Remote Unlock: The Best Way to Unlock HTC Phones

By: Ryan Paulin

The best way to unlock HTC phones is through the remote unlocking process. This process does not only give you the option to do the unlocking yourself, it is also less costly than having to pay someone else to connect a data cable and use their software to unlock your phone. With the remote unlock process you would only need to have the specific unlocking code for your HTC phone, as well as the IMEI code. You would have to look for the IMEI code yourself and there are three ways to do this:

* Look into the back panel of your phone where the battery is located for a 15-digit code. Sometimes, there are letters before or after the digits that says IMEI.
* By typing *#06# on your phone's dialer. Remember not to press the send or call button, just wait for a pop-up on your screen.
* Or go to the device information section of your phone. The IMEI number would normally be listed there as well.

Now that you got the IMEI code, it is time to look for the code that would unlock your HTC phone. There are numerous websites that could give you this information for varying amounts of service fees. Before purchasing the code from any of these websites, you must remember to check on the safety of your credit or debit card information to ensure that you do not fall victim to identity theft or fraud. Although most trustworthy websites offer safety and security for your payment information, you may need to read the user comments and check on reviews about the site just to be sure. Another factor that you must consider is the site's refund policy. If they do not allow a full refund should anything go wrong, chances are the site is a scam so you must steer clear of it.

Once you have found a trustworthy site, unlocking your HTC phone would then be easy. On one website, all it takes is three steps and you would be good to go:

* Select the model of your HTC phone from the dropdown. You would then be automatically moved to step 2, which would be

* To choose either the yes or no radio button on whether you know which network your phone is locked to. If you choose yes, a dropdown would automatically come up where you can choose your country, and then another dropdown for a list of service providers

* Once you have chosen the right options from the dropdown, step three would contain information on whether there is a code that you can purchase for unlocking. If there is, the price and delivery time would be indicated.

The usual delivery time can take from somewhere around three up to ten minutes, sometimes longer than that. Another indication of the trustworthiness of the site is if the delivery time is also indicated on the same page as the price even before you make the purchase. The site must also have a full-time customer support that would be able to answer your queries either through chat or a toll-free number for a call center.