Online Data Entry Projects – Capture Online Audience by Data Entry!

by : Ashwin Gupta

In recent situation, it's extremely hard to grasp the business from each angle. You must need a very immense marketing budget and also setup to handle the marketing team. Online audience is certainly 1 of the largest sources. You must capture their attention to produce more value. It's not so difficult to grab the attention of online consumers but you need more time & some employee to work on. Instead of performing this procedure on your own, experts suggest outsourcing the assignments as online data entry. That'll be certainly gainful for your organization. This way, you can avoid consumption of time and wastage of money as well. Here's the small inventor of online data entry projects that can assist you in expanding recognition of your business. 


Articles are certainly 1 of the oldest and most effective resources of finding new customers and making business via online resource. This's the podium where you can offer more knowledge or information regarding your services. You could explain the advantages and value of product. You've to write approximately 250-350 words & to post in article directories. This could be a difficult job for you. Therefore outsourcing online data entry project is the finest method. A blog is a place where one can allocate the latest update as well as detailed info regarding his or her business.

Twitter status update:

For your knowledge, Twitter is the most renowned online community. You must have been familiar with micro blogging website. It's utilized to associate with people & exchanging thoughts. Individuals join this community but don't have any idea what to submit. To acquire more & more attention, you regularly have to update your status. In fact, you can outsource data entry projects online and obtain great business without even spending too much time over it.

Blog Post Entries:

Well, a blog is a place where one can allocate the latest update as well as detailed info regarding his or her business. Various individuals and companies have blogs but they're incapable to handle those. Via online data entry, you can find experts who can effortlessly supervise your blogs. Instead of performing this procedure on your own, experts suggest outsourcing the assignments as online data entry. That'll be certainly gainful for your organization. This way, you can avoid consumption of time and wastage of money as well. Here's the small inventor of online data entry projects that can assist you in expanding recognition of your business.

Data protection and information security difference

by : webimprints

According to experts from network security company in Computer Security we must distinguish between, Information Security and Data Protection.

One must distinguish between the two, because they form the basis and reason, justify the selection of data elements that require special attention in the context of Information Security and usually also give the reason and the obligation to protect with the help of data Security Company. Most of data is leaked via website ,which can be prevented with the help of Website security company. 

During an interview with expert from network security company, although the difference between Information Security and Data Protection as a motive or obligation of security activities but the security measures applied are the same.

Information Security is required to protect the data and is used to avoid their loss and non-authorized modification. Data Protection should first ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, however there are more requirements such as authenticity among others. Data protection can be implemented wit the help of data Security Company. 

As per the experts from webimprints, which is a Website security company.The reason for the authorities to implement protective measures that respond to information security, is the interest of the institution or person handling the data, because the loss or modification of data, could result in damage.

For example the bank , they have to implement information security measure to ensure data protection with the help of data Security Company. Any lost or erroneous modification, whether caused intentionally or just by human negligence, any record of a bank account, can result in economic losses or other negative consequences for the institution. Thus help of network security company is required. In many states there are legal rules governing the processing of personal data, such as in Mexico, where there is the " Law of Protection of Personal Data" which aims to guarantee and protect, with regard to the processing of personal data, public freedoms and fundamental rights of physical persons, and especially their honor and personal and family privacy and privacy. But the big problem is when there are no laws and legal rules that prevent the abuse or misuse of personal data or if inadequately or arbitrarily applied. There are some professions that by their professional nature are recognized and bound by his oath, to respect personal data such as doctors, lawyers, judges and priests. But regardless, whether or not there are legal rules, the responsibility for proper processing of personal data and the consequences that may result in the case of missing it. Thus WebImprints, a Website security company is helping its clients in this respect. 

Hire Best Facebook App Developers and Carry the Day!

by : ShannonCarnton

If you are involved in Facebook app development, either as a development company or an individual, you must create some promising apps or games to reach to great heights in this field. For the former one, it is very important to hire the best minds, which not only give their best in coding related stuffs but has his/her own exceptional ways of thinking and capability to work well in the team. In this article, we will discuss on the important elements you should ponder upon, when you are to Hire Facebook Programmer which could help you deplete the risk factor involved in the same:

  • Go-through the concepts: Though you are extremely expert and experienced in the Facebook app development, before seeking for the developers, you should do the necessary homework from your side. Whichever good companies I have read about, have one great point – at the end of interview they ask the candidate if they want to ask something. There is the possibility that they may ask something from any area of the field or related field and if you, as an interviewer are not able to answer it, it can create wrong impression.
  • Novice or Experienced? Most of the companies face the ambiguity, whether to go with the novice developers or experienced one. To this point I would say, it depends on the type of project you want to hire the developers for. Many companies prefer the fresh minds because they are probably more enthusiastic in learning the things and they are like wet clay, whatever falls on their mind makes the concrete impression as time passes. Also, if you want to get done the most complex projects, it is preferable to go for the veteran developers owing to their experience in the field. Again, as a recruiter, I believe, there is no concrete delineation between the experienced and novice developers. I have seen many 2-3 years experience people who are just stagnant and cannot do the things which are slightly out of their comfort areas and the fresher's who are too versatile that they get ready to do any difficult task given to them through their efforts; whether they do or not, the positive approach matters a lot because most of the time under the guidance of seniors they do it well.

Ask something out of books

With this point, I want to put light on asking the intelligent questions. If you are a versatile company, this point is of utmost importance for you. Creating the applications requires some out-of-box thinkers. Please do not mistake the smart thinkers with complex thinkers. For creating the apps, you should hire Facebook programmer who can develop the apps which any user would love to use. For instance, Candy Crush Saga application is not a complex application, yet there are millions of users who love to play the game. So my point here is your app should touch the heart of user and insist them to use the app. This can be done only if you have great team and minds.

Information security training is MUST

by : David Thomas

Security researchers have discovered a new version of the Stuxnet malware, known as "Havex" which was used in a series of cyber attacks against the above organizations in the energy sector.  As you will see in most cases, the affected sector is the energy sector. The famous Stuxnet worm was designed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear plants, now, the new version is scheduled to affect software systems for industrial control SCADA and ICS capabilities disable devices in hydroelectric dams, as well nuclear power plants and even disable power grids using these types of devices.

The so-called Backdoor: W32 / Havex.A and variants of names depending on the antivirus vendor is a remote access Trojan generic and has recently been detected in a series of European companies that develop software applications for SCADA and ICS.  Havex is equipped with a new component, whose purpose is to collect information from the network and connected devices by leveraging the OPC (Open Platform Communications) standard. OPC is a communication standard that allows interaction between Windows-based SCADA applications and process control hardware. The malware scans the local network for devices that respond to requests from OPC to collect information about industrial control devices and then sends that information to its command and control server (C & C). Intelligence on development, has prepared the Havex in a function to collect information and send it to a server for developers of this worm, can enhance the Havex more precise functions make efficient and achieve the attack.  One of the issues which are companies that own these types of devices is still using SCADA with very tight versions of Windows that do not support or upgrades that may mitigate some of these safety issues and lack of Information Security Training emphasis on staff adds another level of threats. What we recommend is that the production line or that have SCADA network that has the following protections:

1) Where the SCADA LAN not have Internet access,

2) The teams are not accessible from the LAN to the users working in the company network.

3) If you must transfer files, do another VLAN or a segmented network and use services such as FTP or similar.

4) Do not allow the use of SCADA pendrive in those devices that support it. Transferring files to the same should be through a secure channel.

Delete Recovery Made Simple – Do It By Self!

by : TogetherShare

Deleted files can be recovered if you feel that the file is essential for you or if you feel that the deleted filed has to be referred again before it is deleted permanently. There are solutions for delete recovery by adhering to the following steps. The software technology has made immense growth in data recovery. There are varieties of devices including flash cards are being offered in the market as recovery tool with built in software. You can simply plug in to start your process. With these software, you can recover anything what has been deleted by you accidentally or deliberately. Check the following process.

Your recycle bin:
In most of the system, whether it is Windows, Linux or other operating system, there will be a folder to store the deleted file. This is known as the recycle bin. The file deleted will be stored in that folder for a particular period as set by default or customized by the user. Simply visit the recycle bin and restore the file. This is a very simple process to delete recovery the file.

Backup file system:
Backup file system is good practice and in doing so you can have all your files in the back up drives. Adopting this practice is part of your working habit, were the user need to regularly backup the file manually or upon receiving a system prompt before you shut down the system. This is a process easy to practice as the user has to develop the practice as an intuitive manner. The process is part of the users working habit and if it is developed properly, the user can easily have delete recovery.

File recovery software:
Recovery file software is a best tool to recover the file from your system, even if it is not in the recycle bin. Systems like Windows, never rewrite a new file over an old file. Even though the old file is not visible in the system, the deleted file will be very well within the system. So unless the system do not have a new drive space to wrote a file, it uses a new space to wrote the new file or only it writes over the old deleted file space. So by using a recovery file software, it is easy to recover a deleted file, if the system is not over written a file over a deleted file. The user can easily understand if the system has existing space or new space by looking in to the space available in the drive. This makes delete recovery process simple and easy.

Ready made recovery programs:
These programs are easy to install and easy to operate. There are so many ready to use recovery software are available in the market. You can choose the best recovery software by online and start using it. The prompts will guide you, how to use it efficiently. The latest recovery software files are portable that means, the user don't have to install in their PC. This is stored in a flash drive and can be used at your convenience. This is one of the easiest methods to have delete recovery.

Why You Need To Have A Data Recovery Plan In Place?

by : Steve Jen

Can your business function a day without all the critical applications and data? If you answer yes to that question then it probably means that you don't need a data recovery plan. However, if the answer is no, then you need to put in some time and effort to come up with a solid data recovery plan that can help your business function seamlessly, even, in case of data loss.

Think of your disaster recovery plan as an insurance policy for all your data, in case something happens and you end up losing all of it.

Here are some reasons why you should start formulating a recovery plan right away:

Hardware Is Machines and Machines Can Fail

While we have made great development in our reliance on technology, it is still not flawless. It can be quite expensive to make your entire IT infrastructure perfect to eliminate all points of failure, but it is actually the only way to be sure that hardware failure will not result in data loss. However, the best option is to keep backing up your data regularly, and preferably with a reliable managed hosting service provider. 

Nature Can Be Disastrous

We have all, at some point in life, seen how nature can result in instant disaster. Businesses that don't have a disaster recovery plan in place end up losing all their critical data, and find it almost impossible to get their operations back up in case of natural disaster like hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods. If you don't wish to go out of business when a hurricane hits, be sure you have everything backed up in multiple destinations. 

Humans Are Erroneous- We Make Mistakes

Now you can't really have a plan to avoid human error, it can happen anytime, anywhere. Anyone could overlook an essential procedure and end up deleting some of your important data. Make sure that you have an effective plan in place so that you can make up for these types of human errors. A data recovery plan will also be helpful incase your data is comprised by a hacker, or if it is stolen.

There are actually no reasons as to why you shouldn't have a data recovery plan. Like each business, your business is also equally susceptible to It disaster, and the only way to be sure that you are safe is to have a plan in place.

For more information about technical support Toronto and data recovery Mississauga, visit    

Tips to Sync Any Folder to the Cloud by Using Symbolic Links

by : Brooke M. Perry

Almost all of you must be aware of the amazing cloud storage features that are offered to make your stored content secure and available anytime, anywhere. Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and others offer amazing support to allow you access your content by using various devices, but they all have the same problem. Highlighting the main issue and creating problems for users while syncing the folders, these cloud storage companies can only synchronize folders inside its platform. But, many tech geeks and cloud management experts deployed their skills and efforts to come up with a work around to this limitation and named it as symbolic links.

In this article, you'll read about the basic functioning of symbolic links and how to use them on a Windows, Mac, or Linux device?

What are Symbolic Links?

Symbolic links are specifically developed to synchronize any folder on your PC to the cloud storage platform that a user is currently using. Before starting the synchronization process, users must ensure that the configuration file that has to be synchronized should be placed in a specific location of your PC. All the major operating systems (OS) are offered with integrated tools for creating symbolic links and they work excellently to bridge the gap between your PC and cloud storage platform. A symbolic link, once created, acts as a ‘pointer' towards a folder that presents details same as the real folder or files.

In case you want to synchronize all the files in C:\Stuff with Dropbox, then you can create a symbolic link in the Dropbox folder to point the link to C:\Stuff. On successful creation of the link, the Dropbox will synchronize everything inside the C:\Stuff folder.

Sync Any Folder to the Cloud by Using Symbolic Links in Windows

(Note: This section will use any folder to be synchronized to OneDrive on Windows 8.1.)

  1. Log-in as an Administrator and open a Command Prompt window by pressing the ‘Windows Key + X' and clicking on the ‘Command Prompt' option.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type-in ‘move "C:\Path\To\ExternalFolder" "C:\Users\NAME\Dropbox"' and replace ‘C: \Path\To\ExternalFolder' with the path to the folder you want to sync. Now, replace the ‘C: \Users\NAME\Dropbox' with the path to your current cloud storage folder and it will move the entire folder to your cloud storage folder.
  3. Admin should create a symbolic link by typing ‘mklink /d "C:\Path\To\ExternalFolder" "C:\Users\NAME\OneDrive\ExternalFolder"' in the Command Prompt window and the folder will contain all synchronized folders at its original location.

Sync Any Folder to the Cloud by Using Symbolic Links in Linux

Linux users can create a symbolic link with the help of its ‘ln commands' feature and then you'll not be required to move any files around. To do the same, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal and run the ‘ln -s /path/to/ExternalFolder ~/Dropbox/' command.
  2. You can easily synchronize an individual file by specifying its path instead of the path to a folder. If it doesn't work, then first move the external folder within your current cloud storage folder. Once the folders are moved successfully, create a symbolic link in reverse, like the same you would do on Windows.

Sync Any Folder to the Cloud by Using Symbolic Links in Mac OS X

  1. Open a terminal window by pressing ‘Command + Space,' and then type ‘Terminal' in the Spotlight search dialog, and hit ‘Enter.'
  2. Run the ln -s "/path/to/ExternalFolder"  "/Users/name/Dropbox/ExternalFolder" command, in the appropriate path.
  3. This command will not work properly with Google Drive, but performs well with other popular cloud storage platforms. Since Google Drive won't accept symbolic links, move the folder you want to synchronize inside your cloud storage folder and create the symbolic link in reverse. Run ‘mv "/path/to/ExternalFolder"' "/Users/name/Google Drive/"' to move the folder and use ‘ln -s "/Users/name/Google Drive/ExternalFolder" "/path/to/ExternalFolder"' to create a symbolic link in reverse.
 Apart from linking the internal folders, you can also use this feature to synchronize external folders that are located outside your cloud storage folder. Since the prime function of these links is to establish a bridge between your PC's folder and the cloud storage platform, it performs the same for external folders as well. Create an external symbolic link on each computer that you use and the folders with the same content will appear across your devices. You can easily establish external links by using a third-party program or tool included in the OS. So what are you waiting for? Spot a folder, establish a link, connect with cloud storage and service, and access them anytime, anywhere.


It Is Your Networking Cable So You Should Care

by : Iftakhar Sheikh

With the colossal solace that accompanies having working links, be it in your home or work place, there comes an obligation to it that you may have those links in fine scratch. For any link to be abandon free and work advantageously there are some few skills and methods that you ought to acquaint yourself with and put into utilize that you may have your cables in the ideal condition conceivable.

Most link deformities are a result of uninformed or imprudent wrapping. Matters may even be more awful, considering a few of us are even excessively sluggish to guarantee that we wrap them whatsoever. At whatever point we neglect to wrap a link apropos, we are welcoming harm and breakages. Numerous links that are not wrapped whatsoever, or rather wrapped incoherently have a tendency to cut and consequently getting to be to a greater extent a risk to you.

This is an obligation undertaking as well as a wellbeing safeguard. On the off chance that you perceive that any of your link is protected wrongly or rather stripped, it is indispensable to guarantee that the links are accurately protected. In the event that you can't do it without anyone's help, reaching the administrations of a professional ought to be the exact move.

Guaranteeing that your links are constantly found and situated at fit places in the work place and in the house is a standout amongst the best approaches to take legitimate forethought of your links. This includes, verifying that the links are not continued lying around the house where anybody can venture at them. In the event that you can, stick your cables on the dividers or top utilizing scissors, as it may be more advantageous and more secure.

Despite the fact that this appears direct and plain, there have been situations where some individuals attempt to fit links into wrong ports bringing about perils, contrarily and harm to the links. You can evade this by gaining link jointing extras, which are more secure, more advantageous and up to the assignment.

Other than legitimate protection of your links, it is your part to make sure that your links are not presented to water effectively as it may be dangerous and the result risky. An alternate approach to guarantee that your links are not open to water is to guarantee there are arranged and situated through sticking, packagings or hanging.


Three most significant Things to think about while buying Used Computers

by : Angelina Rose

Buying used computers is never a simple task. You will be aware simply cannot choose the condition of a pc just by seeing its look. Moreover, if you are not a professional in distinctive the operating condition of the pc accessories, you will have various bother in shopping for the used computers. If you have no information even of the fundamentals of the computers, you ought to avoid shopping for used computers. Just for when your budget is proscribing, the refurbished computers are going to be the most effective choices for you. IF you have a basic plan of the operation of the pc, this text can help you to check the three most significant components to check where shopping for the used computers.

1. Checking the computer frills within the CPU

As you will understand, CPU is that the main unit of a computer than we must always begin checking with it. Simply turning the facility of the pc on and obtaining the operating system loaded does not suggest that everyone the pc accessories are operating absolutely. As an example, the RAM (memory module) failure may not show now. RAM failures will know only by acting on the pc for a minimum of quarter-hour. Sure RAM failures will know with the beep codes. You ought to have noticed a beep sound because turning on the computer. Every beep states a blunder within the memory module. The beep-beep codes and their explanations are wide accessible online. Make sure to look at the beep codes 1st. you ought to run the pc with some stern programs to check the disc performance. There are thousands of disc diagnostic software systems accessible out there for this purpose. Disc failures can lead to knowledge loss then disc is one among the elements that have to be compelled to check.

2. Checking the show the show  

This is the common half were several of them get tricked. Simply checking the software system settings for the show will not make sure the operating condition of the check. Bear in mind that there is hardware buttons for the alignment of the show on the check. In several cases any of those hardware buttons on the desire not work. This may leave you with no chance to vary the alignment settings of the check. Therefore, you ought to confirm that the check hardware buttons are totally useful.

3. Watch out for stolen product

Apart from checking the standard of the used computers, you have to check their genuineness too. Stealing the pc components looks to be straightforward and these purloined products are selling for dead cheap costs. If you attract by a budget evaluation of those purloined product, you are creating a giant mistake. Shopping for purloined used computers can cause you to find yourself in severe legal problems. Therefore, make sure to check the genuineness of the used pc provider.


How to recover deleted formatted photos from digital camera: Nikon Coolpix, Canon Powershot, Sony Cybershot, Fujifilm Finepix, etc

by : Tapy

Digital photography is another way to explain anything, however almost photographer may face this situation: accidently deleted images from their digital camera, or formatted their camera card unintentionally and more. And the common question is that am I able to restore formatted or deleted images from digital camera.    

Answer of this question is YES you can recover deleted photos from memory card of digital camera. If you have previously created a backup file then use it and restore digital photos otherwise you can also use a free digital camera photo recovery tool and recover formatted images without need of any backup file. Through this way you can able to restore photos from SDHC, secure digital card SD card, SDXC, multimedia card MMC, Compact Flash CF card, MicroSD card, MicroSDHC card, xD card, MicroSDXC card, SD mini or memory stick.

What happens when photos are deleted or digital camera memory card is formatted?

Recovery is possible because of the internal design of storage device (memory cards), when you delete or format images from memory card then it are not actually gets deleted completely but system will only spot the space as free and when you capture new images or copy new data in it then it overwrite the free space and in this stage previous data will gets deleted completely.      

So it is recommended that whenever you face such types of situation then avoid overwriting memory card because once you overwrite it with new data then previous data will gets invisible permanently.


Solution is very simple use backup if you have or otherwise apply third party camera photo recovery tool to restore your deleted photos without need of backup file. This tool is very famous among the camera professionals because it is very simple to use. This tool is also able to restore photos from all types of DSC and DSLR digital camera such as Nikon Coolpix, Canon Powershot, Canon EOS, Sony Cybershot, Fujifilm Finepix, Olympus, Kodak, Casio, Panasonic, Samsung, Pentax, Fuji, Konica-Minolta, HP, Agfa, NEC, Imation, Sanyo, Epson, IBM, Goldstar, LG, SHARP, Lexar, Mitsubishi, Kyocera, JVC, Leica, Phillips, Toshiba, SanDisk, Chinon, Ricoh, Hitachi, Kinon, Verbatim, Vivitar, Yashica, Argus, Lumix, Polaroid, Sigma digital cameras, etc.   

Apply this recovery software and retrieve data of formatted camera without any extra knowledge, it means you don't need any professional knowledge to operate this type of software. So download recovery software for your device and restore your deleted data without need of backup. 

Important Tips You Should Know About Data Recovery

by : garryjames

Most of the people know about the data loss.  Data losses may attend some severe drawbacks for the business.  In worst case eventualities they place you out of your business or can cause you to desire you're in period of time.  The good news is data recovery more often than not is still feasible. Data recovery can be done in two ways by using data recovery software or data recovery services. Data recovery program can help you revive the information which you thought was lost. However, Data recovery services can do over that.US Tech Labs services help you to recover your personal or business knowledge after most of the information loss scenarios.

Digital data storing devices: regaining data from pc hard drives, pen or flash drives, UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS hard drives, other transportable storing devices, Videos, Compact disks, notebooks, laptop computers, tablets, iPhones, iPads, digital cameras, memory cards, mobile rings, & digital tapes.

There are lots of data recovery services which are provided by the companies such as DVR data recovery, Raid Data Recovery, Magnetic tape data recovery and many more.

Data recovery tools are currently widely accessible. A lot of firms are offering hard drive data recovery tools knowing that more and more people at the moment are making use of computers with hard disks which are usually subject to break down.  In addition, this hard drive recovery tools were being intended in addition to developed for your desire that the lost data can be recovered even though computer system thought-about them inaccessible. The reality in the subject is usually, once the information is usually corrupted as well as erased in the hard drive by mistake, the data just isn't entirely misplaced.  It truly is just saved somewhere; in addition hard drive data recovery specialists can do something to retrieve them.

Actually in improper the data may become permanently lost.  The majority of vendors target regaining information from a handful of devices, likely in common devices like USB, hard drives, hard-disks, cell phones, memory cards, etc.  Now, if you are currently experiencing data loss and you want to retrieve your essential files, you can contact an expert to help you do the task of retrieving your lost data.

Every data recovery service has their unique way to solve the data recovery problems. Usually the priority of these services provider is to get the damage drive running again. If you have a sensitive data that should not be fall into wrong hands so while choosing the data recovery you have to carefully consider the choice that will be made. So next time you lose any data, do not get afraid or nervous. The probabilities are that some good data recovery company will be able to save the day for you.     

The Top 3 Picks of Free Cloud and Data Center Storage Services

by : Daneatkinson

In this new wave of IT innovation, the traditional model of infrastructure does not suffice for this reason, entrepreneurs today are taking advantage of cloud storage solutions in an attempt to maintain and protect their exponentially growing data. The impetus for this move is not only to reduce cost rather to get better Data Center Hosting Services.


Dropbox is one of the powerful and finest free cloud storage systems. The major benefit with drop box is, it offers specifically designed for Blackberry, Linux and OS systems and  also supports iOS & Android platforms,  no matter what type of technology you employ, it easily fits your business needs. Its desktop application is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Drop box offers 2GB of free storage space and follows a unique referral system wherein every friend you refer, you earn a 500 MB of extra space. This feature of drop box has been a greatest crowd puller. Dropbox has also successfully integrated with Face Book Groups thus allowing users easy sharing of files on their Facebook Groups.

Google Drive                                                                                                                                                     Google Drive is readily available within your Gmail account. It offers users 5GB of storage space and in case users want additional space they can select plans ranging from 25GB to 16TB. It supports Mac OS and Windows however like drop box it is not compatible with Linux. It has unique file type support including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop files, Vector Graphic files and Autodesk AutoCAD files. However to edit your Microsoft office documents, first you are required to convert it to a Google doc file type. It is secure to use, as drive is embedded with 2-step verification throughout your google account.

One Drive

One Drive popularly known as Sky Drive is a Microsoft's cloud storage service. It offers 7GB of free storage as compared to other two services it offers most competitive upgrade plans. The best part of Sky Drive is it directly integrates with Microsoft Office and allows syncing, viewing and sharing of docs. Sky Drive supports Windows and Mac OS and for supporting Linux, it is dependent on third-party programs. It is the only service to have it own mobile app, compatible with Windows phone, Android and iOS platform. Other, added feature found in Sky Drive is, users can have a remote access to the files on their PC.

Every serve has its own strengths and weaknesses, apart from these three services there are many others like iCloud, SugarSync and more. These cloud services are convenient to use and provide better Data center storage solutions.


Spy software a Blessing in Disguise

by : Ben Nelson

Spy software is an authoritative software that allows you to furtively document all your computer related activities. There are large variety of such spy software are present now. One of the best benefits of the spy software is that they help you to monitor your children's activity over the internet also

Here we are going to present some of the best available spy software, you can also get the benefit of these spy software.

Win Spy Software is one of best spy software that monitors your remote as well as your local computer. With it you will also get real-time remote viewer and the remote install. In order to gain access to this spy software you need a hotkey. It is quite popular software. It even provides you specific keywords typed from your computer. It will make you spy yourself, amazing? Now you don't have to appoint a detector. Everything will be done by a simple yet fantastic Win Spy Software. You should also try it once.

NetVizor is a potent network scrutiny software that lets you to keep an eye on all the computers of whole network from one central place! You can deploy NetVizor at your business place in seconds and can check the logging of people working through the network.  Now with this spy software there is no need of No physical presence of your employees to monitor.

007 Spy Software is good software that can check various activities done on your computer. It checks for emails received or sent, name of websites visited, face book, password applied, outlook, MySpace, twitter yahoo, msn and the list is long. It works by making screen snapshot at some interval of time.

Spy software is not only meant for just to use in computers but can be used in your iPhone or iPad etc. One such powerful spy software is Mobile Spy that makes a record of all the activities done in your iPhone, any other mobile or in iPad. It keeps an eye on the all outgoing and incoming SMS, caller IDs, location of GPS, images as well as videos made via your mobile. One of the best features of this spy software is that you can lock or unlock your phone with the help of live control panel. You can see the GPS locations as well via it.
Likewise, there is a huge number of such spy software present. Now with the help of them you can keep an eye on your child's activities, you can check whether your spouse is sincere with you or not or can monitor your employees.

You can use spy software on your computer after installing them or in your notebook or tablet. Even it is easily installed in your iPhone, iPad and different other mobile phones.
If you want to know more about Win Spy Software, you can have a look at this site software.htm. It provides all the relevant information and allows you to get your spy software as well.

Malware Reverse Engineering course

by : David Thomas

The malware also known as badware, malware is actually where the authors and creators of these programs have created for so mean and vile aims to steal passwords, hack email accounts. Cryptography is being employed in the design of almost all Malware.  The malware can be found on the largest Internet social network sites, being a website well visited, is precisely the ideal medium for cyber criminals to find potential victims instead. Related to the earthquake and tsunamies and deaths of celebrities, news is the perfect hook and bait to spread malware.  For example, someone could post false news of something and that person automatically increases your number of followers, and the same account can incite websites visit malware-infected sites.

All these facts confirm global knowledge of this great truth:  "The Internet malware spreads really fast pace, any computer without antivirus protection in real time is a favorite target of hackers" In fact it is very common to find as holders of some newspapers that x internet page was hacked or thousands of email accounts were hacked.

In fact there are hundreds of companies' antivirus, anti malware and spyware; there are thousands of worldwide experts investigating malware samples with techniques such as reverse engineering.

In fact the malware moves millions of dollars around the world such as those millions of dollars are spent on:  Protection antivirus licenses for companies and governments.
Millions of homes around the world are calling
a technician in repairing computers from malware and viruses. The antivirus companies are paying big money to his technicians and engineers to improve antivirus signatures. The hackers obtained millions in gains from his iniquities.

Companies spend millions of dollars on training employees to us and many times just to tell them to use common sense and do not open spam messages.  The ZOMBIES computers are a headache for governments and hackers use to hide ZOMBIES computers. Any of us we could be victims and owners of a ZOMBIE! Watch out!  It is more difficult to pursue with the LAW and order cyber criminals hiding in computer networks ZOMBIES. Conclusions: Use a good antivirus with real time protection and do what antivirus cannot do for you, if you can use common sense, an antivirus NO.

The Performance of Internet Security

by : Rajib Singha

Internet security is one of the most integral parts of managing computers and networks and it is a cosmic law not to let this be compromised at all. When we install Internet security we always search for certain aspects before selecting the software to use, based on the performance, features, ratings, reviews and also if the brand we are about to select provides help and support or not.

The performance is measured by aspects like protection, repair and usability of the software.

Protection: The best internet security methods to protect the network from breaches and exfiltration are by using firewalls, authentication etc. A firewall acts like a filter between the network and the Internet and the process of authentication includes passwords. Since passwords can be hacked and a hacker can easily penetrate the system, this is why companies prefer using more sophisticated ways of protection like retinal recognition verification, coded ID cards, voice recognition software or even handprint recognition software. These account for the dynamic advanced technologies which are improving by the day, and hence we can say that we are looking forward to a bright and more secure future in terms of protection.

Repair: Just in case the infiltration happens, or a virus attacks the network, the companies which provide the software to secure the environment also provide service for repair of damage such as corrupt files, backup data etc., and so, attempt to restore the damage caused. However, there is no guarantee of absolute repair, yet, this service is vital to resuming the workflow and it proves to be a great help.

Usability: The usability of the protection software refers to its adaptability and acceptability on various networks. It also includes:
  • Path of least resistance which means providing least authority to the user while also creating a comfortable path for the user to work without experiencing many obstructions and blocks.
  • Authorization refers tothe way in which software recognizes the user actions and frequency of the sites used, based on which it grants consent to access information from certain webpages, rather than blocking them.
  • Visibility ensures that the devices like routers, hardware, software, are visible to the network security administrator to keep a check on the system for others' authority, with respect to the relevance for user decisions.
  • User authority is maintaining the authority to access resources by the network security administrator.
  • Trusted path is created by the software to protect the users' information from being misused and setting a safe path from user to agent.
  • Expressiveness is enabling the user to formulate and implement security policies while also avoiding the obstruction of smooth functioning.
  • Identifiability means presenting actions and objects using distinguishable appearances and features for the ease of use.
  • Prudence warnings refer to the caution messages that the software sends to the user whenever the system is at threat. This may simply be displayed as the pop up messages reflecting consequences of user decisions.

Security software also supports the best antivirus across the industry, as it is this clubbed with performance, because of which security software earns its ratings and good reviews to create a good reputation in the industry. This is the reason why, Internet security is valued most highly in the cyber world and its success depends on its performance.

Are We Commanding Cyber Security Or Still Missing It By Miles?

by : Brooke M. Perry

In this virtual world, where threats, data thefts, data loss, and other severe mishaps are just a click away, saying that we're completely secured in terms of cyber security is just like fooling yourself. Every day we read articles, news, and features in newspapers, online portals, and other relevant sites that a bank website was hacked and the attackers flew away with millions of dollars. Or an actor has been defamed by releasing her illegitimate pictures that was nothing but just a morph trick. All these types of news or articles eventually make us worried about the security and privacy of our online accounts, however, we forget about it too often.

A potential malware or spam email carries the ability to infect your entire network and steal all the personal, financial, and official data from your online profiles. What can you do? Well, the answer is nothing. Although, we have extended networks, trained professionals, technologically advanced gadgets, and full-support from the law of the country, but still we are not able to control the rising cyber threats. Cyber security is something that needs to be stressed upon as many of our day-to-day tasks, processes, transactions, and other important things rely on an online medium now.

First of all, you need to understand that what cyber security is all about? 

Cyber security is nothing but the pre-defined standards that are formed to command you to practice safe security techniques and procedures that can minimize the risks of getting attacked by a cyber criminal. The techniques and procedures are assisted by several technologies and processes that are specially developed to protect your PCs, networks, and data. Additionally, these technologies will also restrict the unauthorized access to your profiles/data, thus, reduces the chances of vulnerabilities and attacks designed by a cyber criminal.

Cyber crime history and what does it include? 

Cyber crime is committed by making active use of computers, digital devices, and other computing gadgets with an aim to destroy, damage, or distract the proper functioning of PCs or devices. With the advancement in digital technology, information age, and gadgets evolution, all the computing devices come with pre-installed security features that restrict the unauthorized access to them. Marking remarkable footsteps in the history of cyber crimes, the first spam email was sent over the Arpanet in 1978. Past events also provide evidence for the fact that the first virus was installed, injected, and executed on an Apple computer in 1982.

As the name suggests, cyber security is all about making a user, device, online accounts, and other similar records and stuff secure in the virtual world. Illegal access, illegal interception, system interference, data loss/ or data interference, misuse of productive devices, and online frauds are some of the common areas that malware authors focus upon.

What is the concept and how secure we are?

Cyber crime works on a simple concept, where the computing device is either a tool or a victim or both. Cyber security is a continuous process that needs to be strengthened upon in order to make your ideas, data, profiles, and PC secured and safeguarded from all those dangerous threats. Installing efficient antivirus software can only restrict the entry of such threats or infections in your device, however, it is least related to managing the security of your network or device. An actively installed antivirus program will not let viruses enter your device, however, cyber criminals can still adopt various other techniques to steal data from it.

Various websites use SSL encryption to
showcase that these are secured and the data entered by a user will remain in the safe hands, however, there is no confirmation for the same. A lot of malware authors are capable of creating fake websites with the same appearance and style that can fool innocent users easily. HTTPS security standard is another major thing to be observed upon while using any of the website before entering your personal details. Generally, both of these features will assure you that you're quite safer than that of the portals with no extra security feature, however, security shields can be easily violated by a potential hacker, anytime.

How you can protect yourself from cyber crime?

Escaping from cyber crime isn't that easy, as a hacker can gain access of all your network, devices, profiles, and other relevant stuff to keep you trapped. Several recommendations, careful usage, restricting yourself from accessing infected websites, and downloading from trusted sources can help you avoid such threats and security issues on your device.
It is recommended to carefully read the ‘terms and conditions' and ‘Privacy policy' of the website before submitting any of your details and crucial data.. A website with poor or insufficient security protection and liberal privacy policy can easily sell your details to companies that can turn quite risky and dangerous for your personal life. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is the current security layer technology that many of the websites use in order to ensure that their registered users remain secure from the attacks of hackers, identity thieves, cyber criminals and others. You can also disable the remote connectivity of your device and server to avoid unauthorized access to ensure maximum security of the user as well as the device.

Having a high-end secured cyber security array would be establishing a secured layer that can combat and defend against several hacks and virus attacks. It is very important to update the security factors regularly to avoid any loophole in the security of your device, network or server. Ann evasive approach towards managing security layers can lead you to pay your entire lifetime's possessions to fulfill that loss.

Using an antivirus program, inserting firewalls and pop-up blockers, uninstalling unnecessary software, maintain backup, and checking security settings on a regular basis, will help you avoid cyber crimes at large. Apart from these, you can also emphasize on using a secured connection, opening email attachments carefully, and using strong passwords because collectively these can win the entire battle for being secured online.

The conclusion

Nothing in this virtual world is actually fully secured, however, latest technologies, equipments, servers, and many other processes are engaged in offering high-end protection. But several malware authors, hackers, and online thieves have a better hand on violating the security codes of such parameters. Hence, the only system that can consider being entirely safe is the one which is actually switched off and unplugged. No power access, no apps running, no Internet connection, and no networking can actually make your system quite safer than others, but what is the use of it? The only way to be safe is to pay attention towards minute details and to act smart for no matter what comes up.

All You Need To Know About Firewall In Windows 8

by : John Reddy

If you have recently installed Windows 8, then you need to secure it so that it does not face any security hazards. To maximize the security in your Windows 8, it is important to activate Firewall in your system. Firewall is set of software codes that provide online Windows help by protecting your system from hackers and malicious software. It acts as a filter between your computer and internet. It checks for every information sent or received between your system and network and either allows it or blocks it from your computer system.

Many users think that the working of antivirus and firewall are same. However, this is a myth as Firewall protects you from hackers while antivirus protects you from viruses and other malware. In order to protect your system, you require antivirus as well as firewall security. Firewall comes as a part your Microsoft Windows 8 and is activated, by default.
However, you can alter the settings for your Firewall. As per the expert technicians providing online support for Windows, your firewall should be activated for all the network connection and types like private, public or domain.

How Can A User Turn On Or Turn Off Windows Firewall?

Turning off the Firewall is never recommended. However, if you want to turn it off due to certain software and then want to turn it back on, then follow these steps:

• Swipe to the right edge of screen and tab on Search. Type Firewall on the search box and press Enter. Click on Windows Firewall from the search result list.

• You will require the administrator password to turn on/off your Firewall. From there wither you can turn on the Firewall under the type of network and click on OK or you can turn in off under each network type and Hit Enter key.

Other than turning the Firewall on or off, there are other settings as well that you will need to completely protect your system. Some of your apps or software might stop working due to activated Firewall. You can either turn off the Firewall protection or get online Windows help and support to allow such application to work on your system by including them on the allowed apps list.

A Firewall blocks all incoming information to maximum protection. However, you can still view majority of website and mails, work on instant messenger, and access your email account. You can also turn on the notification about the new app locked by your Firewall. With this option, you can choose whether to block or unblock the software applications.

Security of Windows operating system is must for everyone. That is why it is important to secure your computer with the help of Windows Firewall.

How to Configure Windows Server as a Ntp Server

by : David Evans

The Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards has a built-in time synchronization service – ‘Windows Time'. This article describes how to configure the Microsoft Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 time service as a NTP time server. It shows how to modify registry entries to configure the Microsoft Windows Time Service. The Windows Time service allows a Windows network to provide synchronisation of all machines within a domain.  

Windows 2003 Server Configuration

Windows 2003 has expanded on the original Windows 2000 time service by providing a true NTP implementation. The time service, installed by default, can synchronise to a NTP Server. Indeed, by manipulating registry settings for the service it can act as both an NTP server and client to synchronise other network clients in the domain.

The 'Windows Time' service should be present in the systems service list. The application executable is 'w32time.exe'. The parameter list for w32time can be found in the registry at:


Before modifying registry entries it is good a dood idea to backup the registry settings. The registry can then be restored in the event of problems being encountered.
To configure a Windows 2003 machine to synchronise to an external NTP server, edit the following registry entries:

Set the ‘Announce Flags' registry entry to 5, to indicate a reliable time source.

The ‘Special Poll Interval' registry entry defines the period in seconds that the Windows 2003 machine should poll the NTP server. A recommended value is 900 seconds, which equates to every 15 minutes.

The ‘NTP Server' parameter is used to provide a list of IP addresses or DNS names, separated by a space, of NTP servers that the Windows 2003 machine can synchronise to.

Changing the ‘Enabled' flag to the value 1 enables the NTP Server.

Change the server type to NTP by specifying ‘NTP' in the ‘Type' registry entry.

Windows 2000 Time Service Configuration

Windows 2000 has an integrated time synchronisation service, installed by default, which can synchronise to a NTP Server. Indeed, by manipulating registry settings, the service can act as both an SNTP client and SNTP server to synchronise other network clients.

Before modifying registry entries it is good a dood idea to backup the registry settings. The registry can then be restored in the event of problems being encountered.
The 'Windows Time' service should be present in the systems service list. The application executable is 'w32time.exe'. The parameter list for w32time can be found in the registry at:


Windows 2000 can operate as an NTP client and synchronise to an NTP server by setting parameter 'NTP Server' to the IP address of a NTP Server.

By default, the Microsoft Windows 2000 machine will synchronise to the specified NTP time server every 8 hours (or 3 times a day), which may not be enough to maintain accurate synchronisation. The period can be reduced by setting the 'Period' parameter to how many times a day synchronisation is required. Setting the period to 48 will activate synchronisation with the NTP server once every half hour.
Windows 2000 can also be configured to act as an NTP server by setting the 'Local NTP' parameter to '1'.

After editing any of the registry entries for the windows time service, the service must be restarted for the settings to take effect. The services can be started or stopped from the service control applet in 'administrative tools'. Alternatively the service can be controlled via the DOS net command thus:

net start w32time
net stop w32time

NTP Troubleshooting

A number of problems can be encountered when configuring the Windows Time Service. NTP operates using the UDP protocol over TCP/IP. Therefore the TCP/IP network infrastructure must be operational for NTP to be effective. Synchronisation issues may arise when NTP attempts to synchronise to an inaccurate time reference or if network delays are excessive.

Synchronising Time on Network Devices

As well as synchronising Microsoft Windows servers and workstations, NTP can also be used to synchronise network devices, such as hubs, switches and routers. Any network device that can synchronise to a NTP server can be pointed to the Windows server to achieve time synchronisation. In this way the whole network and accompanying infrastructure can be synchronised.

Windows and Apple: A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock'n'Roll

by : Catherine Coloff

Whether you have good vibrations for Macs, or too much respect for Windows to consider any other operating system, enough software and cloud solutions are available to meet your needs!

MS Office for Mac is a robust version of Office that is very similar (almost identical) to Office for Windows.  Although Microsoft does not offer Access or Publisher for the Mac version, full versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available for use.  The files you create are compatible and able to be opened, read, and changed back and forth using Mac and Windows version of Office.  Some people may be dancing in the street knowing they can get a Mac and not be concerned with compatibility!  Others may have been sittin' on the dock of the bay, and may now feel guilt free with the thought of having a Windows computer and a Mac to get their work done, and not be concerned about compatibility.

If you already own a Mac and have decided to use Pages and Numbers instead of purchasing Office, that's fine too!  Although not identical, both Pages and Numbers offer a "save as" feature that allows you to save your files in an alternative format to make them usable through MS office.

Still can't get no satisfaction?  Don't be cruel!  Let's shake, rattle, and roll toward cloud options that cater to both Mac and Windows alike!

Do you find yourself emailing file attachments back and forth all the live long day?  Google Docs may be a great option for you!  Think of Google Docs as your personal file share service on the Cloud.  Rather than worry about getting all shook up on which file version is the most recent one in your list of emails, just keep one copy of the file saved in Google Docs, and provide key people access to your Google Drive, so everyone can work from the same file copy, and not go crazy keeping track of who has the latest revision!  Google Docs also offers simplified versions of office applications, all for free, and all cross compatible with existing versions of MS Office.  And, of course, Google Docs is friendly to both Mac and Windows!

You've surely heard it through the grapevine that Microsoft offers a menu of cloud solutions that satisfy both Mac and Windows!  MS Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud solution which offers options to accommodate to a variety of business needs, such as email, web-based Office apps, and OneDrive (Microsoft's hard drive in the sky).  As a business using Office 365, each user can log into a shared OneDrive to access files similar to how I mentioned with Google Docs.  OneDrive is also offered as a standalone service 8GB of free storage.  Imagine…another solution that works uniformly with Mac and Windows!

At last, the debate between Mac and Windows' usability may be coming to an end!  What a wonderful world it is today!  And if you are still California dreamin' and you still think Macs are for graphic designers, even Adobe Creative Suites has joined the cloud with Adobe Creative Cloud.  Graphic designers can keep on keeping on with Windows or Macs, and can share files with each other too!

If, after taking in all this information, you catch yourself saying, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for," IT Radix recommends giving your trusted IT provider a call.  Based on your needs, they'll tell you what you want, what you really, really want.

Making Older Desktop Pc Wireless

by : Austin Luna

Okay so your looking for information on making a desktop PC wireless. You'll be happy to know that just about any desktop PC can support a wireless internet connection. Even older desktops can connect to the internet via a wireless internet connection. 

First, make sure your desktop PC is in good working order. What I mean by good working order is just to make sure the desktop PC is free of unwanted spyware and other harmful files which could make a desktop computer's wireless connection slow down to a crawl. If you plan on making an older desktop PC wireless then you should really scan your computer for spyware and infections because the last thing you want is something stealing all your system resources when you don't have very much to begin with.


Let's start by assuming you already have an internet service (not dial-up) and are cruising the web with ease. You should have a cable modem connected to your desktop PC. If this is the case, then you're ready to begin your wireless setup. If you don't have an existing internet service and a cable modem then you'd better stop reading this because a wireless internet connection on your desktop PC can't be accomplished legally without them.


First, before anything, you need to purchase a wireless router. If you've never owned a wireless router before then grabbing the most expensive model probably won't benefit you all that much unless you plan on receiving a wireless internet connection from inside of a multiple story building. In this case a more expensive router will offer a few features that are worth the extra money.

Remember when you go ahead and purchase a wireless router in hopes of making your desktop computer wireless you'll be happy to know that you'll be halfway done with your mission for wireless internet on your desktop. The only thing left is a wireless PC adapter.


It's actually very easy to add a wireless desktop adapter to your comupter's arsenal of computing tools. There are two different types of wireless networking components that you can choose from. They are as follows.

1. Wireless USB adapter

2. Wireless PCI adapter

*both wireless devices are packaged with a setup CD-ROM which quickly installs everything needed to configure and use your PC's wireless internet connection.

A wireless USB adapter is the easiest way to make a desktop PC wireless. The cons of using a wireless USB adapter are the signal strength which is considerably weaker than a wireless PCI card. Most people experience no problems with signal strength as long as they stay within range of the wireless router that's sending out the wireless signal.

Basically, installing a wireless USB adapter plugs into any available USB port. In reality, it only takes a matter of seconds to plug in a USB adapter and start using the internet without the wires.

The second wireless device that can make desktop computers wireless is called a wireless PCI (PCI = white slots inside a computer) card adapter. This device enables high performance wireless connectivity for your desktop PC with extended range.

Installation is not as hard as you might have thought. Simply remove the side panel from your desktop PC and insert the wireless PCI card into any one of the white slots inside. There is only one way the card can be installed. Reading the directions that are included when you purchase your wireless networking device is by far the best thing you can do to ensure a smooth installation and launch of your wireless connection.MAKING DESKTOP PC WIRELESS

5 Tips for Keeping Your Computer Virus Free

 by : Kelly Wroft

Computer viruses are all over the net, and we can easily inadvertently allow one to enter into our computer system. This can happen in a variety of ways, such as when we download a program or an attachment from our email. Or by following an email link that we did not realize leads to a virus. Virus in your system can result in a variety of problems and issues, such as data collection and data loss, and putting your private information and details at risk. Viruses also slow up your computer, making it frustrating to use. The good news is that a decent antivirus will quarantine most suspected viruses and help keep your system in great shape. Read on for 5 tips for keeping your computer virus free.

1: Install antivirus software

This should be a number one priority for protecting your computer. You should always have an antivirus software program installed, and with many free and economical versions available, there is no reason why you should not have one. Note that most free versions will not provide the same level of antivirus protection and premium paid for packages; however, it is still preferential to having nothing installed at all. Take a look at online reviews and customer feedback, in order to work out the best antivirus software for your needs. .

2: Ensure a firewall is set up

Firewall programs range from simple free programs to paid for programs, and work by helping to prevent hackers from hacking into your computer via the internet. Even if your computer is sitting idle, it can still be hacked into, if it is hooked up to a cable internet or DSL connection. Without a firewall system installed you are open to attacks at all hours, day and night, everyday of the week. So always ensure to have a firewall installed to help protect your computer and system.  

3: Keep a regular back up

You never know when you might be the victim of a virus or hacker, so it is important to regularly back up your computer in order to protect important and sensitive data. Your data can be backed up via a CD or external hard drive and this will ensure that if anything happens to your computer, your data will not be lost. Make sure that you take time to back up all your data regularly, in order to keep the data files updated to your most current data.

4: Protect with a password

Have strong passwords on all your online websites, such as internet banking, as difficult passwords are much harder to crack. Do not use the same password across the board on all your internet sites, or email accounts. For further security you should change your passwords every 3 months.

5: Source an IT repair company

A great It repair company is essential if something goes wrong that you do not know how to fix. An IT services company can assess the problem and, if within their power, will get your computer up and running efficiently and virus free again.  Sourcing a good tech company near you prior to any problem, will be a relief if anything were to ever go wrong. Make sure the IT repair company offers computer support services and computer consulting services, in order to help answer any questions you may have.

How to Connect to Another Computer Using Remote Access Software

by : Mitz

If you have Windows XP it has built in remote access software that helps you connect to a friends computer, by invitation, to help them by taking remote access control of their computer system. This means you could be in the USA and be helping your friend in Australia to find a solution to his or her computer problems. The technology to gain remote access to basically anyone's computer is available on most computer users start menu. I regularly give my friends computer support from the comfort of my own home.

What you need to use the Help and Support tool to gain remote access

1. An broadband or cable internet connection.
2. Windows Xp on both computers
3. An email address or be signed into Windows 

4. Live messenger.

The easiest way to connect

It is very easy to connect two computers over the internet. One computer can take control and fix problems on the other computer. Following these steps to use the Help and support software that is built in to Windows.

1. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger and have your friend do the same thing.

2. Go to the start menu and choose Help and Support (shown below) Just the computer user that wants to invite does this.

3. The Help and Support Center will appear.

4. Click on Invite a Friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance. Located under the Ask For Assistance menu.

5. Then press Invite someone to help you. The window below will appear.

6. Choose your friends name from the Windows Messenger contact list.

7. Click on Invite this person.

8. This will allow your friend to see your desktop. If they want to control your they must press the Take control button and the other person must agree by pressing ok..

Check out the Screenshots for this article at How to connect to another computer. This is what I see when I am in control of my friends computer...I can go on the internet or read their emails etc..

Reasons to use Windows remote help and support

--Your problem is so minor, you do not want to bother an IT support person.

--You cannot afford an It technician, and your know a computer whiz..

--You have already rang software support or your internet service provider and they could not help

--You constantly need desktop computer help and using remote access software is easy!!


--If you close the Remote Assistance Window it will disconnect. And you will have to start your remote access again if you want to connect.

--Don't worry if it is a bit slow because that is normal. The speed of your remote access depends on your speed of both internet connections.

--You can also connect using an email address. The invitation is sent through email.