Password Manager as a Solution and Its Types

How often do you forget your login details? How do you manage to remember your passwords for various accounts? Do you feel safe about the security of your password? Well, these are the problems with most of the web users. In this era of internet, everyone among us manages a lot of Web IDs and remembering all these IDs and their passwords is obviously an ordeal. Many among you forget your IDs and passwords, moreover you always feel unsecure about your personal information and data on the internet.

The worst thing which happens is the hacking of the passwords by the expert hackers. Strong password may be able to secure your account but once you use your account on a public computer or disclose your password to any one willingly or accidently, you are prone to account hacking. While using internet, we make a number of different accounts on various sites. These include not only the email accounts and social networking accounts but also the accounts you make for using a certain software or application on the internet. Some accounts you use regularly while others not so often, so you tend to forget them.

Password Manager as a Solution

So, what’s the solution to all these issues? The solution of course lies in the use of password manager software which supports unlimited logins, multiple profiles and browsers, auto-save, auto-fill, data backup and recovery, password generator etc. A password manager is software which assists the user in organizing the passwords and account details. You have your own local database when you use such software for safe logins onto web, networks, computers and application files. The password manager remembers your passwords and log in details and it secures and manages the passwords effortlessly. It offers the auto fill options for passwords as well.

Types of Password Manager Software

The password manager software programs are of various types; the three most common are desktop password manager, portable password manager and online password manager.

Desktop password manager

A desktop password manager is that software which you download on the computer and then use it whenever you are online. But these types of software programs are really unsecure, as anyone can access the repository of the passwords if they login to your computer. This situation can be handled if you give a password to the manager as well.

Portable Password Manager

Some password management software programs are also designed for the portable devices like USBs, cell phones and data storages. The database of the software is kept in the device and you have to keep the device with you to use it whenever required.

Online password manager

The third type, which is also the most secure, is the online password managers. They are web based software programs. The failure of a PC may destroy all the password data stored in it, but the online password management software programs are safe from this risk. Strong online password managers also allow only a limited number of wrong password entries that may protect it from the hackers who try to guess the passwords.