Easy Steps Towards Replacing a Laptop Keyboard

By: C S Kumar

Most of the laptop providers offer quick service. Still it is not at all easy to make it practical. If the matter is not beyond your limit then it is better to do the things by yourself. You can at least attempt to do it to avoid consuming any extra payment.

One of the problems that we usually face while using laptops is the failure of the keyboard. The keyboard can be failed just because some drop of tea or coffee poured on it.

In most of the cases replacement is the only solution. Usually we approach the company to do the replacement service. They may delay the support and sometimes demand huge payment for the service.

It is easy to do the replacement of the keyboard. Once you get the idea you can do it yourselves without consuming much time. It is not a good practise to rush to the manufacturer to replace the keyboard without a second thought. You may get a suitable keyboard for your laptop from somewhere else other than the manufacturer.

People browse the internet to get the information about anything under the sky. This problem can also be solved with a single browse. You can even check out the different replacement methods according to your laptop models.

First of all one should remove the keyboard from the laptop, and then should install the new keyboard into the system.

The article discusses different steps towards removing the damaged keyboard and installing the new keyboard to the system.

You have to keep some stuffs with you before going to start the replacing the keyboard.

A brand new keyboard suitable for your laptop model, a star shaped screwdriver and a small non-conductive plastic pick are the different things that you should keep in your hand.

First of all you should eliminate any chance of electrostatic discharge by grounding yourselves with the use of either a grounding strap or periodically an unpainted metal surface.

To avoid the damage to the laptop it is better to take out the battery. Before taking out the battery we should switch off and unplug the laptop from the wall socket. Now it is safe to start the replacing of the keyboard.

Find out which screws are responsible for fixing the keyboard on the laptop. Then remove the screws that places the keyboard on the laptop with the help of start shaped screw driver.

Turn the laptop back over then try to lift keyboard. Before lifting, you should check to see whether the keyboard is fixed by some plastic pieces or not.

If there is plastic pieces check to see that whether there is any screw that fixes these pieces and then unfasten it. If the keyboard is fixed with the clamp then the keyboard is easier to remove. The plastic pieces can be removed with a non conductive plastic pick. Unscrew the keyboard completely and take out the keyboard completely.

Lifting the keyboard completely can open up the keyboard port. There you can see that the keyboard is connected with the system board with the help of a data cable. The data cable is fixed to the system board with the plastic connectors.

These plastic connectors should be removed with the help of the same plastic pick. This can remove the data cable completely. After removing the data cable you can easily release the keyboard completely.
The removal of the keyboard is completed, now it is time to place the new keyboard.

Connect the data cable of the new keyboard to the system board with the plastic connectors associated with the board. You can push back the plastic connectors with the plastic pick. Ensure that the cable is properly connected. Now it is time to place the laptop back completely.

Line up the keyboard properly with the screw holes or clamp lines. Fix all the plastic pieces back and replace all the screws back. Then put the battery back and switch on the laptop. You can see that your keyboard working as before.