Best Way to Recycle Toner Cartridges

By: Derek Rogers

Laser printers have a reputation for lasting very long even if they are used every day. These printers rely on toner cartridges to complete print operations whether they are black or colored. How long these toner cartridges really last depends on the size of the toner, model of the printer, and print settings and presets used.

No matter the conditions, these toner cartridges will eventually drain as they continue to be used. Signs of drainage include faded text or a drop in quality when printing heavy documents. This will continue until there is nothing left inside the toner cartridge.

The best option for you to be able to continue printing is to get a brand new cartridge that is compatible with the printer you are using. Once you get the toner cartridge from the computer store, you will have to install it by taking out the old one. This may leave you wondering what you should do with the toner cartridge. While throwing it in the garbage is one likely option, it is definitely not the smartest way to go in an environmental perspective. A better way would be to recycle the toner cartridge instead.

Everyone should know by now how recycling helps the environment in more ways than one, but the problem lies on the actual procedure on how to get it done. While there is no universal best method in doing so, you do have several options that you can try.

Return it to the Store where you Purchased the Cartridge or Printer

A good start would be to head back to the store where you purchased the toner cartridge and return the empty cartridge so they can recycle it. If this is the first empty cartridge, head to the place where you bought the printer instead. You do not have to bring the toner cartridge on your first trip because not all stores accept used toners. Head to the store first and ask if they accept.

If they don't, ask for advice on other places that may accept these toners. This can be one of the best ways to recycle toner cartridges because they might pay you a certain amount or give you a discount in buying a brand new identical toner. It is also the best choice if you have a high-end printer that uses high-end toner.
Find Online Sites that Accept Toner Cartridges
There are some online sites that may not recycle the toners directly, but they reuse them by remanufacturing them so they can be sold to customers that are on a tight budget. Look for these websites using your favorite search engine and check the instructions on how to send your toner to them. Depending on your location, this can be a more convenient method of recycling toner cartridges and you still have the possibility of making money off of it.

Remember that you are not just giving toner cartridges just for the money. Do not be put off if you do not get any money by giving your used toner even if it is in good condition. The whole idea of doing this is for the sake of the environment. Toner cartridges like other pieces of equipment should be properly disposed and recycled to preserve the environment.