Webhosting and Technology

By: James Koh

One of the more common things about the whole web hosting is that there is a lot of technology that is behind it and this is one of the things that you need to be looking at when you are trying to choose a webhosting company. This is the most important thing that you need to look at is what kind of horsepower is going to be placed under the whole bonnet of your online experience.

Whether or not you need something that is small or something that is really large, all you need to look at is not only how much power is going to be placed there, but also the kind of quality that you need to be looking at as well. Technology and web hosting is actually something of a good partnership – something that is unavoidable in this industry, and the thing you need to be looking at is the server.

The server is really in all, a networked machine that is a lot like a desktop PC, only more powerful. In fact, the server would need to be plenty more powerful and this is because of the fact that sometimes, a single server has to power a few websites and this can run up to the scale of a hundred or even a few hundred websites – if this is a shared server hosting service that you have signed up on. One thing that you need to know is that there are plenty of servers out there, and how they are set up would determine the price you are paying for.

For one thing, a server would normally have a multi chip layout, which would mean that it has several chips daisy chained within the motherboard to make the server fast. RAM and virtual memory are also very important factors in the whole game, because of the massive amount of data that would be coming in and out of the server. There is also the whole concept of the network server, which is the core of the machine, and the machine would need to have a speedy networked that can far exceed the normal 1000MBPS Ethernet cards that you get on normal desktops.

It would also need to have an internal switch board with plenty of network interfaces, supporting a variety of OS’s. Normally, a server is usually WINDOWS or LINUX based, and this is because of their reliability and their efficiency. These are some of the aspects of the kind of technology and software that you might come to expect when it comes to the whole game of servers and web hosting. This is also the checklist you need to know – having some sort of industry knowledge will really help you to choose and make a correct choice of the companies as well as the sort of hardware you might want to need for the kind of services that you are going to be using online. With this information on hand, your web hosting experience would go by just that little bit smoother.