high schools or colleges at this time can hardly imagine living without social media sites such as My Space and face Book or their cellular phones. They have grown and prospered with it.

Internet privacy and security are of great concern and hot topics for discussion in business, personal and public policy forums. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot of discussion or concern expressed with specific regards to teenagers and young adults.

Similarly, the risks of insidious crime of identity theft is rarely addressed with young adults in mind. It is frequently but falsely assumed that folks who steal private and personal identity information are only interested in credit card numbers or bank account numbers for stealing money. This thinking ignores that identity of young adults will be of even greater value to those thieves. It needs to be noted though, that in additional to more talked about financial identity theft, medical, driver's license and personal charecter identity theft is much more insidious and damaging. It si very possible and has happened many a times you could be arrested for crimes you never comitted only because the real criminal used your social security number or your stolen or even a fake driver's licecnse.

Credit card issuers are prone to aggressively push credit cards and debit cards to teenagers and young adults. some times even before they turned eighteen and crooks start working on stealing these numbers almosyt immediately. Actually, using social security number of minors is safer for the thieves because they're not monitored and would not know until much later in their lives. Therefore, it is important for young adults who’re active on the web to educate and safeguard themselves against loss of identity and privacy while surfing the net.

Young adults own the social media of Face Book and My Space and again it is vital to teach them to protect their identity. It is important that when you are on the internet, especially on social sites that you be extra careful to protect your sensitive personal data. The main and vulnerable identifier on the internet is the IP address.. Your IP address is often a unique numerical identifier that can locate your computer's precise location along with give hackers the entry point to your computer and risk having your identity stolen.

You can browse the net safely and securely and protect your identity by routing your internet connection through different proxy servers located at many different location with the help of IP changer Software. Your real IP address is never revealed to the sites you visit. They solely see one of several IP addresses of these proxy servers. You will discover excellent IP Changer Software available out there that also encrypt your data on the internet, thus protecting the young adults from being victim of Identity theft and other internet crime early in their lives.

Save Money on Printer Inkjet Cartridges

By: Josh Hatfield

If you are reading this then you are most likely aware at the high cost of printer inkjet cartridges. Luckily for us, there are quality websites out there that offer vast selections of ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and refill kits at great prices. If you would like to learn more about the different options available to buying ink and toner online, then please continue reading for the main solutions of refilling printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

Shopping for Printer Inkjet Cartridges Online:

When deciding to shop online for printer inkjet cartridges, it is important to know the options that are available to you. In the following sections I will give a brief description of the different types cartridges and kits you can purchase online.

OEM Cartridges:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges are exactly what you would see at your local retail store. These cartridges are made by the original manufacturers of whatever printer you are buying ink or toner for. While these printer inkjet cartridges ensure no complications and high quality results, they are always at a high price. The reason these cartridges always cost so much money is because the original manufacturers usually create printers at a low cost and in turn, must sell the refill cartridges at a high price to make some profit. If you'd like to save some dollars then I would look into the other means of buying ink below.

Remanufactured Cartridges:

If OEM cartridges are too pricey for you then I would highly recommend trying out a remanufactured ink cartridge for your printer. These cartridges are made by third party professionals and have been cleaned and filled to the top with quality ink. Since these cartridges were not made by the original manufacturers, they are sold at a relatively low price. You can usually find them costing about half of what OEM cartridges sell for. These printer inkjet cartridges are available at great prices but they are not always available to every printer model.

Printer Refill Kits:

If you are looking to save some serious cash on printer ink, and do not mind the hassle of doing it yourself, then buying printer specific refill kits is definitely the best option. Refill kits come with simple step by step instructions and multiple ink containers that can be used to refill your printer inkjet cartridges up to eight times with a single kit. Sadly, these refill kits are not available for every printer model but if one is offered for your printer, then I would take a look into it.

All in all, I hope you have learned something from my article and that you will consider the many options for buying ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and refill kits online. I guarantee the money you save will add up over time and you will be thanking yourself later for shopping for cartridges online. Be sure to check out the website listed below for a special 10% off discount.

Maintenance Tips For Your Computer

By: Jane Michael

Anybody who knows computers knows how quick one model can become outdated and how troublesome that can be if you use your computer on a fairly constant basis but an outdated computer is not the only problem that can cause your computer to run badly. That is the thing with computers, you could have a slow running computer or a problem with a particular program and there could be a million and one different problems with it. One of the most common problems has to do with not keeping up with your computer's maintenance. Many individuals do not realize how much basic maintenance means to the health of their computers. And the thing is, is that it is easy to keep up n such simple maintenance and some things you do not even have to be on the computer to do but can schedule such things to be done in the middle of the night. Other maintenance issues you may have to perform tasks to complete but in the end it will all be worth it when you have a good running computer without having to go out and buy a new one. So the next time your computer is not running so good try these simple maintenance tips to see if it may be just a minor problem that can be easily corrected.

The first thing that you should do when your computer is running sluggish is check to be sure that your antivirus program is up to date. Simply pull up you program and in most cases if anything needs updating it will know and tell you right then and there. If everything is as it should be you should run a virus scan on your computer and see if it may be infected with a virus that is causing it to run rough. This may take some time but you can still use your computer when the scan is running so you really will not be wasting any time by doing this.

Secondly you want to free up any extra space and memory on your computer that you can. You can do this by going to your computer's start menu then to programs. Under programs click on accessories and then system tools. Here you will find a disk clean-up tab as well as a disk defragmenter tab. Both of these will help to get your computer running better. You can also be using the computer at the same time that you run both of these programs as well.

Lastly, you should go to your control panel every once and a while and get rid of any unused programs. Having a bunch of stuff on your computer that you do not use is a sure fire way to slow your computer down. Each program will list how often it is used so this is another simple task with big results.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a great working computer in no time at all without having to spend a bunch of money.

HP Compaq 6400 Notebook Power Pack Safekeeping Instructions to Notebook Clients

By: Sekhar Somu

While consumers are buying Notebook battery the sellers can tell to them how many hours the Li-ion rechargeable battery may last, there are some reasons that are lead to the defectiveness of the Notebook Battery pack. Many of the laptop clients don't have thought about technical stuff incorporated on obtaining maximum life out of their HP Compaq 6400 Li-ion rechargeable battery. Like all other Notebook power packs; you need to provide care while the batteries are not use. Do not store the Notebook battery adjacent to chemicals or in a damp region that will less your Notebook Battery pack ability.

Another simplex method of boosting your Li-ion notebook battery life is by defragmenting disc and clean out unwanted folders. This simpleton method can permit yours laptop to Boot up more faster, which consumes less power. Modify your notebook power settings with that it may use smallest quantity of Power necessary to get your notebook working. More brighter display demand more battery power. Adjust brightness when ever using the notebook pc on the battery.

Stop total insignificant programs if yours notebook based over HP Compaq 6400 Li-ion battery as major power source. Don't run anti-virus scan if your laptop relaying on Battery pack, since this scan heavily enhance processor & hard disk usage when working over laptop battery. Make an effort to stay away from connecting by the internet application until it is really necessary, when we are relying on your HP Compaq 6400 Notebook power pack as the exclusive power resource. Perform anti virus scan when we are associate to primary energy resource. Don't run virus scan while we are working on Li-ion notebook battery. This can reserve Li-ion battery energy.

When ever it is possible try to minimize usage of USB attachments such as optical DVD/CD drivers or players, lead to draw the extra energy to control. Detach these optical devices and that have the highest precedence to drain the battery capacity. Detach all external peripheral suchlike an optical mouse, fire wire, PC cards, Wi-Fi tool box, Outer speakers, Pen Drives blue tooth and even the connected iPod.

Hibernate & Suspend techniques are used for saving Power of the laptop battery but, generally laptops consumes a lot of Li-ion Battery power when in STAND BY method. We do not know the causes although "instant-on" takes 30-60 second's additional period of time to go off of Hibernation method. This little amount of period represents a considerable impact on the total Notebook Power pack lifetime. When in the hibernate method in and out are very favorable and powerful than the standard start & shutdown activity. When in hibernate mode the shutdown procedure grants the possibility to pause existing work directly with the power-off and in start up process it will proceed with in a few seconds absolutely, As a result the method saving power. But suspend technique reduces the energy use of yours computer through cutting the energy to the hardware components those you are not utilizing. So by following hibernate mode you can save the Li-ion rechargeable battery power. We may create the shortcut icon for hibernate instead of manual activity (once carrying out the manual task in Control panel then make use of this shortcut icon by Press "Windows button" followed by U followed by H). If we have some particular work at outside for longer time, in that circumstances use the hibernate method as a replacement to stand by method.

Every Notebook user wants to make the HP Compaq 6400 Notebook power pack last as long as possible. But every Li-ion notebook battery has the Specific life span. So if you can go through the above listed worthy notebook battery tips that may help to extend Li-ion rechargeable battery life period.

How Do “Get A Free Laptop” Programs Work?

By: Jason Main

A free laptop might just be one of the few things that could make a person beam with excitement and jump with joy. For one, it is not very easy to obtain money that you can use to buy one of the expensive laptops in the store.

Furthermore, you can do a lot of things through your laptop especially these days when every task seems to require the help of technology. Most people these days also own laptops which would diminish anyone without it into a mere archaic, boring individual with nothing special to share in the virtual world. That is why it is not surprising that many companies would want to give away free laptops these days to entice more and more people to join and support their cause, patronize their services and buy their products. So if you are one of these many individuals who are interested to get a laptop for free in exchange of your efforts and time, patience, and determination, you better read more to understand how these programs work. You have to take extra precautions in joining these programs however, because there are many scams who can cleverly lay the bait for you. So bite into the temptation of having a laptop for free now!

How do these Get a Free Laptop Programs work?

•You will have to sign up for the program and agree to all the terms and conditions of the company. In this way you are giving them the right to sell your personal information to many advertisers in the web.

•There are a number of programs, product offers, as well as
subscription services that you have to sign up within the specified time. When you are able to do all these sign up requirements, you are free to get your free laptop.

To avoid getting hooked by scams here are few tips that you must do.

•You may want to start by conducting searches about Get a Free Laptop programs through the internet. There are sites in the internet that you may utilize to verify the information regarding internet scams.

•Read the terms and conditions carefully before you agree to them to make sure that you understand what you are getting yourself into.

•Evaluate other things like subscription fees, membership fees, and shipping cost.

•Ask about the number of affiliate programs that you’ll have to sign up for, affiliate programs that you can cancel after signing up, etc.

When you are able to accomplish all these requirements you will just have to wait for a little time so you can finally have the laptop you have been dreaming to have. So, start browsing the internet now for these free laptop programs. Good luck!

You can just search Google or YouTube for videos related to free laptops giveaway and you will run into lot of video of people showing their free products. Media giants are also featuring news interviewing people who got such free offers. There is no limit to the number of offers you can sign up with so sign up for one or more offers.

3 Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Web Hosting

By: Cynthia Wang

I am an owner of several websites hosted on a few good web hosting companies that have met my needs for the last 5 years. What I am about to share with you will most definitely save you heaps of time and money when it comes to choosing a great web hosting company and you must avoid the 3 most common silly mistakes that buyers of web hosting services made:

1. Buy from Multiple-Awards Winning Web Hosting Company

If you investigate further you will realize most of these awards are awarded by people none other than those who are promoting them. Their criteria for awarding are always based on the typical but outdated mode of selection such as good customer service, uptime, pricing and features etc. The web hosting industry is extremely competitive, and these days there are just fewer and fewer differentiations as far as the above criteria are concerned. Any quality provider worth their salt already knows this.

2. Buying Based on Reviews Available Online

If you do not already know by now, most of the reviews are extremely biased. And while a handful but rare few are sincere in their recommendations, it's still just plain silly to base your buying decsion on their reviews. And even if they have a good collection current feedback and comments listed on their website, you still should not buy based on that kind of recommendation. Why? Because often times, most comments are not objective, and everyone's experience with their provider are always unique to their hosting needs. And to handpick your choice based on a few isolated "good" or "bad" experiences is just not smart. I can almost guarantee you no great web hosting companies are ever spared from complains, genuine or fake anyway.

3. Focusing on the Wrong Feature to Compare

The typical buyer compares prices, the slightly savvy buyer compares customer support features, a smart buyer looks at the company's customer base, the number of years in business, check on their uptime and backup features essentially all those things that a typical and slightly savvy buyer will look at and probably more. Personally, it's just common sense to do those due diligence before you entrust your website to the provider but it's still highly unreliable and a waste of your precious time. Take for example, most web hosting companies claim their uptime is 99.9% but many people do not spend time tracking their sites or at least know how to do so.

So my final advice to you is this, don't choose web hosting companies based on how people feel or what they have experienced, it's just too not smart. If fact, please don't listen to me or anybody at all for that matter, instead I rely on a critical single piece of information to help me decide on which are the really good companies to buy from, and over the years this piece of information have never failed me and those who have access to it.