5 Tablets You Can Buy For Less Than $200

By: Danny Ashton

Tablet PCs are becoming more and more compact and new supports are being applied at a very fast pace. There were a lot of new innovations with these devices only in the last few months. Some of them are highly priced and can put a strain to your pockets just to own one. However, there are tablets that you can get at a price lower than $200. Here are 5 tablet PCs that are less expensive, but will definitely get your money’s worth:

1. Naxa NID-7001 ($163)
This tablet PC is compatible with a lot of devices. It allows you to surf the Internet and check emails. Naxa NID-7001 specifications include Android 2.1 or higher, 8 GB built-in flash memory storage, built-in microphone, built-in speakers, and a media converter for videos, music and photos. It also includes useful accessories such as stereo earphones, USB extension cable, UL/ ETL approved AC adapter, stylus pen and protective sleeve.

2. Superpad ($191.99)
This 10.2 Android tablet has a 1080 pixel resolution on its flashy screen. It runs in an Android 2.1 operating system. It allows you to stay connected and be entertained at any place at any time of the day. It has thousands of apps that you can choose to download through the Android market place. It provides video and photo viewing, music and emails and games as well as web browsing. It also supports multiple languages and features a 3-directional gravity sensor which can handle any flip or turn.

3. Efun Next6 Price: ($154.70)
After Next3, Next4, Next5, Efun released N6 which is a 7-inch touch screen model that has a built-in Wi-Fi access point, e-reader, and the SlideMe application manager. With Wi-Fi, users can watch YouTube videos, receive or send emails, listen to music and browse the web. Other features include the notepad, MP3 player, alarm clock, calendar, and several useful apps. The eBook store apps provide almost 2 million titles which include award winners, bestsellers, New York Times editions and many more. It is loaded with 25 eBooks. The SlideMe application manager eases downloading and purchasing of apps. It has a 4 GB built-in flash memory and runs on an Android platform. It also features built-in speakers, G-sensor and an SD card slot.

4. W9 Price: (159.90)
After the success of W7, Ramos, a Chinese manufacturer, released W9 which runs with Android 2.1, with a fast 1 GHz processor and 256 MB of DDR2. It features a 7-inch LED resistance touch screen with an 800 x 480 pixel resolution. It looks similar to an iPad with its white plastic body and aluminum outline. It has the capability to playback 720p high definition video.

5. Coby Kyros MID 7024 ($159.95)
The Kyros tablet features a 7-inch touch screen and is powered by Android 2.2 operating system. It provides web browsing, entertainment and is capable of 1080 pixel HD video playback. Other features include viewing photos and playing music seamlessly. It has a 4 GB built-in memory and features an SD card slot for capacity upgrades as high as 32 GB.
Owning a good tablet PC does not have to be difficult. If you look closely, there are a lot of of affordable tablets that you can choose from. They may not be as famous as those created by Apple and Samsung, but they can definitely be worth your investment.