What is an Elite Proxy?

Creztor Tessel

Elite proxy is a keyword phrase that is searched for quite heavily online. In fact, you can find many variations of the phrase and this probably has a few people asking just what exactly is an elite proxy and why would so many people be doing keyword searches each month for it?

An elite proxy is a form of a proxy. Basically, a proxy or a proxy server requests information and then passes that information to its clients. So essentially, the client is accessing the information but indirectly. There are many forms of proxies and if you look online at what keyword phrases are being searched for each month you will probably see something like exclusive, anonymous and elite to just name a few. Why the need for the different phrases? In a nutshell an anonymous proxy, despite the name, really isn't anonymous. The site which is being accessed can see where/who is requesting the information behind the proxy. This is where elite proxies step in and why they are so popular. An elite proxy is completely anonymous and it does not pass forward to the site being accessed or reveal in anyway that a client is requesting the data through a proxy. The elite proxy doesn't look like a proxy at all. It appears to be nothing more than an average Joe on the internet looking for information. Elite proxies offer complete anonymity for clients using them. Why then would someone even need a proxy?

Proxies are used for a variety of reasons. The most common is that a specific site for some reason or another does not allow connections or people from a country or something similar. A good example of this is China and the great firewall which the Chinese government uses to control all internet traffic coming in and out of China. Many people living in China are unable to access websites that are deemed as inappropriate, however they can bypass this by using an elite proxy server. Instead of connecting directly to the site, they instead connect to the proxy server and then to the site they wish to access. The problem and need of proxies is also very popular in the USA. Myspace, an extremely popular site, is blocked by many schools and work places. To bypass this, students and workers can simply use a proxy server. They first access the proxy server and then Myspace. The school or workplace knows nothing and can not see the worker accessing Myspace so is none the wiser.

The reasons people need and use proxy servers are vast. These are just a few reasons as to why someone would want a proxy server. An elite proxy offers the highest level of anonymous web surfing possible in proxies and it is the main reason many people spend so much time (and possibly money) looking for them instead of the more common and easily found but less anonymous and secure public proxies. If your personal privacy is important to you, an elite proxy may just be what you need.