Macintosh Vs. Windows: Which is Better?

By: SeanM Murphy 

The battle between Windows and Mac users continues with no clear winner in sight. With Windows on the one hand offering universally used software, Macintosh offers safer and stable operations. If you are one of those that can’t decide between the two, trying out both operating systems from a Windows or Macintosh rental company is a good idea. Here is a comprehensive look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both the computer giants.

Advantages of Macintosh

The two major advantages of using a Mac computer are reliability and stability. The reason for these advantages is also the reason for Macintosh falling behind Windows in terms of customer base and usage. You can use a wide variety of Macintosh rental computers to find out which model best suits your needs.

• As Apple Macintosh is used by only about 5% of the global population, many hackers do not target Mac systems as they do not serve the purpose of reaching the masses.

• All of Apple Macintosh’s software is available only on hardware specially constructed by Apple. This is another reason why Mac falls behind Windows when it comes to popularity.

• A convenience that all Macintosh rental users enjoy is the simplicity of the programs offered in the OS. You can also configure your iPhone, iPad and other Apple products to
Mac computers very easily.

• Although Apple limiting its software to run only on Apple hardware restricts the sale, the performance of such a computer is superior.

• acintosh computers offer superior image quality that gives highly accurate results when it comes to designing.


•Apple computers are very expensive compared to Microsoft. Upgrading and customization of Mac PCs is also very difficult and replacement is considered a better option.

•Most software applications like games are specifically designed for Windows OS and are not Mac compatible. Very few games and applications are available for Mac computers.
Advantages of Windows

• Windows presently has a 92% market share as compared to Macintosh’s 5%. The reason for this is that Windows sells its operation system to many hardware companies which make it easily accessible to more people.

• Windows has several software applications available as they specially designed for the OS.

• Windows computers are much cheaper than Apple as they can be configured with many hardware brands.

• Windows systems can be very easily customized or upgraded as they are compatible with many other hardware brands.

• Most computer systems in the world use Windows OS and this makes Microsoft the leading provider of software and hardware. Finding Windows compatible software and peripherals are much easier than Macintosh.


• The major disadvantage of Windows OS is that it is highly susceptible to virus attacks.
Rentals allow you to make comparisons cost-effectively
Although both Windows and Mac computers have their own perks and downsides, the final choice is left to the customer. One easy way to figure out the right computer for you is to head to your nearest Windows and Macintosh rental company and test each option. This comparison can be done conveniently and without spending too much money.