All You Need To Know About Firewall In Windows 8

by : John Reddy

If you have recently installed Windows 8, then you need to secure it so that it does not face any security hazards. To maximize the security in your Windows 8, it is important to activate Firewall in your system. Firewall is set of software codes that provide online Windows help by protecting your system from hackers and malicious software. It acts as a filter between your computer and internet. It checks for every information sent or received between your system and network and either allows it or blocks it from your computer system.

Many users think that the working of antivirus and firewall are same. However, this is a myth as Firewall protects you from hackers while antivirus protects you from viruses and other malware. In order to protect your system, you require antivirus as well as firewall security. Firewall comes as a part your Microsoft Windows 8 and is activated, by default.
However, you can alter the settings for your Firewall. As per the expert technicians providing online support for Windows, your firewall should be activated for all the network connection and types like private, public or domain.

How Can A User Turn On Or Turn Off Windows Firewall?

Turning off the Firewall is never recommended. However, if you want to turn it off due to certain software and then want to turn it back on, then follow these steps:

• Swipe to the right edge of screen and tab on Search. Type Firewall on the search box and press Enter. Click on Windows Firewall from the search result list.

• You will require the administrator password to turn on/off your Firewall. From there wither you can turn on the Firewall under the type of network and click on OK or you can turn in off under each network type and Hit Enter key.

Other than turning the Firewall on or off, there are other settings as well that you will need to completely protect your system. Some of your apps or software might stop working due to activated Firewall. You can either turn off the Firewall protection or get online Windows help and support to allow such application to work on your system by including them on the allowed apps list.

A Firewall blocks all incoming information to maximum protection. However, you can still view majority of website and mails, work on instant messenger, and access your email account. You can also turn on the notification about the new app locked by your Firewall. With this option, you can choose whether to block or unblock the software applications.

Security of Windows operating system is must for everyone. That is why it is important to secure your computer with the help of Windows Firewall.