5 Awesome Android Apps For Teachers to Use in the Classroom

By: Danny Ashton

With the availability of Android devices like smartphones and tablets, teachers can choose not the use textbooks as an instrument for educating their students. Instead, they can use several Android apps which provide a variety of basic learning tools for students inside the classroom.
Paper-based textbooks are still effective teaching instruments, but the changes evident in today’s society call for faster and more accurate measures. Thankfully, Android has kept up with the pace of fast technological advancements. Here are some of the Android apps that are available for teachers to use in the classroom:

1. FactBook
This app provides students vast knowledge and information of every country in different categories such as geography, military, government, population and transportation. A well-designed user interface also allows students simple and easy to use navigation. This app also processes statistical data which creates graphs and charts that show appeal and easy to view images. FactBook also allows students to make quick comparisons in all countries with respect to a specific statistical level.

2. Capital Quiz
Students would love to have this kind of app as a tool for education. Capital Quiz gives the students the opportunity to learn different countries of the world, their capitals, currencies and flags. Students are able to compete on different levels of difficulty, with a selection of 6 types of questions and 1152 varying questions with this app. Their rankings will be displayed after each round. Each participating student responds to the question he is frequently asked.

3. GeoQuiz
The GeoQuiz app has an easy to use, touch-sensitive interface which makes learning enjoyable and easy. Teachers can use this app to test students’ knowledge of the Earth and its many wonders. This app includes various types of geographical topics like capital cities, flags, weather and many more. Using this app for school gives the students the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the Earth’s geography.

4. MathWizard
This is an awesome educational app that can help students learn the basic methods of mathematics. MathWizard is basically a digital form of math flash cards. It provides hints and tips on how students will complete the equations. Teachers can monitor students based on the statistics provided by this app to keep them track on the development of each student. This app also provides a record on how long students answered each questions. If the students are quite slow in Math, this app will help them sharpen their arithmetic skills.

5. Memory trainer
Brain training is what this app has been designed for. Memory trainer is one of the best apps teachers can use to teach students since it provides regular mental exercises which can enhance student’s memory. It will help develop their focus and concentration skills. A regular memory exercise with this app strengthens spatial memory which is responsible for storing information regarding one’s own surroundings.
Any of these apps make effective teaching tools, although there are still hundreds in the Android market that can provide different means to teach students. Try searching the virtual market and be amazed with the vast assortment of teaching apps.