Some Helpful Suggestions to Protect Your LAN From Natural Disasters

By: Douglas R. Williams

Protecting your LAN is very simple than you believe and it assures the protection of your data. There are several ways to safeguard your data like making different plans for different disturbances, providing interior back ups, using off-site back ups, rotating between back-up websites and making live mirrors.

Natural calamities range from the usual run of the mill storm to heavy snowstorms which have the capability to cut electricity supplies and essentially place a standstill on your own everyday routines. Utilizing a system to guard your local area network from these probable calamities is truly essential in order that your mission critical files keeps intact.

Use appropriate LAN care in your business

Today's companies now depend on fully electronic systems even though this offers the operator essential effectiveness and efficiency, using a comprehensive IT system has its own restrictions as well. Prey to many natural disasters, a terrible storm can erase all critical files from the system if a right back up plan is not set in place. It is essential to enforce a strict plan to guard your lan magnetics before disaster hits.

Create a different plan for several calamities

Several disasters with varying severity could strike anytime. This possibility leads to the need to make a unique set of plans to respond to the various interferences. A bad snowstorm which could eliminate all energy supplies for days on end, may cause less damage compared to a bad thunderstorm that could cause hardware to short circuit, rendering them outdated. It is important to keep your recovery plan is adjustable to cater these different needs so that restoration may occur speedily with the least possible disturbance to business dealings.

Provide internal backups

It is important to continually make back ups when operating a firm or databases. Failures to the system triggered by a simple power outage could lead to deleterious effects, especially if information is lost and can't be recovered. Having internal back up drives and computer software make sure that you won’t lose your computer data and make restoration efficient and fast in case of a power blackout. They also perform as good organizational and management plans.

Make use of off-site back-ups

External servers and online backup is another factor to think about to safeguard your LAN from natural calamities. At times it is tiresome to manually up-date your information. Software program is now available which automatically updates any files on your system to an off-site or external server. This ensures that your information remains protected and in case of any calamities, you can be assured that you've an up-to-date backup of your information somewhere safe.

Rotate between backup web sites

The old adage of not placing all your eggs in a single basket is also applicable here. Vital information shouldn't be kept in one location. Rather, put duplicates of your backup in several locations. This ensures that even if one computer fails, there are still copies of your files somewhere else in easily attainable websites.

Create live mirrors of your records

Developing live mirrors of all your information ensures that you have multiple duplicates of them in various locations. High-speed servers can be utilized to develop mirrors that are exact copies of your files in various sites. In cases like this, your information could be recovered quickly in case one of your drives crashes. Once again, it is best to load your important data on reliable servers. In all things, it is critical to keep in mind that it's always better to be secure than sorry. Natural calamities can't be prevented. However, disastrous effects can be minimized and avoided with the proper precautions.

Laptop Bags: Significance and Purchasing Tips

By: Philip Sean Andrews

Do you have your own laptop at home? Do you have a protective bag to store them inside, especially when traveling? If you do not have a bag, you need to purchase one for your laptop.

With the advancement of technology, it is a common scenario to see individuals carrying laptops everywhere they go, in malls, coffee shops, parlors and department stores.

With the fast and busy trend that individuals have nowadays, executives, students and professionals always bring their mini computer along with them to keep abreast with their work. However, bringing the equipment along with you most of the time is risk, especially when you are constantly traveling to other states and countries. To protect your equipment from bumps, rain, dust and extreme temperature, you should have a protective covering or storage to keep it away from external hazards.

Importance of these bags:

1. Protection – It protects your computer from scratches and other external factors, like water, heat, shock and extreme heat. With protective storage at hand, it prolongs the life-span of your laptop.

2. Security – By storing your equipment in the bag, it conceals it from thieves who are always aiming to steal high-end technological products, thus. you should avoid using our laptop in crowded places.

3. Portability –By having a bag to store your equipment, it is easier for you to take your laptop everywhere. It provides convenience and comfort to busy individuals like you.

4. Fashion – With the variety of designs, styles and colors to choose from, you can select one that rightfully complements with your outfits.

Because of its importance, you should be cautious and careful in buying a bag for your laptop due to the prevalence of low quality and imitation products found in stores. Before you buy one, be sure to assess the credibility of the store where you intend to purchase the item.

Since laptops are very expensive and fragile, you have to make sure to buy high quality bags for its storage.

Factors to consider when selecting a bag for your laptop:

1. Materials – With the different types of materials that bags are made of nowadays, like canvas, pvc, nylon and cotton, you should select one which is durable and made from high quality materials.

2. Style – With the variety of designs and styles to choose from, be sure to select one that complements with your lifestyle and fashion style. If you are a student, a backpack style laptop is suitable for you. If you are an executive or a professional, a shoulder strap is best for you.

3. Padding – Due to the sensitivity of laptops, it is best that you buy a bag with the right padding to protect it from knocks that the bag encounters while carrying it.

4. Price – Different types of bags come in different prices, thus, you should select one that meets your budget.

5. Accessories – Choose one that offers lots of compartments and storage spaces for your documents, folders, laptop and many more.

6. Size – Since it comes in different sizes, select one that is suitable for your needs.

Check Text Messages Online

By: Verny L

Who do you want to check text messages online for? There are thousands of possible answers to this, but that all have one thing in common; we usually have some sort of relationship with that person. I know you are thinking that there is no way that is true, but let me prove it to you.

Significant others are among the most popular reasons we want to check text messages online. Whether it is a spouse or just a girl/boyfriend, we sometimes feel that things are just not right. People are suspicious by nature, and our imagination usually has no problem filling in the blanks about what they could possibly be doing. It used to be that computers were the biggest enemy with all the ways that were available for people to actually have relationships on them. Since phones now have computers in them, I guess computers still are the enemy. You can be whoever you want on the internet, and that is a lure that some just cannot resist no matter what the dangers are. Text messaging makes it as easy as the instant messengers on the internet.

Our teenagers are another group of people we might sometimes what to check text messages online for. It stands to reason because they are just as likely to get into trouble with everything on the internet and with all the things that phones can do as much as adults are. Teenagers are also notorious for pushing their limits from time to time, but are much less likely to do so if they know they can get caught doing it.

Employees are yet another that we might want to check text messages online for. This might depend on the sensitivity of the business, but if you provide company phones you might want to be able to monitor them. As I said it might depend on how sensitive your business is, but it could also be something as simple as checking the usage of them to make sure you are not being overcharged by your phone company.

As you can see, relationships do have quite a bit to do with why you might want to check text messages online. It does make a lot of sense because you would not worry about messages from someone you did not know. There are different software programs available that can allow you to check texts online. These are intended to be used with phones that you own, and usually have to be installed right onto the phones themselves. They can make it much easier to keep track of what is being done with the phone, but they will not work with every phone or every carrier either. You should check on the website to make sure that the program will work with what you already have. There are quite a few to choose from, and some of them have quite a few other features that you might be interested in as well. Such as GPS locations, and logs of data for what is being done with the phone in question.

Everybody Can Benefit From Using Computer Rental Services

By: Adriana J. Noton

Investing in the latest computer equipment for the home office or business is always a major capital expense. Virtually everybody uses some form of computer today for either social or business reasons, but keeping up with the latest technology is always very costly. Instead of buying, another option that is becoming increasingly popular is using computer rental services.

Many people demand a lot from their computers, especially using more intensive programs such as graphics packages and even high-tech gaming. Buying high-end computers will last a couple of years at the most before it needs upgrading. Renting a computer can get rid of this problem as you can upgrade the computers when you like.

When you decide to start renting computers, there are few things to look out for when choosing a provider. If you need a high specification computer, make sure that the provider has the latest brands and system specifications.

The rental period from these different services can be just a few days, or a month and more. If you need to hire a system recently long-term, see if the provider will give you a discounted rate, especially if you hire several systems.

When you need a system for longer period, check with the company to see how easy it is to upgrade the computers, or whether you have to wait until the end of the agreement. Each company will have different policies, so always make sure you ask each company about things that are important to you.

Always check the company provides excellent support in case of a breakdown or other problems. Many companies now operate around the clock and seven days a week, so you should ensure the service has a technical support hotline available at all times.

Most companies provide a delivery, installation and removal service to new clients. Many companies will also swap out a faulty system and replace it with a newer one if you have any problems, but ask the company quickly they can replace a faulty system as time can be vital to any small business.

Many countries throughout the world have good tax breaks that allow a business to write off the cost of any rental/lease payments. In some areas of the world, this can give significant benefits to a business, so always check with your tax advisor to find out the benefits.

There is a big choice of these rental services available in most large cities. Always do plenty of research before signing any agreement, and get quotes from several different firms to find the best value and service. When you start comparing the quotes, as well as the price, always look at the amount of service the company will provide and how up-to-date their systems are. When you need to use this type of service, there is more involved than just finding the cheapest price.

The benefits of using computer rental services to the business of any size is quite significant compared to buying the equipment themselves. Renting will allow anybody to keep up with the latest models and high specifications, and avoiding major capital expenses.

Could You Get FREE Canon Printer Management Software?

By: Simona Rusnakova

Everyone wants something for free but you can find that the free thing you get is not what you really want or need. Free Canon printer fleet(all your printers connected to your computer network) management software is something that a lot of people do need and want. Before you get it you should find out a bit more about it and how it is free.

When to install a Canon IW management console

Canon IW(ImageWare) management console is free Canon printer management software. Something that you might not realise is that this free software is actually shipped with every Canon printing system. Of course just because it is free and you have access to it does not mean that you should install it. IWMC is ideally for businesses with 5 or more printing machines.

What does Canon print management software do?

Canon print management software is actually a very powerful tool for your business. There are many things that it can do that will help you keep track of what is happening with all your printers. The first thing is that all the information will be sent to an email address so you never have to leave your desk to check your printers. The reports sent to your email will include information about errors and consumables. The software will also hold PDF’s and Jpeg’s which allows you to keep floor plans with the location of your printers on them.

Print management software for non-Canon printers

Something you may worry about is if this print management software will work for non-Canon printers. The answer is that it will work with your non-Canon printers as well. The reason for this is that it has a tool that manages your print drivers. Of course in order to do this the non-Canon printers will need to be connected to the network that any Canon printers are on.

Who should use IWMC?

Anyone can use IWMC in their office. The people who will find it very useful are IT managers. The reason for this is that it allows you to monitor all the devices remotely so you do not have to do rounds to check on the printers. If you have printers on your network that are not in the same building as you then you don’t have to worry. The printers can be in the building, in a building on the other side of the country or in another continent all together. This is one of the reasons why so many people use this print management software.

If you have bought a Canon printing system then you will already have this powerful piece of software. Canon IW management console is free of charge and possibly one of the best kept secrets of the print industry. This software allows you to keep track of all your printers anywhere in the world and even works with non-Canon printers. Additionally there is an address book which holds email addresses and fax number which can be ghosted out to different users.

How to Choose the Right Server For Your Business

By: Ben Greenwood

Businesses, if they are doing well, will eventually expand to the point where a small group of networked computers will no longer be enough to handle all the data you have or provide the customer service levels your clients have come to expect. It is at this point centralising data on to one server, accessible by everyone at varying levels, needs to be considered - but which server and which software running on it should a business choose?

A server will basically act as a database for all the data a company has, from address books through stock levels to sales records and a whole lot more. For growing companies this can amount to a lot of data, thertefore choosing the right server is important. It has to be big enough to handle the amount of data now and in the future and it has to be fast enough to serve that data to users when it is required.

It is also important to run the right server software to handle the requests put upon it and to be able to do what is required in the future as the business itself evolves - this will reduce ongoing IT maintenance costs.

There are several types of server available and different kinds of software too. For hardware, a small server which is only slightly more powerful than a desktop computer may be enough, depnding on the size of the business. However, for larger or faster growing companies athat require an application server it will have to be more powerful. A server with large amounts of RAM and hard disk space would be better, with a multi-core for handling lots of requests rapidly. For the largest of companies running an intranet, the most expensive servers will be needed, with lots of processors, RAM and hard disk space.

It's also worth thinking about security and redundancy too. A business' hardware needs to be secure from hackers and also safe from any network outage, preventing loss of data. This could include multiple network interfaces, hot-swappable RAID solutions, hot-swappable power supplies and other redundant systems. It is best to consult specialists in the field of IT sservices to determine which would suit a particular business.

In terms of software, the most common is probably Windows, as the majority of desktop cmputers run a Windows operating system and the ease of integration with a Windows server is clear. Windows server software offers built in security, web capabilities and the ability to centralise several server functions into one machine. There are, hoever, alternatives. Sun Microsystems have similar software, for example, offering much the same range of options. In addition, however, it allows for a wider range of applications from different developers to be run on it. Something worth thinking about for businesses using lots of different apps.

Open source server software is also an option, the most widely known being Linux. The advantage of Linux is that its underlying code can be modified, developed and expanded and it can be used on a wide range of server hardware. Developers and highly skilled technical people tend to prefer this, and it is backed up by a large community of Linux developers for support.

Whichever route a company decides to go down, unless they decide to employ network support staff then it will need to employ the services of an IT support company to install set up and maintain this new IT infrastructure. These specialists provide professional consulting to help a business decide on what hardware and software it requires and to carry out the process of setting up, running and maintaining it. Companies should choose an IT services provider that offers 24-hour support and / or on-site hardware support, so that downtime is reduced to a minimum.

SEO Tips: Mistakes to Avoid

By: Pete Malcolm

Recommendations for search engine optimization change all the time. But there are a few rules that have stood the test of time, including the SEO tips presented here. If you are currently making any of the mistakes discussed here, a few simple changes will help raise your page in search engine results pages.

Do not overlook the search engine guidelines. It is amazing how many people ignore the guidelines put out there, for free, by the folks at the major search engines. These guides tell you what to do or not do for your page to be ranked by their engine. Don't ignore this free advice!

Do not disguise keywords or links on your page. Hiding keywords or links on your page in the same color as your background significantly increases the chance that your site with be removed from search engine listings. Do not do this. Clean SEO will produce the results you are looking for so there is no reason to try sneaky stuff like this.

Do not exchange links with sites that have no similarity to your own. In a related vein, do not use link farms. Incoming links originating from sites with content related to yours will improve your ranking in search results. Incoming links from web sites with unrelated content will not. Moreover, linking with link farms may result in your site being banned by search engines. Take care to only link with sites that follow the rules.

Don't forget to update content often. Search engine spiders return to your site whenever you post new content. This improves your visibility. Taking the time to create a content plan for your site will help you keep track of what kind of content you need and when you need it.

Do not leave keywords out of your URLs. Each page should have a URL that includes at least one keyword relevant to the page contents in order to get the attention of the spiders. Likewise, don't forget to make title tags work for you. Title tags appear as page titles in search engine results, so every page should have a unique title keyed to page contents.

Don't forget about conducting keyword research. The terms you would search to find a particular item or kind of information may not be in line with what the people you are trying to reach would search. Employ some of the (often free) keyword research tools that are out there to find out what people are really searching to find content like yours.

Avoid linking to "click here." When you would like to point site visitors to another related page on your site, anchor your link to a descriptive keyword. This will tell the engines what the page you are recommending is about. For example, if you suggest people "click here for great info about cast iron pans, " link to "cast iron pans" rather than "click here."

Do not forget that SEO is an ongoing task, not one you can do once and forget. Each time you update content you should include SEO. Equally important, do not forget that amazing SEO will not ultimately provide the results you want if your site does not have enough strong content to keep the attention of visitors.

Don't expect SEO to change things overnight. Realistically, SEO can take some time to show results. Be patient and don't give up. Clean SEO will produce the results you need. Learn what you can and stick with it. It will pay off!

Financing Laptops For People With Bad Credit

By: Manny Jonsworth

Laptops have become an important part of society. Being mobile, they allow for surfing the web, typing of documents, and even playing games from high in the air to on a desk in an office. While laptops used to be very expensive, their prices have come down since their initial introduction, the cheapest laptops, the “netbook” which have a 10” or smaller screen, can go for as low as $250. However, the average laptop, especially if someone wants it to run “well” will cost anywhere between $500 to over $1000. This is where financing comes in. Many people don’t have the money lying around to simply buy a laptop outright, but instead need to find and use a financing plan to make weekly or monthly payments over time to make it more affordable for the average budget.

As a kicker, many people have bad credit which makes finding a monthly payment plan even more difficult. Whether their credit is “bad” because of missed payments, late payments, or bankruptcy or simply bad because it isn’t established yet, it can be rough finding a company that will let you borrow. However, while getting financing is harder to get with less than perfect credit, it is certainly not impossible. The best options for financing with bad credit are credit cards. They offer flexible payment terms and are easy to get with poor credit.

Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards are one of the easiest financing options for people with bad credit. Being “secured” means that these credit cards require some sort of deposit or down payment to get started. Unlike most credit cards (which are described as unsecured), secured credit cards help banks trust you more and the deposit is used as an insurance in case you miss payments or default. There are a few companies that offer these cards but my recommended choice is Capital One, who has fair policies and is a reasonable company to work with.

Their secured credit card is from MasterCard and has a $29 annual fee and requires a minimum security deposit starting at $49 and going up to $200 depending on your credit rating. It has a minimum limit of $200 and to increase your limit you will need to deposit more money. This credit card is great for people who have bad credit and can be a great choice for people who are unsure how they can finance a laptop computer. It’s not the fastest option however and does require a down payment to get started (the cost of the laptop if you are planning on completely paying for it with the card). However, it will help rebuild your credit and open up financing options in the future.

Unsecured Credit Cards

Depending on how bad your credit rating is, you might be able to qualify for a high APR unsecured credit card. As was talked about before, this type of credit card doesn’t require any type of deposit to get started. However, the interest rate and fees will be exceptionally higher than what is found with secured credit cards with annual fees that can be $50 or more. Of course, the advantage is you don’t have to lock up your cash with the card but instead can get started right away. Look for average credit options from Capital One, Chase, etc and apply.

Credit cards are the easiest and best way to get started when looking to finance a laptop—especially when you have bad credit. They have flexible payment options and used wisely, can rebuild your credit over time. If you have exceptionally bad credit check out the Capital One secured MasterCard, otherwise look for unsecured credit cards from your local or online bank.

Software Training and Development is a Necessity!

By: Cary Bergeron

The world is getting more and more competitive with every passing day. It is because of the increase in the new techniques and the ways that work are being used in a day to day basis. People belonging to any industry have to face a lot of pressure. With more and more advancement in the technology in nearly all the fields of work, it's becoming quite impossible for any person who is unfamiliar with the use of software related to his field. Mostly people do not get hired despite having high qualifications to their credit because they have no experience with the latest technology being introduced in their field of work.

Many companies that are working these days have begun to realize this fact, and now they have started to take it very seriously. They want to hire the qualified individuals, and mostly these people who are qualified are unaware of the software technology used in their line of work. So, the companies have now started a whole new software training and development system for their employees. This training system has many benefits:

Production of Synergy

Before the software was introduced into many career fields, the companies used to depend totally on the work of the people. It used to take people a lot of time to complete the work. Now, with the advent of advanced software, the people and the software hand in hand can generate greater results in less time.

Generation of Increased Profits

As the synergy is produced in the company, the company will also have extra time to take on more assignments and clients, and so, the company will generate more and more profit as time goes on. The more innovative and user friendly the software is, the more synergy will be produced and eventually, the company will gain more profits.

Professional Growth of Employees

The employees that are being trained in the new software will learn the new developments in the field of their career path. They will have the opportunity to grow professionally, to capture better opportunities and to give better ideas to the company. This will make them more proficient in their work and their market value will be increased.

Acing the Competition In The Industry

The collective effect of all these advantages that the company will attain through software training and development is that the company will be ahead of every other company in the industry. By designing highly innovative and efficient software technology, the company will grow faster than any other company that exists in the industry.

If you have a look at all the advantages of the software training and development, you will be able to see that the software training and development is becoming more of a necessity of the time we live in. If a company does not believe in training and development with the software technology that is in its industry, surely it will be left behind compared to the other companies in the industry who are moving forward at an unimaginable pace with their advanced use of highly efficient software technology.

How Do You Get Computer Viruses?

By: Kay Norman

he worst nightmare of every single computer user out there is to wake up in the morning and find out that your computer has been attacked by viruses. What’s worse is that you don’t know how it made its way in to your computer and you are not sure about how it can be removed. A majority of people these days have a complete understanding of what viruses are and how harmful they can be, however, they are not really sure about how these tend to spread. The fact is that there are multitudes of ways for viruses to spread. Some of the most frequent ways for this to happen are:

Attachments Received via Email

One of the most common ways for people to be attacked by viruses is via email attachments. The best way to save yourself from this happening, make sure that you never open an attachment that you cannot identify. Many computer users these days never open an attachment. However, you do not need to take such drastic steps and just use a bit of common sense while going through your emails.


The most depressing thing to know these days is that your computer can easily get infected by virus or spyware by merely visiting a website. A majority of gambling and adult websites are not the least bit trustworthy and are going to make attempts to access your computer as soon as you visit them. They usually install adware on to your computer, which causes multitudes of pop ups to appear on your screen every now and then. To avoid such a situation, you need to adjust your antivirus settings and firewall to make sure that no outside connections can access your computer and install unwanted programs on to it.

Phishing Schemes

In order to keep your computer and your personal information safe online, it is necessary to learn how computer viruses spread. Phishing schemes are going to take your personal information and leave you having to deal with a computer that is filled with viruses. Phishing schemes start when you receive an email from a website that claims to be your credit card company or bank. As soon as you click the link given in the email and log in, your personal details are given away. These websites also tend to automatically install adware, spyware and viruses on your computer.

Infected Software

There are multitudes of websites out there that offer free programs and games these days. However, these websites often purposely infect their freeware with trojans so that your computer gets infected (without you even knowing it) each time that you download a piece of software. For this reason, you must never download software from unreliable sources.

Fake Antivirus Programs

Multitudes of antivirus software are available on the internet these days that can be downloaded for free. The worst part is that a majority of these software do exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Instead of saving you from viruses, trojans etc, they will infect your computer and make things a whole lot worse.

Windows Operating Systems for Hosting Servers

by: Dwsgayathri

Nowadays, most people prefer windows based operating systems for hosting servers. The main reason for this is due to the user- friendliness it offers that other operating systems do not offer. Windows 2000 Professional Server and Advanced Server are the commonly used windows operating systems for web hosting purposes. All these operating systems are similar and familiar like the other versions of windows operating systems. These OS will allow the user to integrate easily with other Microsoft applications. Most common Microsoft applications used while designing websites and other applications are FrontPage and MS SQL.

Many web page editors were released in the recent years, however Microsoft has its importance in the industry. The main advantage of Microsoft products is that they help you resolve problems easily. Apart from that, they provide advanced security measures and features for its operating systems. Another main advantage of these operating systems is that they support Active Server Page (ASP) technology, Visual Basic (VB) and Cold Fusion (“it is a simple tool that helps the user to create a database application easily and quickly”).

With tools like PC Anywhere and other remote control PC tools, you can work on your server from any part of the world. These graphical user interface tools help you to understand easily without any difficulties. With these features, you can monitor and manage your website from remote locations.

Today, people are using Windows based web hosting serves for both shared and dedicated hosting servers. Most of them utilize .NET technology. This helps the user to manage easily the server to the requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the main advantage of using a windows based operating system is to make sure that it can easily integrate with other Microsoft applications and products. Even though most of the servers have all the software in-built, you can also add new software depending on your needs.

Essential Maintenance Tips for your Computer

by: Software bazar

The computer is one of the most important inventions to have taken place in the 20th century, which has grown over several decades contributing to the growth and changes in human learning and behavior. Today the computer is an essential part of human life without which they cannot do their day-to-day tasks.

This amazing machine has made life easier for most people and contributed to their overall growth. Today almost all household have at least one computer but the most important question that arises here is, if the owner is concerned about the proper maintenance of the machine or not.

Most people either fail or forget to properly maintain their computer from both internal and external threats that can seriously jeopardize the functioning of the machine. However, with just a few important tips you can effectively maintain your computer and can keep its functioning as good as ever.

Here are a few essential maintenance tips to keep your computer stable and in a perfect condition:

1. Perform a disk clean up for maintaining the speed of your computer. Running regular disk clean up can clean your system of unnecessary data. This step can be done manually or by running the disk cleanup utility in Windows.

2. Running a registry cleaning software can relieve your system from obsolete and corrupt entries in the registry file. A clogged registry can severely hamper the performance of your system and can even cause it to crash. So, it is important to clean your Windows registry at regular intervals.

3. By using an Anti-Spyware program you can clean your system from malicious programs that intend to steal your data and cause your system to clog.

4. Viruses are one of the most common and serious threat to computers and using a good updated Anti-virus program will help your computer to rid itself from harmful viruses.

5. Lastly, you need to clear all un-important software installed on your computer as they cause a lot of trouble during the Windows startup process and make the process a rather clumsy one.

By following these simple steps you can effectively shield your computer from all internal and external threats.

Is Windows Web Hosting Reliable To Use?

by: Atmacharan

There have been big questions over which is the best web host that you should be looking for to get when you want to set up your own website. We all know that setting up a website is not easy and is hard work but there comes a problem when it comes to which web host method that you are going to go for. Are you going to use private and if so which web host is going to be the one for you.

The one which many of us are using is Windows; Windows is great however there are still many people that are very unsure as to if Windows is the best. So is Windows web hosting reliable to use?

Yes! Of course it is reliable, you have many great things that you could say makes Windows the best web host and the first as to be the fact that you never need to worry about getting a stable internet connection that works every day, all day.

If you don’t have a connection to the internet then you might be losing out on sales and profits but with Windows you really do have the connection problems sorted out. It won’t be broken, lost or weak. You are getting a totally secure connection that is never going to let you down.

You have also total control over your files and folders that you are going to want to put onto your website. That is going to be made very much simpler with the use of Windows; you can have the option of uploading your files through your control panel. You’re going to be able to put the files on to your site as well as being able to create new ones.

Windows is reliable, it never lets you down.

All about SSL Certificates

by: Smit Mathur

The SSL Certificates is the means that will help the visitor to know that the website is offering foolproof and secured identity and there’s no way in which his information will be misused. Generally, there are two SSL certificates which are used for the website, namely, a signed certificate and the root certificate. Under the signed certificate, it would mean that authentic certificate authority like VeriSign has approved the validity of a particular website. By approving the validity of a particular website, the certificate authority is acknowledging that the website is perfectly safe for carrying out business transaction. However, the root certificate becomes applicable in case where the visitor completes an online transaction.

Things to Know about Secure SSL

There are different types of SSL certificates, and every certificate has its own features. Let’s take a quick look on various certificates and its respective features:

Dedicated Certificates –The Secure SSL are expensive to buy and require unique domain name, and therefore this reason it is not used with the multiple domain names and sub domains.

Shared Certificates – The certificates can be easily shared with other websites and are comparatively less expensive than Dedicated SSLs. One can use the shared SSL certificate of any other website with your business website. The name on the certificate represents the name of the owner who has the certificate. These certificates are usually offered by the e commerce web hosting companies.
Free SSL Certificate – The certificates are offered at negligible costs, and hence the term Free SSL certificate. The level of encryption in these certificates is not at par with Shared SSLs or Dedicated SSLs. In order to get the right level of encryption, it is very necessary that you get Free SSL certificate from reputed web hosting companies.

Wildcard SSL Certificate – The certificate is best match for the websites that use sub domains, and provide foolproof security to these domains. The certificate is sufficient enough to lend protection to web portal in a holistic manner.

In gist, if you are planning to choose the secure SSL services, it becomes very instrumental that you compare between different types of SSL certificates available and later shop on Internet at competitive prices. Make sure that you are not in a hurry while searching for bit numbers. While 128 bit is the standard industry encryption, you can also shop for higher encryption numbers for higher security. Some companies are also offering 58 bit encryption.

Network Attached Storage - Under the hood

by: Mark Hamilton

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a type of storage space system that may be linked to a data network. A NAS is useful for storage relevant to non mission-critical data. It is less costly and simpler to maintain compared to a Storage Area Network (SAN) but does not quite deliver the performance a powerful organization can acquire from a SAN.

File transfer protocols supported by NAS include Network File System, Common Internet File System, File Transfer Protocol, etc. NAS servers give versatility in terms of connection to the network; this can be done either via the Ethernet or a fiber channel network. Nowadays you can even get wireless 802.11 NAS devices. The good thing about NAS devices lies in their simpleness, they could be created using virtually any hard drive technology however they are usually developed using Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI). NAS devices may also be used for many other storage techniques such as magnetic tape, CD, and DVD.

NAS offers the following advantages -

1.Quicker access to saved data via the LAN.

2.Lower costs since the RAID arrays are a part of the LAN.

3.Straightforward to set up, are usually installed and operating in under half an hour.

These types of properties of NAS storage plus its low cost of ownership ensure it is well suited for SMBs. A twin benefit of Raid 5 NAS is the fact that it enables administrators to either enhance or consolidate the storage infrastructure. Storage growth is practically unlimited as one is free of the restriction of storage capabilities of individual servers as well as the amount of drives they are able to hold. At the same time, one NAS set-up is good enough to replace several data file servers that are operating separately, this leads to consolidation. NAS is often run on commonly accessible os's for example Windows. NAS status could be checked out via everywhere on the LAN, this gives storage administrators a chance to diagnose problems and alter NAS configurations when required.

NAS system performance is dependent upon the drive support, the number of disks in use as well as the overall capacity. SATA hard disks that offer excellent low-cost mass storage are most preferred. SCSI hard disks are also available. Because the NAS utilizes the LAN for data transfer often there is a chance of a bottleneck developing some time over the LAN, generally it's the network interface that creates problems. If utilizing a NAS, search for products which support Gigabit Ethernet for speedy data transfer as well as numerous connections so that network load is spread and interface redundancy is supplied.

When purchasing a NAS solution keep security in mind and check out vendors that include native encryption using the system.

Who Needs Cloud Computing

by: Michiel Van Kets

The term 'cloud computing' is being discussed a lot recently and not only by those involved in IT, but as it's still a relatively new concept there are plenty of us who don't really have any idea what it's all about. Put very simply it claims to benefit, and even revolutionise, the way businesses are run by offering a range of applications and services over the internet.

Every business can profit from cloud computing as it helps to eliminate business barriers which in turn leads to increased efficiency in running your business. The other advantage is that you have access to the latest cloud technology. SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), back up, disaster recovery, data storage and much more are just some of the services it's able to offer businesses no matter how big or small.

Ideal for those intending to start a new business it can be facilitated to set up an IT network that involves only those services and programmes necessary, as there's no need to buy expensive IT hardware and you only have to pay for what you use this makes serious business sense. Paying only for what you use on a monthy basis means you keep your expenses low, then once business starts to pick up you can simply add additional features as they're required - keeping set-up costs to a minimum at a time when you don't have much profit coming in means your new business is off to a healthy start.

People can be empployed on a freelance basis which saves you money in employee wages and office costs as they can work from home just as easily. Employees have the option of working anywhere as long as it has internet connection which gives a higher level of flexibility, scalability and consistency. This also eases the workload on support staff.

Is your business growing rapidly? If you intend to expand in the near future then consider a cloud infrastructure as it allows for on demand scalability, in other words you can make decisions and carry them out very quickly. This could include opening another branch of your company or even an international office, or business might be so good you need to quickly employ more people to join the team or double the number of projects you can complete each month.

The ability to access software via the internet means you always have the most up-to-date version, having the latest software is a huge benefit for a company as it puts you well ahead of competition and will attract those big name clients.

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is the provision of a back-up service. Everyone dreads systems failing and to prevent losing important files and data it's vital they're constantly being backed up. The Back up as a Service (online data backup) eliminates the need to back up data manually and is crucial for a business environment as files can be quickly recovered reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

You can also minimise financial risk by subscribing to a service as they'll take care of all the IT services, from updating the software and infrastructure to maintaining security, as you pay for the service on a monthly basis it means you can keep an eye on, and control, business expenditure. Top of the line physical and virtual security ensures that business never has to stop during a busy period as they'll maintain your service and provide accessibility and recoverability with an online disaster recovery solution. Want to find out more? Just look online, cloud computing explained in very simple terms is available.

Check out cloud computing Australia where software and hardware specialists make certain your IT investment is suitable for your business needs. Put yourself in the cloud today and appreciate the advantages of a hosted solution. The ability to use computing resources and platforms only when you need them, coupled with an IT infrastructure that's dynamic, scalable and cost effective can only be a winner.

How to Repair Your Windows 7 OS Registry

By: Luke Cameron

Over the years, Microsoft has taken its fair share of criticism and scorn. Vista was very nearly the last straw for many users. Thankfully, the software giant was able to redeem itself with Windows 7. Despite the many fine qualities of Windows 7, there's still the old problem of registry corruption. Over time, Windows has a tendency to become sluggish and bogged down under the weight of its own extensive software infrastructure. Windows registry repair and recovery can be scary for inexperienced users. That doesn't have to be the case, however. With the right tools, working with the Windows registry is a breeze.

The Registry In A Nutshell

As you may know already, the Windows registry is the heart and soul of any modern Windows installation. Since the days of Windows 3.1, the registry has been the central core of the Windows operating system, governing its complex labyrinth of processes and programs. Essentially, the registry tells the operating system how to function through a database of simple configuration files. The integrity of these files can mean the difference between a well-oiled machine running at peak capability, and a PC that can barely function. If there's a problem with your computer that isn't virus-related, the smart money says that it has to do with the registry.

The Main Issue

A properly maintained registry of configuration files does a great job of keeping Windows 7 humming along the way it should. When the operating system and the many programs that reside within it have the right registry files to go off of, Windows 7 is a dream to work with. But over time, the registry of nearly every Windows PC becomes corrupted for a number of different reasons. One of the main causes of registry corruption is duplicate registry files. In other cases, registry files are improperly stored or maintained and become overwritten with inaccurate values. Without proper upkeep, the registry is prone to degradation and needs a bit of housekeeping to stay in tip-top shape.

Fixing The Registry

The only way to fix a corrupted Windows registry is to look at each file and rectify individual errors on a case by case basis. If duplicate registry files for the same program exist, the extra files need to be deleted. With thousands of processes and programs running on any given Windows installation, this can quickly become a tedious and daunting task. Fortunately, there's a better way to go about this. You can use an intelligent piece of software such as a registry repair utility to do the heavy lifting for you. Registry cleaners can sift through the registry of your Windows 7 PC and automatically fix errors faster than any person could by hand. Ultimately, they produce a faster, more efficient Windows installation without all the hassle of manual registry repair.

In Summary

The biggest problem isn't the registry itself. It's locating a capable tool to maintain the registry without harming the underlying Windows installation in the process. This is no small task. The registry is fairly complicated, and it takes an intelligent, well-designed piece of software to do the job right. Fortunately, there are many registry repair tools available if you know where to look. If you're having registry problems, the worst thing you can do is spring for the first available option or the cheapest program you come across. Good registry tools are hard to find, but they're out there. Do your due diligence and explore all possible options before entrusting your Windows PC with any registry repair program. A little bit of research can save you hours of headache and wasted time in the long run.

8 Tips To Upgrade Your Gaming Computer

By: Richard Fenio

Modern 3D gaming is demanding and a brand-new gaming computer bought today may struggle with the latest games in only a few years’ time. If you find that your computer is suffering, here are a few tips to upgrade it to match the best gaming computers.

1. Find the “bottleneck”. This is the component that is most slowing down your gaming. If you don’t first determining the bottleneck, you might waste money unnecessarily upgrading good components without getting near to fixing the problem. Determine how old each of your components are and compare specifications with those of the latest games and with the top gaming computers on the market.

2. Balance is important. When you’ve decided on a budget, try to split it evenly between components. It’s tempting to splash out on the best processor available, but users upgrading to high-speed CPUs won’t achieve the best results if they’re still using old-age graphics cards.

3. Get a new motherboard. If your computer is several years old, upgrading to a new motherboard and inexpensive CPU is the equivalent of purchasing a new mid-range PC. If your motherboard is too old to handle modern multicore CPUs, prioritize upgrading it.

4. Power supply (PSU). The best gaming computers need a strong PSU. Without adequate power, the processes of your machine will be crippled. Cheap PSUs are under $20; but will be inadequate for top gaming computers. The best gaming computers, with top graphics cards and processors, require an efficient and stable PSU to power all components.

5. Replace the processor (CPU). If you are running a low-speed CPU, upgrading is vital. Check documentation to ensure that the CPU is supported by the motherboard: you can only upgrade to a model within the same family. However, if you are running a CPU toward the top end of specifications, upgrade other components first and see if there is a notable difference in performance. If your CPU is a few years old, look to swap it for a multicore processor.

6. Add Memory. Today, the best gaming computers run with over 8GB of RAM. To upgrade RAM, determine how much is currently in your computer by accessing your systems information. Consult your manual or the manufacturer’s website to find out if your motherboard has open RAM slots, the maximum memory your computer can handle, and the type and speed of RAM it requires. If the slots are full, you will need to completely replace the memory.

7. Upgrade your graphics processing unit. The GPU is vital in top gaming computers. It processes visuals, and as you increase the in-game resolution and visual settings, the GPU becomes increasingly burdened. With GPUs, it is generally true that the more you pay the better the upgrade you will receive. If it’s within your budget, purchase two high-quality graphics cards to run in tandem.

8. Revamp peripherals. If your hardware is inferior, you’ll notice a drop in performance on even the best gaming computers. Flat-panel LCD monitors are considered essential for using with top gaming computers. Ideally, use monitors with a very quick refresh rate: at least 12 milliseconds. Buy a specialized gaming mouse and keyboard made by a manufacturer such as Logitech or Razer.

How to Get Rid of Any Computer Virus

By: Mindy Claribel

It’s always easier to stop computer malware or viruses from infecting the computer than it is to get rid of them, but at times, it does not make any difference how wary you are, you still become a victim. Just before you carry your PC in for service, try these easy actions to get rid of the virus from your PC:

Close all operating programs, open records, and open up windows. If the virus stops you from performing this, you can still do the following step, but do try force stopping if you can't stop a program easily.

If you’re suspicious that you are infected by a virus, start the anti-virus operating system that you have and do a scan of your complete system. Run the anti-virus device control software so that it should control and isolate any virus it acquires. If you don't have anti-virus device control software in your PC, open up a web browser and either obtain a demo version or run an online version from an anti-virus device control software source's site.

If you have antivirus software and you still need to get rid of a virus, ensure which your antivirus software is properly updated. If your antivirus software is not keeping up to date online, but you still have the good net connection, go to your vendor’s website, download the most current update (a lot antivirus software manufacturers offer you one online), and set up update manually using the directions given to you by the antivirus company.

So, each time there is a slightest doubt of a probable virus attack, there are some fast actions to check your suspicions!

• Quit working. Save the necessary documents and close up all the windows.
• Don't start off deleting records hysterically that will result to worst. Stay peaceful and consider a back up.
• Run the anti - virus operating system immediately. In case it asks for any updates, replace the device control software and run it.
• If difficulties continue there is a chance that the computer is under a virus/spyware attack.

A computer virus is a program that enters a computer minus the awareness of the user. Some of these are capable to spread to various computers. Computer worms can cause your computer to reduce speed. Most of these are additionally capable to corrupt information stored inside your PC. Computer worms may be acquired once you obtain contaminated files from the Web or access malicious sites. Know how to avoid a virus in your own computer.

There are so many viruses out there, so I know it can be hard to pinpoint on which one is going to work, while which one isn’t going to work. What you’re going to want to do is the next time you find a problem is to simply search online. You’re going to find that if you search a specific problem, you should be able to find an answer that is going to work the best for you.

How To Install A PA System

By: Edward Kendricks

There are quite a few things to consider when setting up a PA system. If these things are not addressed in the beginning, you will only have problems later. Problems during any type of live performance are never good. The most common problem is ear shattering feedback. This can be a literal headache for the performer and the audience. Here are some other things to consider before you begin.

Room Size - The size of the room will greatly affect the way you should setup your PA system. Different sized rooms have completely different natural reverb and decay. A large room will have more reverb than a smaller room. If your levels are set incorrectly reverb can turn into unwanted feedback. Always test everything before the performance.

You will have to make minor adjustments depending on the crowd. If the room is large but you have a huge crowd, then your settings that were made while the room was empty will not apply. The crowd has just completely changed the whole layout of the room. You will have to make adjustments.

Room Composition - What is the room made of? Wooden rooms will sound different than glass or metal. The composition of the wall behind the stage is very important. It is a good idea to cover the wall with blankets or anything that will absorb some of the sound. If this is not done, the sound waves will bounce off the wall and come back towards the mixer and this can make things difficult to adjust.

A PA system can be huge or small but they all consist of the same type of parts. You will have your amplifier, a mixing board, speakers and input sources. These can be microphones or instrument cables.

If you are setting up the PA for the very first time at this location, make sure every knob, button or level meter is turned all the way down before you start hooking everything up. This can prevent blown speakers, fuses and ear drums.

Ultimately your speakers should be on the front of the stage pointing out towards the crowd. You should setup the mixing board and power amplifier as far away from the speakers as possible. They should be in the back of the room, opposite the speakers. This will give the sound person the optimum area for fine tuning levels and EQ.

Attach the amp to the mixer and then attach the speakers to the amp. Plug in all of your microphones and cables that will be going into the PA system. Make sure everything is where you want it to be. Double check that all volume levels are all the way down before you power up the PA system.

Turn on the amp first. Wait a few seconds for it to warm up and then power on the mixer. Adjust the gain level on the amp and then adjust the output levels on the mixer. If you did everything properly you should be ready to start adjusting volumes and the EQ. Now you are ready for the show!

Computer and Internet Privacy Basics

by: Anna Sonen

The Computer Privacy protection is a very serious issue to be ignored these days."Everything you do online and offline is monitored by someone.", say many people out there and they are right not because of their paranoia but because the Private Information is too valued for its owner. But is it possible to protect our Computer Privacy without plugging the cable?

See how somebody could steal your Private Information. Reveal what is the difference between Computer Privacy and Internet Privacy. Read how to generate Secure Passwords that hackers can not break.

1. What is Computer Privacy?

This is the power to control what computer information you reveal about yourself and to control who can access this personal information.

2. What is Internet Privacy?

It is a part of the computer privacy. It is the power to control what information you reveal about yourself in Internet, the power to control which web sites, remote scripts and web applications can access this personal information, and the power to know if these web sites, scripts, and web applications are enough trustworthy.

3. What is Private Information?

No doubt, your computer keeps tons of information about:

* all web sites you have visited

* all documents, folders, pictures, videos, files you have opened and created

* all e-mail, forum names and passwords you have

* all bank and credit card information you have saved

* all Skype-to-Skype calls and ICQ chats you have made

* all technology, writing or art you have invented

* your online shopping activities: when you visit the online store order page of some web site

* your shared photos, videos, age data, hobbies, preferences, even thoughts with everyone out there

* generally all your computer habits and things-to-do

All computer and web data you consider to private is your private information.

4. How to Generate Secure Passwords that Hackers can not break?

We use passwords every day to access our computer accounts, e-mail accounts, bank accounts, Facebook and Twitter accounts and hundreds of other services. There is great temptation to use one password for all accounts and to make it short and easy to remember. However, this has devastating effect on our security and privacy. If you think that you have nothing to hide, think again.

In most cases the passwords are hacked to use your computer as spam bot, to steal your money and private information, to infect your computer with computer viruses and spyware and so on.

Learn to avoid the following weak and easy to crack passwords:

* Generic passwords and default passwords. Examples: admin, administrator, user, guest, pass, password, iloveyou, 2010, etc. These are the first passwords that are tried by the password cracking software.

* Meaningful words or names. Examples: sandbox, NY, lion, john, mary, USA, love, myspouse, dragon, etc. Easily cracked by the dictionary-assisted cracking tools.

* Words or names with added numbers. Examples: john123, pass123, 123456, number1, abc123, 654321, etc. Easily cracked by the automated cracking tools.

* Personal names, birthdates or similar information. These are used a lot as passwords and are very easily cracked. For example, if the password is a birthday, there are only hundreds or few thousands (if the year is included) possible combinations, which is very weak for a password.

Learn to generate strong random passwords through these rules:

* Choosing "randomly" letters and numbers. It appears random but only at first sight. Numerous research studies have proven that humans are not very good at random picks - they always try to spread the things too evenly, which is not random behavior.

* "Random" typing on the keyboard with closed eyes. This is slightly better than random choosing but still nowhere random enough.

* Online random password generators. Much better than the previous two alternatives but have 2 major drawbacks. The first is the possibility that the generated password may be saved on the website with malicious purposes or someone may eavesdrop on your connection and intercept the generated passwords. The second major problem is the quality of the random number generators, which very often is not up to the task. Many of them are naively implemented and provide a lot fewer combinations than theoretically possible (no more that tens or hundreds of millions, which is not strong password by any means - see the table in the previous chapter).

* Specialized random password generator programs. The best option as long as they are implemented properly and come from trusted source.

Download one of the best Random Password Generator out there

Cybersquatting and Your Domain Name

by: Randa saputra

When it comes to domain names, don't think that you only need to worry about the ones that you registered. This is because with the phenomenon of cybersquatting, domain names that are similar to your company's trademark could be registered to unscrupulous webmasters, intending to use them in bad faith. What happens is once the cybersquatter has gotten sales or Adsense clicks from their domain name, they will try to sell it to the original entity holding the trademark. When things get to this point, the price is significantly higher, sometimes even thousands of dollars. This is despite the fact that the individual or organization buying the domain name originally had the rights to it in the first place.

So, how does a company protect themselves from cybersquatting? Well, first they need to be aware of whether or not domain names related to their trademark are being registered and used in bad faith. The best way to do this is to sign up for Google Alerts. This is a service that allows individuals or organizations to track any websites, comments, articles, etc. that are being made about their website or brand.

If they receive an alert that shows a domain name that is similar to their trademark, they could be dealing with a potential cybersquatter. The keyword of course is 'potential.' The person may not have any intention on selling the domain name back, though they are still using it in an illegal manner.

Either way, website owners can exercise their right to an arbitration proceeding if they found their trademark has been used in bad faith. The type of arbitration proceeding that is the most common for domain name disputes is called Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. This process can allow disputes to be settled out of court through an ICANN-approved UDRP provider. The decisions made through the UDRP panel are legally binding, though they can be challenged in a traditional courtroom if either party thinks things are unfair.

Another way companies can avoid cybersquatting is by trying as best they can to register any domain names relating to their trademark. This would include obvious derivatives where their whole trademark is included, as well as more creative derivatives where only a part of the trademark is used. If a company finds they are having difficulties coming up with different domain name combinations on their own, they can use a domain name generator. They should use both automated domain name generators as well as those in which a human comes up with the different combinations. In either case they need to think of combinations for all types of extensions, even free ones such as .tk or or javahostindo web hosting indonesia

In conclusion, no one should have to succumb to a cybersquatter. Too much money and work goes into building a brand to have to spend thousands to a shady webmaster. Instead, website owners should be aware of how their trademark is being used. If there is a problem they can consider a UDRP proceeding. In the meantime they need to try to get as many domain names containing their trademark as possible, so cybersquatters won't have an opportunity to do their dirty work.

Trojan Virus attacks: An analysis

by: Herry willson

What is a Trojan virus?

A virus that looks like a harmless and useful program but actually contains a code that can destroy data or install adware or spyware on your computer. Trojan viruses can be embedded in email attachments, programs that have been downloaded, or even through operating system vulnerabilities on your computer.

A recent tactic that hackers are using is to put the virus in pictures. Never download anything you do not recognize. Unlike the regular computer viruses Trojans do not replicate.

What does a Trojan virus do to your computer?

Trojan viruses can do much damage to your computer or worse, hackers can read the files and personal information from your computer and steal your identity. They can also add unwanted spyware and ad ware, deliver unsolicited pop-ups and advertising, all without your consent.

So how can get rid of them?

Most if not all antivirus programs will detect and remove Trojans, viruses and other unwanted programs from your computer automatically. For e-mail attachments, you may have to scan them individually. There are programs you can download that will do it automatically. There is plenty of anti-virus software free and paid out there that can look at. Payment programs usually have more features that can be used as a registry cleaner.

Whatever your choice may be, make sure you have installed the latest version, periodically perform system analysis, and updated with the latest version to keep your computer protected.

One of the most evil and insidious things ever invented was the Trojan virus. What person with dementia thought of this is beyond comprehension. Trojan virus infiltrates your entire computer system and affects its ability to quickly browse the Internet and in the worst cases can cause the entire system to crash, permanently delete data stored on your hard drive.

There are some steps you can take to the removal of Trojan viruses, to save all your data and installed software. If you take your computer to a repair shop or the Geek Squad you want to delete the entire hard drive after saving valuable documents. After going to reinstall the operating system software and make your computer virus free.

The problem with this method is that it is expensive, time consuming, and you can never recover the installed applications. Unless you have the original application software installation discs and registration number to go with it, you have to buy new programs. That can reach hundreds and even thousands of dollars if you have a lot of expensive programs installed as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, ProSeries, and many others.

You can also simply download a virus cleaner and run it. That will solve more problems and run the Trojan virus removal desired. If your computer crashes or can not connect to the Internet, which happens a lot with Trojan virus infections.

This is How You Can Protect Your PDF Files

by: Gracy Brett

Assume that you intend to publish your eBooks in portable document format. Could it be that someone is trying to get hold on the information that belongs to you and wants to use for their own good? This could be easily done by any third party if your documents are not protected against such infringements or violations. There are various features bundled in various tools that help users to keep their data safe from others. PDF is a format that had been introduced by Adobe systems with the intent to make it easy for users to share their files with others over the Net and that too with utmost safety and easily. Another instance that could be supposed, if you are a professional who needs sending confidential information to an associate on a regular basis then what would happen if all that data is snatched by some third party? Probably it would not be a very good situation for you to face. What can help to stop such thieves from getting away with important information so that they are unable to use all that data for their own benefit? There is help available to obstruct the wicked plans of those people.

One of the ways that you can secure your data is by using password protection feature that is available in almost all the utilities that you can find in the market. So it is the owner of the files and a person with the password who would be able to have an access to the information contained in such files. This is one major reason why people convert pdf document because the work which has been done after putting in so much of hard work if lost does sadden the owners. It might not seem but the entire thing could get very serious given it is taken lightly. Someone could simply infuse or make some malicious alterations in your data and circulate over the Web which could dent your reputation in the market. Whenever acquiring a tool to convert documents into this format, thorough check is advised to be done.

Use an Online Data Backup Service. Or Prepare to Lose Everything!

By: Trevor Johnson

Unless you're living in a secure bunker deep below the ground (and probably even if you are) then you really should be using an online data backup service. They're cheap and provide the peace of mind that you can't get otherwise. Here are 7 reasons why you should use an online data backup service to protect your precious photos and files.

Water damage

Not just the catastrophic damage caused by big events like a tsunami. Water pipes can and do burst, often without the provocation of frost. When this happens, the water can get everywhere and since computers are electronic they're especially vulnerable. You may be able to get your data back after your house is flooded but it's by no means a given.

Electrical damage

Electrical companies experience power outs and power surges from time to time. Whilst a surge protector socket will probably give your computer equipment some protection, the only real guarantee is the money the socket company promise to pay if their protection kit fails. Which is a small consolation for any missing photos unless you're a time traveller.

Fire damage

Whether it's a fire that's got out of hand in a local forest or in the next door building or something that's started in your own property, fire wreaks havoc with computer data. The high temperatures don't mix well with fragile devices like hard drives and even if your drive survives, there's no guarantee that a data recovery company will be able to work its magic on it.


Burglars don't care about your personal or business files. They'll just take the computer and anything else vaguely valiuable that they can lay their hands on. Anything of value will get sold. Anything that they can't get money for will end up in the trash. Either way your data and photos are no longer in your possession.

Hard disk failure

Despite the astronomical length of time between faults quoted on the packaging and in the adverts, individual hard drives haven't always been told that they're supposed to last near enough forever. Instead, they can refuse to work. It's expensive to get the real life equivalent of Abby Sciuto to trawl through the wreckage of your hard drive. And in the real world the success rate is a lot lower than it is in fiction.

Computer failure

The software that runs your computer isn't infallible either. Windows is a lot more reliable than it was in the early days but when it messes up it does so more spectacularly. It's at that stage that you realize the few cents and time saved when you didn't make a backup disk at the time you bought your PC was a big mistake. I know, you were going to get round to it, but the fact is that you haven't and you've got the choice of paying a local specialist or writing off everything that was on the PC. Always assuming it wasn't a BIOS failure that killed your computer big time.

Viruses and malware

Not every anti virus program spots every malicious piece of software that your computer encounters. And you ay not know a file has been infected - or even just corrupted - until it's too late.

Using an online data backup service gets around all these problems and means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your precious computer data is backed up well away from your home or office.

USB Drive Security Software is Designed to Protect Your Data

By: Lucas Richardson

Computers have quickly become a standard of life. There is not one person alive that can say that they have never feasted their eyes on a computer screen at one time or another in their lives. With the number of people that opt to utilize computers rising, the amount of people that are paying extra money to use accessories for their computers is also rising; therefore, creating a great market for usb drive security software programs.

Most adults and even teenagers are beginning to adopt the principal of using flash drives to save their precious data. These drives are made to plug directly into a USB port, where they can easily transfer files from your computer onto a small outside port.

However, due to the small size of these devices, around 5000 of them go missing on a day to day basis. Obviously, if the primary reason why you utilized the device was for recreational purposes, then losing the device is no big deal. There are a lot of people that leave some pretty intimate information on these small external plug ins.

Business information, journal entries, and even personal financial records, can all be stored on these small drives. Therefore, you could imagine if this information were to come in contact with the wrong hands, how much havoc could be reaped on your personal information. Identify thieves, would love to get their hands on these external devices so they can begin ruining your life.

If you are going to keep all of your precious and private data protected by utilizing one of these flash drives, it is imperative that you protect yourself as well. There is an affordable piece of software that exists that will help you safeguard all of the information that you load onto these external discs.

Installing the USB drive security software is not difficult to do. You will need to plug the device directly into one of the USB ports located on your computer. After it has been plugged into one of your ports, you will need to then proceed to open up the data, just like you would typically do in order to access any previously stored information.

However, after the flash drive has been opened, you will need to lock in your data by clicking a small icon that should appear on your screen that either will say lock in or save. By utilizing this software, all of your files that you save on your flash drive will be encrypted.

The only way the encrypted files will be able to open for you to view is if you enter in a password to access the files. The files that are encrypted will be impossible for anyone to break through. Therefore, you can rest easy that if you were to lose your external data port, that no one besides you would be able to gain access to the information that was previously stored on it.

USB drive security software is designed to protect the user of the flash drive. It not only encrypts private information so it cannot be viewed by outside entities, it also securely deletes files on your drive that you do not want anyone to ever be able to gain access to.

Advantages of Memory Cards

By: Victor Thomas

A memory card otherwise called a flash card is a memory storage device that is used for storing any kind of digital information. They are used in various electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, laptops, video game consoles and MP3 players. Every memory card is small, re-recordable and can store data without the presence of power.

Most of the memory cards are available in the solid state. However there are some of them in the non-solid state as well. The latter will not make use of the flash memory while they are created with the age old technologies as their base. This kind of non solid memory card is used by professionals and gamers.

The memory cards come in various speed limit and memory sizes. The major difference between the memory cards is the big fluctuation in the price range. They are manufactured and sold by leading electronic stores all around the world. A few models of memory cards are compact flash, memory stick, secure digital, smart media and XD. The quality and the type of memory cards vary along with the flash memory format. Some of the features available are high level re recordability, compact size, power-free storage and a lot more.

The memory stick otherwise called the PSP memory card can be used in all kinds of slots in the computer. The next popular type is the SD memory card which can be used in various devices such as digital cameras and handheld computers. This kind of memory card has a format of non-volatile flash memory. At the same time, the PSP memory card is used in various PSP consoles and was developed by Sony. Due to its developer, this kind of memory card was used in the Sony devices. The smart media cards were very popular, however now the popularity is decreasing gradually. This was introduced by Toshiba just after the introduction of floppy disks.

One of the most commonly used device that requires a memory card is a digital camera. The camera comes with a memory card and hence when you choose to buy another one, make sure the format and the type of both the cards remain the same. Before purchasing the memory card, the budget has to be decided as the price varies. The size of the memory card that you decide to purchase should be based on the need and at the same time the budget. If the need is to fit about 4 to 32 images, then a memory card of 16 Megabytes will do while a 4 Gigabytes memory card would store more than thousands of images. The best thing you could do is to buy the largest sized memory card that you can afford.

Another feature that has to be considered before purchasing a memory card is its speed. The speed of the camera would depend on the speed of the memory card, hence faster the memory card, faster the camera works. Memory cards can also be bought from various retail stores that are available online. Since our living place has become a tech world, memory card has certainly become a necessity.

Learn Italian Software

By: Robert Corter

A new language lets you explore unknown territory and new ways of expression. A person can see through the eyes of a native once they learn the language. Languages differ in diction, tone, origin, and pronunciation. One must understand the variations in order to speak a language fluently. One must also consider contextual situations in order to express well in another language. Constant exposure through movies, music, literature, and conversation can help someone learn the language faster.

A child constantly talked to in different languages will help him or her learn the language fast and expand their intellect. Learning a new language at a young age is good because children's minds are still malleable and adaptive to their environment. If parents talk to their children in different languages the child can easily pick up the verbal cues he or she needs to learn the language.

But if you are not one of the select few who had the privilege of having parents who are multilingual don't fret because with today's technology a person can learn a new language with the multitude of language learning software available online. Before you make a purchase make sure to look for the best choice available for you. Check the features and the price of software before purchase. Look for language learning software that offers a free trial. Test the product and find out if it has good features such as audio files, video files, practical tests, and writing exercises. If a product has all of those features the product offers good value for money.

Ciao! Buona giornata! Italian is a rich language with an equally beautiful history. It is also a romantic language that oozes with appeal and emotion. The way the words are pronounced sing like music and dance in your ears the same was as poetry lingers in your thoughts. Italian is one of the romance languages spoken in Europe along with French, Spanish and Portuguese. Italian will add spice to your love life or land you a hook up with a beautiful woman. Learn the language with learn Italian software.

Learn Italian software can help a person with their enunciation, pronunciation, and diction. Pronunciation and the correct use of the tongue are important in Italian because the language is like music that rolls off one's mouth. Once you have installed learn Italian software, pay close attention to the way the audio file sounds. It is important to understand the way the language is spoken. Like most languages practice makes permanent. You will only get better if you constantly speak in Italian. Memorizing phrases and words and repetition based on the audio files will only get you so far. It is better to test yourself with someone who can converse in Italian without a set of phrases or words to say.

Learning on the fly will help a person adjust and pick up the language faster than memorizing phrases and words. Learn Italian by constantly exposing yourself to Italian and speaking with someone who knows the language well.

Learn French Software

By: Robert Corter

A new language brings with it a new set of challenges that a person encounters when they want to learn that language. Another language helps a person expand their horizons and deepen their knowledge about the world. A language will bring a person to a country's culture and origins. Language is a gateway to a nation's psyche. Understanding a language will give a person a sneak peek into a nation's mindset and their history.

France is well known for its literature and arts. They have been a center for culture and art for the past several years. Year in and year out they hand out awards to the world's most famous artists. Learning the language can help a person understand what the French are thinking and their rich culture and art. But learning French is difficult because of the way you must use your tongue when you speak the language.

Learning French can be easier if a person uses learn French software. With a learn French software a person can practice their French and listen to audio files on the correct enunciation and pronunciation of the language. When a person is studying a new language it is important to listen to the language and speak all of the time. A person no longer has to study books or read dictionaries if they are constantly exposed to the language they are trying to learn. But having language learning software is a huge plus. A language learning software can help a person with their French because the software integrates all of the tools a person needs.

French language software has visual tools such as placards and videos to see how a person speaks French. It can also help a person understand the different aspects of the French language because of the visual cues shown in the software. It is also important to find out the cultural and contextual aspects of learning a language. In some cases some words are inappropriate to use for different age groups. Keep note of these little things when you study French or another language.

Find language software that has good quality and offers good value for your money. Scour the internet for the best options when you look for language learning software. Look for good value such as good price, good tools, and good reviews. Always check the user reviews when you purchase language learning software. The best deals for language learning software integrate all the tools within the software that can help a person learn a language effectively. But the best way to learn a language is to expose yourself to that language. Constant exposure to a language will shorten your learning curve.

Be on your way to learning French with the right language learning software. There is no easy way to learn a new language. A person must have perseverance and determination to learn a new language. There are no short cuts but if you keep on practicing and practicing and practicing till you reach your goal.

Quick Tips to Convert PowerPoint files to DVD

by: Softwarebazar

Converting PowerPoint presentations to DVD is a two step process and can be done with the aid of free conversion software that is available in the market. The first step for PPT to DVD conversion involves converting the presentation to video format like AVI or image format like JPG and the second step involves converting the AVI or JPG file to DVD.

This process however involves the usage of several software tools as there is no such software available which can execute all the operations by itself. EM PowerPoint to Video Converter free is a free tool you can always use to convert PPT files to AVI videos. Apart from AVI this tool can effectively convert PPT files to other video formats like WMV and MPG. Although this tool includes a DVD burner it requires VOB or MPG files as inputs.

iSpring Converter Free is another free tool which can be used to convert PowerPoint documents to flash (SWF) files. This converted SWF files can be later converted to AVI format by using SWF2AVI or CamStudio for burning it to DVD. PPT files converted through both these ways can be burned into DVD using DVD Flick which is also a free software and is a very effective one.

PowerPoint Image Copier is another tool which can convert PPT files to JPG images which can be later converted to a DVD slideshow using DVD Slideshow GUI tool which is also a freeware. PowerPoint Image Copier is an effective tool which can capture visual contents of any PPT file as distinct JPG images. This tool scrolls through the slides and take snapshots of them. However, this tool have one disadvantage i.e., if some other image suddenly pops up on the screen it will capture that image into the converted file and you may have to abort the whole process and start again from the beginning. In case you are looking for tools that can work with your Microsoft Powerpoint application please visit our section on download office productivity software

Watch Satellite TV on PC

by: David Uzonitsha

In today’s digital world, technology has continued to grow and advance. This is what adds a new dimension to the world of entertainment. Technology has its major impact on the world of entertainment. Watch TV online right on your personal computer or laptop which has made it quite easier over the recent years. Free TV online is a reality which has brought a new wave to the world of entertainment.

This is recognized as a PC or computer TV card, in short PCTV card. Here are two types obtainable in the market for sale. One requires you to really install it within your PC while the extra can be just plugged into the USB port of the PC. With most people acquiring the high speed internet connection over broadband, individuals have been given the option to entertain themselves while in workstations or in leisure. Just imagine, you don't need any wiring, no hardware installation to get started with free TV channels online

The PCTV card uses your PC infrastructure to decode the satellite TV signals consequently that you can create to watch satellite TV on computer. With the help of the easy and simple downloading instructions, you can easily start with the free entertainment. The satellite TV signals are basically termed as Free-To-Air or FTA TV signals. Satellite TV stations show their TV programs via FTA which are unencrypted for public viewing, if you have broadband connection, you just need to follow the easy to download instructions which will just takes minutes to get you started with the satellite TV over PC.

Though, in order to watch satellite TV on computer, please take note of the PC hardware and OS necessities and compatibility of these cards with your PC. After the installation of the PCTV software in your own computer, you will get one well-organized and a user-friendly interface on the window, including various small menus as well as control buttons all around it.

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The satellite television software is a lot compatible to all the Windows versions, UNIX and LINUX to list a few, it is favored that your PC is using a least Pentium II 333 MHz processor and your OS should perfectly be either Windows ME, 98, 2000 or XP. Extra peripherals that can enhance your viewing knowledge are a superior sound card, video graphics card, speakers and PC theatre scheme.

Cable TV tends to be nicely-received in built-up areas considering that it is not affected by terrains and weather. Nevertheless, in places wherever cable know-how has not arrived at, this sort of as rural areas or some suburban districts, satellite TV is their selection. In actuality, you can set up a satellite dish program to observe satellite Television on your Television from any element of the earth so it has a around the world appeal. Exactly where you can have World Wide Web entry, you can watch satellite TV on PC easily.

No monthly bills or membership fee is charged and you can work from any part of the world, while on a move, or while relaxing as long as you have the Internet access.

Here is still time for you to discover extra, about how you can watch satellite TV on PC for

free through my TV blog.