Using a Secure Free Web Proxy to Access Your Favorite Websites

By: Appfio Joe 

You want to check the latest posts on Facebook and the current trends on Twitter but the content filter of your office or school prevents you from doing so. Most schools and offices block certain websites, like social networking sites, to prevent unnecessary use of their resources. Businesses, for example, report a decline in productivity when employees access their personal emails and social profiles during work hours. However, there is a way to go around content filters by using a free proxy.

An SSL proxy is your best friend if you want to bypass firewalls while at school or work. An unblock proxy is able to do this by using a third party IP. The SSL or Secure Socket Layer feature of the web proxy encrypts the data and allows you to surf the internet anonymously and securely.

Why Pick an SSL Proxy 

SSL ensures that you have a secure connection just like how you want your connection to be when shopping online. The SSL proxy also hides your identity by disguising your IP address. This is really useful when you are trying to visit websites that are blocked by the installed firewall or if you want to protect your privacy. Proxy servers can also help protect your personal information against hackers.

You can also use SSL proxies to access websites that are not normally accessible in your region. For example, there are websites that are only accessible in the United Kingdom so if you are from the U.S., you can use a proxy to go to that site.

Using a Free Proxy 

If you want to use an unblock proxy, you just need to go to the website of the web proxy and type in the web address that you want to visit. It is that easy. If you are using a free SSL proxy website, you do not have to sign-up or register. You also do not have to download any software nor provide any payment information.

You have to consider a few things when choosing a web proxy. You have to make sure that you can surf the sites you wan to visit and that your data will be encrypted. If you do not have a secure connection, then your data can be compromised and your personal information can be hijacked. Do your own research by reading reviews of users and find a reputable proxy.

You can do a quick search on Google in order to find the best web proxies that you can use. You can go for the free proxy services but there are also SSL proxy services that ask for a monthly fee. Some paid proxy services can be quite expensive to use. Remember that a paid service is not automatically the better option or the more secure connection.

Remember that using tools like a free proxy comes with responsibility. If you are using it from work or school, make sure you are not transmitting any sensitive information that may compromise your personal information or even worse, your organization's trade secrets.

Make the Most of Free Online Storage

By: Price Neil

People store a whole lot of data on their computing devices. For a person who uses his computer for personal reasons, his drives will be filled with data like movies, songs, applications and other documents. People store a whole lot of data on their computing devices. For a person who uses his computer for personal reasons, his drives will be filled with data like movies, songs, applications and other documents.

On the other hand someone who uses a computer for official reasons might store important work related information. Whether it is a personal computer or an official one, it bears a lot of information, which if lost will pose a huge problem. In such a situation it is better to be safe than sorry. Free online backup is one of the options that can be used for personal and official purposes. While using a computer, users are often clouded with the panic of their systems conking off leading to loss of important data. Instead of living in constant worry, choose free online backup as a way protect all of your data, important or otherwise. Offices are not the only outlets that are using free online storage. Online storage is also being used for personal reasons.

This is a good option for people who work from home, as it takes away the stress related to loss of data. An overt sense of dependence on technology has more often than not lead to disastrous circumstances. One among them is loss of important stored data. Picture a company having lost all of their data; imagine the mess that it would lead them into. To avoid the possibility of such situations is best to look for a good free online backup provider. With the help of the servers of these companies all your data will be kept safe no matter what happens to your computer.

Better yet, these companies allow you to access the stored data via cloud servers. The also provide free cloud backup services. On the web, you will come across a number of sites offering free online storage. These sites are some of the best ones as they offer a 100% guarantee of all the backup of their customers’ data. These sites have certain schemes or offers that one can choose from depending on his need. Apart from offering 2TB or 512GB storage, these sites also offer unlimited storage packs. These packs can be chosen based on the requirement of the people opting for the service.

These storage packs can be chosen based on not only the needs of a person or a company but also based on their specifications. Choosing a good free online backup company is important as they are the ones who are going to have control over all of your data. Make sure you choose a company known for its service of online backup. Your choice on the amount of backup space you need can also be influenced by the company. Therefore the role that the company plays in the process of handling your backed up data is more important than it seems. Choose a backup site well and you will soon see its benefits.

Advantages of Html Form Builder

By: Anushka Singh

Now web form builder is internet application so that enables everyone for create online forms. And when user starts building form, it automatically forms database, scripts and the backend that are needed to make gathering data quick. Everything is hosted on advanced server, all your need to do is login to a website and your account for start building your form. Online form builder is so easy process that it can be completed within minutes. Now forms are very important collecting and as gathering useful information from any people, and data or information will make your business proactive and powerful in competitive global business environment.

Now online form builder websites becoming very famous day by day. So far we have seen how the HTML manages and displays information, mainly through text, images and links. It remains to see how we can exchange information with our visitors. Since then, this new look is central for many actions that can be carried out through the web.

We saw earlier that we could, through links to email addresses, contact directly with an email. However, this option may result in some cases little versatile, if what we want is that the navigator sends us very precise information and also requires that visitors have installed on your computer any email program such as Outlook Express. That's why the HTML proposes another solution much broader: Forms.

Forms are those famous text boxes and buttons that can be found on many websites. They are very used to search or enter personal data such as e-commerce sites. The data you enter in these fields are sent to the administrator's e-mail form or a program that automatically processes it.

What can be done with a form?

Using HTML can only send the contents of the form to an email, that is, build a form with various fields and, when you press the send button, generate a composition window an email with the data that the user enters in each of these fields.

Often we will want to do more complex things with forms, as to automatically send mail to an email without having to pass content by any email program. This form will be processed by a program. The thing can be a bit more complex, because we have to use other more sophisticated languages ​​HTML itself. In this case, the simplest solution is to use pre-designed programs that we offer a number of hosting servers and allow us to store and process data in the form of files or other formats. If your pages are hosted on a server that offers you this kind of benefits, you can always resort to third-party servers that offer this or other free services for websites. Of course, another alternative is to learn languages ​​such as ASP or PHP that will allow, among other things, the processing of forms.

So in summary, You can use html form builder, to build html forms easily with different types of fields, such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop down menus, etc.. However, it should be clear that since you can not send HTML mail directly, it will generate an email to the visitor's computer, it will have to send "manually" using your email program. If you want the form to be sent automatically, or is processed on the server to generate another response, we need programming languages.