Remove Antivir Solution Pro - Easily Remove Antivir Solution Pro to Safe Guard Your PC

By: Richard Yohannan

Remove Antivir Solution Pro

Antivir Solution Pro is a rogue anti-spyware program. The design and format of this software is exactly same as that of a genuine anti-spyware software. This rogue application is designed to show you fake security warnings and pop-ups. This type of infection usually happens when you download movie files from unknown or torrent websites.

Following are the symptoms you will face if you have this rogue program installed on your computer. You will get many security warnings which says your computer is infected with virus and trojans. It will force you to buy the paid version in order to remove the spyware infected files. You should not fall in to this trap. All these security warnings it shows are fake. Antivir Solution Pro will disable most of the windows features and will use most of your computer resources. It will block your access to security websites.

The damage level of Antivir Solution Pro hasn’t yet been determined therefore you have to remove it right way so read on to find out how can you do it! Just like most other badware programs of its kind, the Antivir Solution Pro virus works to get its makers a few extra bucks by scaring people into paying for a nonexistent service. Those Antivir Solution Pro pop-ups will just keep coming until you pay. Slow computer performance: It just takes one parasite like Antivir Solution Pro to slow your computer dramatically. If your PC takes longer than usual to reboot, or if your Internet connection is unusually slow, you may be infected with Antivir Solution Pro. New desktop shortcuts or switched homepage: Badware like Antivir Solution Pro may change your Internet settings to redirect your homepage to another site. Badware can even add desktop shortcuts to your PC.Annoying popups: Badware can bombard your computer with popup ads, even when you’re not online. Through these popups, you may be tricked into downloading more spyware.

These notifications are specifically used to try convince the user that their system is horribly infected with all sorts of malware! Misleading fact number 1! There is no way that Antivir Solution Pro and its affiliates will be able to assist in removing any type of malware – as it itself is a malware application. Remove Antivir Solution Pro as soon as you can: highly advisable!

How To Remove Antivir Solution Pro

You need to manually remove all the infected registry entries. Editing registry entries are recommended only for advanced users. Your computer will crash if you delete any windows operating system registry files. Please take extra care when dealing with windows registry.

One other easy method is to use Free Spyware Removal tools to remove the infection. Spyware Removal tools will scan your computer for any spyware infections and will delete all the infected files automatically. It is better to run the free spyware removal tools two times to make sure all the infections are deleted.