All About Choosing the Best From the Collection of Wireless Routers

By: David H. Urmann

Wireless Router is a device which is used with wireless local area network (WLAN) whose function is to forward the packet to the next network point towards its destination.This works in similar way as the router of the home or business work.The advantage associated with these devices is that they offer greater mobility for notebook,laptops or pocket computers.These wireless routers are available in several types some of the types are explained below.

WI-FI Wireless Router – is network equipment which is meant to perform several functions of router.These can work with wired or wireless LAN or with mixed network.Most of the times the wireless routers exhibit a range of WI-FI antenna that emit signals in all directions.These are often called as Omnidirectional antenna as they catch the signals from all directions.If these routers are installed right in the middle of the house,these devices make sure that the every nook and corner of the house should be covered.

There is one drawback of the system.It would become difficult for these devices to reach over a long distance as the intensity of the signals scattered in all directions.These are distance sensitive and hence most of the times a stronger connecting device is also required for increasing the network performances.

Better WI-FI range can also be gained by high gain directional antennas which send intensified signals in a particular direction.

Wireless-G Router – It is one of the most efficient and widely acclaimed routers.The most remarkable thing about this router is that this device can be easily customizable and highly configurable.This is the draft version of the latest 802.11g standard.This may be due to the highlighting features such as the cost of the device which is quite low and the ability to deliver high speed of about 54 Mbps throughout and backward compatibility.

This is considered as the one of the fastest equipments that works at almost five times faster than wireless-b (802.11b) that is very common in houses or in offices.The users are also getting attracted towards this as they both make use of 2.4 GHz radio band.This device exhibits a Wireless Access Point offering you the freedom to connect Wireless-G or B devices with the network.Also for connecting Ethernet devices,it offers a built-in 4 port full duplex 10/100 switch.

This is the best ways of sharing high-speed internet connection,data,zip files,additional devices along with multiplayer games at a magnificent speed.

802.11n Wireless N Broadband Router – is one of the most outstanding routers that are ideal for online gaming and music.This share broadband internet very efficiently and at the fastest speed.The speed of the devices varies with the setup used.This makes use of draft 802.11n technology along with the MIMO which means (Multiple input multiple output).These technologies greatly influence the factors such as speed and coverage along with the dependency on the device.

This is one of the best alternatives for larger homes or offices which are interested to run multimedia or high bandwidth applications.