Malware Reverse Engineering course

by : David Thomas

The malware also known as badware, malware is actually where the authors and creators of these programs have created for so mean and vile aims to steal passwords, hack email accounts. Cryptography is being employed in the design of almost all Malware.  The malware can be found on the largest Internet social network sites, being a website well visited, is precisely the ideal medium for cyber criminals to find potential victims instead. Related to the earthquake and tsunamies and deaths of celebrities, news is the perfect hook and bait to spread malware.  For example, someone could post false news of something and that person automatically increases your number of followers, and the same account can incite websites visit malware-infected sites.

All these facts confirm global knowledge of this great truth:  "The Internet malware spreads really fast pace, any computer without antivirus protection in real time is a favorite target of hackers" In fact it is very common to find as holders of some newspapers that x internet page was hacked or thousands of email accounts were hacked.

In fact there are hundreds of companies' antivirus, anti malware and spyware; there are thousands of worldwide experts investigating malware samples with techniques such as reverse engineering.

In fact the malware moves millions of dollars around the world such as those millions of dollars are spent on:  Protection antivirus licenses for companies and governments.
Millions of homes around the world are calling
a technician in repairing computers from malware and viruses. The antivirus companies are paying big money to his technicians and engineers to improve antivirus signatures. The hackers obtained millions in gains from his iniquities.

Companies spend millions of dollars on training employees to us and many times just to tell them to use common sense and do not open spam messages.  The ZOMBIES computers are a headache for governments and hackers use to hide ZOMBIES computers. Any of us we could be victims and owners of a ZOMBIE! Watch out!  It is more difficult to pursue with the LAW and order cyber criminals hiding in computer networks ZOMBIES. Conclusions: Use a good antivirus with real time protection and do what antivirus cannot do for you, if you can use common sense, an antivirus NO.