Proxy Site and how it Works

by: Farrukh baig

A proxy site is a web page that enables you to surf your favorite web sites even if your access to such web sites might be blocked by some content filter, for instance Web Sense (site name) or Smart Filter. Using such proxy site will keep your visit to those sites hidden so the content filter will not know that it was unsuccessful in blocking that visit.

So how do these sites work? In this short article we will explain...

Proxy sites allow you to browse blocked websites through proxy site bypassing the internet service provider. Proxy site do that by providing its user to key in the address of that website and be directed to the page in a window in that vary site. Now the advantage here is that this window is coded as the proxy site address and not the actual site address that the user is visiting. Also the information caught in the temporary internet files will appear as the related to the proxy site not the blocked web page.

So how these sites do are blocked in the first place. Web sites are blocked using a number of programs in particular the security software. These software works with the web browsers which let users to surf World Wide Web. Now days many web browsers are coming up with their own filters which keep the blocked content from appearing. In local area networks the system administrator can also block web sites on that network level. Ninja Proxy, Ninjaproxy and Vtunnel!!! Ninja Proxy is a free browser based anonymous proxy service.

So why should one run a free proxy site one guesses but if you look the financial aspects of such service. It’s because they are very simple to advertise and one can earn up to 10$ a day. But on the other hand the cost includes a server that would allow the proxy to run on them as using a shared host would not be able to hand the web traffic and go down in days. But still when you are managing web traffic through your proxy site the earning much more then any other ordinary web page.

The question come then what you need to run a proxy site. You would need a domain name, a virtual private server, proxy script like PHP proxy and last you would add an adsense (or your own name) and adbrite (or your own name) account. When you got the domain and virtual private server you need to download the script on to your virtual private server make the necessary configurations and upload the script. When you have register for an adsense (or your own name) and adbrite (or your own name) account then insert adsense in your index page and adrite on proxy pages. Do not insert adsense on the proxy pages because it’s against the terms of the use. And last Advertise more and more.

I’ve read several news articles about proxies and how they are being used by hackers all over the world, some employed by foreign governments, to get into millions of computer systems around the world. The goal is to create what they call a boot net which allows them to use all these computers to do all sorts of nefarious things from the safety of these millions of computers. All of this activity then points to the owners of the computers through their IP address and ISP.