What is Svchost.exe and Why do I Need It?

By: Chris Johansen

You might be wondering what is svchost.exe and why is it running in your computer? If you had a chance to look at the list of process on your computer, you will find many different processes running under the name svchost.exe. These files are not related at any means to the process that you have initialized, and if you will try to remove or stop it, it just won’t do. You just won’t be able to get rid of it. So what is svchost.exe really is?

The file svchost.exe according to Microsoft is a generic name for services used for administering 16-bit based dynamically libraries files (or commonly known as DLL files) including other supplementary support applications. If you are still wondering what is svchost.exe and what it really do, to simply put, since it requires an .exe files to be launch by itself in Windows, as Microsoft switch service files to the.dll extension, the solution is to create a file host with an .exe extension, thus creating svchost.exe.

Through this program, it can bridge between the library process and the operating system.

Through this single program, the dll files can now efficiently useWin32 services and can also facilitate any self-related execution. The svchost.exe can act as host and creates multiple executions that can add to the stability and security of the operating system. This multiple executions can reduce the potentiality of a system crash that may cause other system to crash as well.

The svchost.exe is a process that runs invisible in your system. Although, checking would make you find out that they are working simultaneously in group that seems to cramped up in one place, these process is grouped together to be able to function correctly.
For your computer to run efficiently, these processes will be required if you the computer is doing a service that specifically need this files. To be able to clean up these files, you need to know what the particular process is connected to a specific service. You need to know what it does to be able to determine the necessity of its function.

The easiest way to determine what svchost.exe file is being used is to open the Task Manager and click on the “show process from all users” dialogue box. For vista, right-clicking on the process and selecting “Go to Service” will do the job. Once it is apparent what service the svchost.exe is doing, you will know whether to stop it or to leave it running. Windows will also provide you other options as to what you want to do to this program. Manual settings can be utilized to have an option to turn it off or on at a specific situation and when you think you need it.

To know more about what is svchost.exe, visit the Microsoft online resources. There are numerous tips that can help you with your problems regarding this program. Updates are also available every now and then. Checking on forums will also make you get in touch with people experiencing same problems as you have.