Why You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting?

To start online business it is very important to make a website first. You website should include all the necessary features of your business. The content of your website must be meaningful. After making an attractive website you can start online business. But for this you need one web hosing company which can host your website properly on the internet. The web hosting service must be reliable. Free web hosting creates many problems. Free web hosting services don’t take money from you but it will be problem for you if you will take their services.

The most common problem attached with free web hosting is advertisements. In this the web hosting company gives their advertisements on your websites. There is bulk of advertisements given by free web hosting services on your website. You cannot stop them as they are hosting your website. But this will decrease the value of your website. If advertisements are related to Google ad sense or yahoo publisher then there may not be any negative impact on visitors then visitors will understand that the ads are related to the content provided on your website.

In other cases visitors will not take it positively. These web hosting services do not show meaningful ads related to your website. Instead of it they used to do advertisement according to them. Then the number of visitors on your website reduces and the ranking level of your website goes down. You will be forced to show the hosting services advertisements on your websites once you will sign on the agreement. Till the period of the agreement you have to face this problem.

So you have to be careful while choosing web hosting services. The ext problem is of URL. If you will use nay free web hosting services then they will not let you use your own URL address. Instead of it you have to use your address sub domain of their main address. This will decrease the popularity of your website. They do not provide full control to you. You will not be able to upload each and everything according to your requirement.

You will be having limited access like uploading your file and not other access. They also keep restriction son bandwidth. You cannot use high bandwidth. There will be limitation of using bandwidth. You cannot go out of that provided bandwidth. It becomes complex situations for users when hosting services keep these types of restrictions. There is another problem of SEO. Search engine will not show your website on its pages. As the hosting service has kept too many restrictions the ranking level of your website goes down and it will get popularity.

Your online business will work properly only when you will get popularity. You can gain this popularity with effective results. The free web hosting affects on your online business and you will not get good response in online business. So if you want to run your business then instead of choosing free web hosting services you should choose any trustable web hosting service which will help you in increasing the ranking level of your website for search engines and to make your website popular among visitors.