The Performance of Internet Security

by : Rajib Singha

Internet security is one of the most integral parts of managing computers and networks and it is a cosmic law not to let this be compromised at all. When we install Internet security we always search for certain aspects before selecting the software to use, based on the performance, features, ratings, reviews and also if the brand we are about to select provides help and support or not.

The performance is measured by aspects like protection, repair and usability of the software.

Protection: The best internet security methods to protect the network from breaches and exfiltration are by using firewalls, authentication etc. A firewall acts like a filter between the network and the Internet and the process of authentication includes passwords. Since passwords can be hacked and a hacker can easily penetrate the system, this is why companies prefer using more sophisticated ways of protection like retinal recognition verification, coded ID cards, voice recognition software or even handprint recognition software. These account for the dynamic advanced technologies which are improving by the day, and hence we can say that we are looking forward to a bright and more secure future in terms of protection.

Repair: Just in case the infiltration happens, or a virus attacks the network, the companies which provide the software to secure the environment also provide service for repair of damage such as corrupt files, backup data etc., and so, attempt to restore the damage caused. However, there is no guarantee of absolute repair, yet, this service is vital to resuming the workflow and it proves to be a great help.

Usability: The usability of the protection software refers to its adaptability and acceptability on various networks. It also includes:
  • Path of least resistance which means providing least authority to the user while also creating a comfortable path for the user to work without experiencing many obstructions and blocks.
  • Authorization refers tothe way in which software recognizes the user actions and frequency of the sites used, based on which it grants consent to access information from certain webpages, rather than blocking them.
  • Visibility ensures that the devices like routers, hardware, software, are visible to the network security administrator to keep a check on the system for others' authority, with respect to the relevance for user decisions.
  • User authority is maintaining the authority to access resources by the network security administrator.
  • Trusted path is created by the software to protect the users' information from being misused and setting a safe path from user to agent.
  • Expressiveness is enabling the user to formulate and implement security policies while also avoiding the obstruction of smooth functioning.
  • Identifiability means presenting actions and objects using distinguishable appearances and features for the ease of use.
  • Prudence warnings refer to the caution messages that the software sends to the user whenever the system is at threat. This may simply be displayed as the pop up messages reflecting consequences of user decisions.

Security software also supports the best antivirus across the industry, as it is this clubbed with performance, because of which security software earns its ratings and good reviews to create a good reputation in the industry. This is the reason why, Internet security is valued most highly in the cyber world and its success depends on its performance.