Simple Tips to Help You With Your Computer Repair

By: John Schofield

Once we have our computers, we tend to use them more often more than any other equipment in our home. We always want to be in front of the monitor because our computers have almost all the things we need. There is entertainment, information, data access and most of all we can also depend on our computers when we want to earn extra money. This is why computers are very significant tools that can make our lives easier and more exciting. However, computers just like any other electronic equipment are also vulnerable to breakdowns and failures. In this case we have to come up with our own preventive measures to avoid getting our computers from crashing.

Usually the most common problems of computers are slow performance and hardware problems. If you are the type of person who can do computer troubleshooting, you must do simple procedures so you can stay away from spending money on computer repair. So before taking your computer to the repair shop try these simple procedures first to see if you can handle things then decide later if you still need the repair.

1.) One thing you must remember when you have your laptop or PC is to always clean its hard disk from unnecessary contents. These contents can be old programs or software which you have installed and now eventually putting your hard disk in a very unstable running condition. You can delete these useless programs by going into the Add/Remove Program in the control panel and undelete them. To make sure you totally eliminate the remnants of these programs you can also go the Program Files section which is located on your main hard drive and eliminate the deleted programÕs remaining folders.

2.) To have more freed space in your computer memory you must also defragment your drives from time to time especially if you are keeping so much files and programs in them. This will make your data and software to be arranged accordingly and giving you more space for smoother operation.

Now when you have already cleaned and put everything in order it is now time to clean the physical part of your PC (not laptops because this are for PC experts only).

PCs are easy to open because they have visible screws in them but because they have larger casings they can easily gather tiny dust particles inside them as you use them along. To clean these out, follow these procedures.

1.) Open the top casing of the CPU and check the cooling fan. Hard accumulated dirt can stall the cooling fan and make your computer become overheated and this will eventually slow it down. You can clean the dust off by using dry and soft paintbrush.

2.) Scan the internal parts of the CPU and check for dusts, insects or any particles that may be accumulating inside. Use a small soft paint brush and slowly brush away all dirt away.

3.) Check the on the internal components and see if there are components that are cracked. Remember that if any of the components breaks down or busted this will bring down the CPU as a whole. Consult your vendor once you see one component that is at the edge of breaking.

If the problem in your computer still exists, you better bring your PC to someone who is an accredited computer repair technician. He will run a diagnostic test on your computer so that he can accurately pinpoint which area is causing the trouble.