Computer Diagnostics: How to Fix a Slow Computer

By: Simon Cave

Why is my computer running slow?

The modern consumer PC is a complicated beast. Unlike a relatively simple machine such as a lawnmower or a stereo, computers have numerous points of failure that can inhibit or completely restrict proper functioning. Occasionally, a piece of hardware like a failing hard drive or faulty RAM modules are the reason your computer isn't humming along like it used to when brand new. However, it's far more often a software issue related to your operating system that's slowing down the machine. Whether you run Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, a little software optimization and house cleaning goes a long way in prolonging the life of any PC.

Due to the mind-boggling complexity of today's computers, good Computer Diagnostics tools are essential for the safe operation and long-lasting life of any machine. For instance, the Windows operating system has a few quirks that, if left unattended, can lead to a slowdown in performance over time. Dead-end shortcuts and links pile up over time, using up valuable disk space, leading to disk fragmentation and overall hurting responsiveness and usability. In addition, errors within the Windows Registry as well incorrectly deleted programs can lead to other important programs crashing. Without a Diagnostics Tool to tell you exactly what's going on, you have no real idea what's wrong with your PC when speed and performance issues occur.

As such, comprehensive Computer Diagnostics software is of paramount importance when it comes to getting the most out of your PC. Most technically savvy users possess the ability to manually tweak settings, schedule maintenance tasks, change startup programs, and troubleshoot issues that may crop up. Unfortunately, that ability to diagnose computer performance issues on the fly can take years of experience and learning, and we don't all have the time to become certified repair specialists. Specially designed Computer Diagnosis software gives ordinary users the ability to speed up their PCs by repairing malfunctioning programs, getting rid of unnecessary files automatically & choosing which programs should run on start up.

A dependable Computer Diagnosis software suite can do most of the heavy lifting for us normal, everyday users who don't possess a Computer Science degree or the gift of feeling out bugs in our operating systems. When choosing a Computer Diagnosis tool, reputation and track record are of the utmost importance. You're placing the health and longevity of your valuable computer in the hands of a third-party program, so you want to be sure that you opt for a Diagnostics and Analysis application that's time-tested and reliable. Don't just spring for the first free-ware service you find online. Thoroughly research the available options when buying a PC optimization software, and your computer will thank you in the long run.

Computer Diagnostics Software is the simplest way of finding & fixing issues that are causing poor PC performance, whether your computer is slow running, booting slow or taking forever to shutdown, by changing startup programs, fixing registry errors & optimizing the systems settings you can recover that original performance